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A Modest Swinging Question? #F4T

I’ve been prompted on a number of occasions over the past few months that I need to update my Swingers Club pages as some of the Clubs mentioned appear to no longer exist.

However, things have been so hectic this year . . . particularly since we returned from our summer holidays . . . that I still haven’t managed to properly research or make those changes.

Partly because Hubby and I don’t actually indulge in our “clubbing nights out” as much as we used to.

There was a period, a few years ago, where every other weekend seemed to be spent at our favourite “local” club . . . or if not there . . . meeting privately with “friends” we’d met there previously.

And I do admit to revelling in the excitement of discovering those new friends and new situations, and that wonderful “freedom” of discovering those new
fun and thrills.

But, as with all things I suppose, the excitement and expectation of that uncertainty of possible new adventures, began to wane.

I knew what I liked, I’d met lots of new people whose company I enjoyed . . . so our visits gradually became less regular.

Besides which, I’d also discovered some new fun and, new-to-us, fetish clubs that we’d learnt about through my new femdom hobby. And whilst there can sometimes be a cross-over between “swinging” and “bdsm” clubbing,
the two were, from my point-of-view at least, different experiences and a different direction.

But although our visits to our “local” have become less frequent, we do still visit occasionally and I must admit that when we do visit, we still sometimes meet and make new friends.

Anyway, it has definitely been some time since I have checked the links on my Swingers Page here, so I will be doing that in the coming week or so.

Therefore my “Question” to you all is that if any of you would like me to add some recommendations of clubs you have visited and particularly enjoyed . . . no matter where in the world you are . . . please do let me know and I shall add them to my pages.

In the meantime, for more thoughts and experiences of Freedom, visit this week’s Food For Thought by clicking upon the button below.

Food For Thought Friday

Xxx- K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine


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Modest Goals in Time #F4TFriday

Modesty Ablaze at the Football Stadium

Having spent Christmas and New Year abroad this year . . . and having rather infrequent wi-fi access and not much free-time to try logging-in online . . .
I missed last week’s Food For Thought Friday prompt. But I’m hoping that nobody will mind me combining my answers to that week into this
week’s post as well.

So for F4TFriday #80 last week the prompt was to do with “Fresh Starts & Clean Slates”.

What are your goals, dreams, ambitions for 2019?

Well, every year seems to go by quicker than the last and 2018 seemed to be my busiest year ever. Work and family things seemed to engulf me more than ever before . . . and whilst, luckily, I was able to find the time for lots and lots of fun as well, I didn’t manage to devote as much time as I would have liked to my pages here at Modesty Ablaze.

So, my main goal and ambition for this year is to try to post more often than I was able to in the past 12 months.

What, if anything, do you plan to try and change about your life? Why?

I can honestly say I wouldn’t want to change anything about my life at present
. . . I just want to keep on having fun and happy times.

Where do you see yourself in 12 months time?

Hopefully still here at Modesty Ablaze having added lots more posts, lots more photos, and lots more videos to my pages here.


Modesty Ablaze Sun Dial

And so to this week’s F4TFriday #81 which is all to do with “Time” ?

What is your favourite time for getting it on? Do you prefer some horizontal cardio before getting out of bed? Do you like to fit in a quick session at lunchtime? Do you prefer a “nightcap” to wind down before you go to sleep?

There is never a bad time for having some “personal” fun . . . and as long as everything feels right, and everyone is in the same mood and frame-of-mind . . . anytime at all is fine with me.

So I don’t have a preference for a particular time of day.

Is it different at the weekends/on holidays to during the week?

It is different at weekends . . . and especially holidays . . . as one tends to be more relaxed and have more time to build on the moment. However, sometimes that spur-of-the-moment opportunity arises and spontaneous quick and passionate love-making can be especially exciting and fulfilling.

What is it about a particular time of day (or night) that puts you in the mood?

As I said, I don’t have a particular time of day that I am more likely to be
in the mood. It is simply a combination of the specific situation, location and
events of the moment that can all come together into a magical and wonderfully fun liaison.

For more Food For Thought(s) on “Goals” and “Time”
just click on the button below.


Xxx – K

P.S. – Photo disclaimer – These are both old photos as the only new ones I have at present are all from our holiday which I haven’t really had the time to properly organise just yet.

So, “Goal Posts” is from my Matchday Scavenger Hunt post of May 2014, and “Sun Dial” is from A Modest Time on New Year’s Eve 2017.


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Modest Inspiration #F4TFriday

This week the questions being asked at Food For Thought Friday, are all to do with how the inspiration and motivation to continue one’s online postings, comes about.

For me, all the distractions of ones normal day-to-day routine, sometimes
makes it difficult to find the time to be Modesty Ablaze, but usually it’s quite
a lot of fun trying!!!

So  . . .

Where do the ideas for your content come from?

As my posts here at Modesty Ablaze tend to be more visual rather than textual, most of my ideas (if you could call them that) come from fun times on holiday, weekend strolls or excursions . . . or “adventures” with new friends.
So, for me at least, the content just seems to flow!

How do you get inspiration? Who or what inspires what you post?

As I say above, inspiration generally comes from recent events or new fun situations that I’ve encountered over the preceding weeks.

But also from many of the posts that regularly arrive in my in-box from the inspiring and motivational people in this wonderful community . . . and from favourite memes such as Sinful Sunday, Wicked Wednesday and Boobday Friday.

How do you decide what to share, and why?

The main motivation for my Modesty pages has always been just to celebrate sexual freedom of expression . . . and those, completely natural, desires and fantasies that we all feel. And to promote the joy and fun and enjoyment, that exploring those desires and fantasies can bring to ourselves and those around us.

And hopefully I will be able to keep enjoying . . . and sharing . . . those explorations and adventures, for many years to come!!!

For more Food For Thought on Blogging “Inspiration”
just click on the button below.


Xxx – K

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A Modest Pause #wickedwednesday

Modesty Ablaze Crazy Bear BedThis week’s questions at Wicked Wednesday, and Food For Thought Friday, seem to fit together perfectly as they ask: “ Do you sometimes press pause to . . . really get in touch with yourself, to really feel, see, hear,
think, taste?”

And . . . “How do you celebrate special occasions?”

Well . . . I do think it is so important, both for oneself and for one’s relationship(s), to pause occasionally . . . and to make a special effort to take time away from the routine of everyday life and surroundings.

For years and years, Hubby and I have arranged quite regular “duvet days” or “wicked weekends” away from work and family . . . to “pause” the norm . . . and spend uninterrupted time together. Time to unwind, time to relax, time to pamper . . . and time to indulge in each other’s desires and fantasies.

From especially decadent hotel breaks . . . naked strolls on the beach . . . overnight stays at a favourite dungeon . . . or even just for a Scavenger Hunt away day!!!

And to answer those specific Food-For-Thought-Friday questions:

Do you have any “rituals” with which you celebrate/mark special occasions?

A chilled bottle of wine (or two or three) is simply a must !!!

What was the last treat (surprise or otherwise) that you gave a partner or that a partner gave to you?

Lots of rope, a silk blindfold, cuffs and spreader bars . . . and lots of lube!

What lengths have you gone to to make a particular occasion “special”?

Oohh goodness, those are secrets that I couldn’t possibly divulge here!!!

But, seriously . . . I think we would all agree that regular “pauses” away from mundane normality, are so important . . . and almost always, lots and lots of fun
. . . as I’m sure you will discover by ticking the boxes below.



Xxx – K


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Modest Thoughts #F4TFriday

Modesty Ablaze Food For Thought Friday

I haven’t participated in “Food for Thought Friday” before . . . and as you can tell, I am almost a week late in joining in on this occasion. But a regular reader suggested that I definitely should partake in this Friday’s theme, because it asks several questions that she apparently has always been curious about when visiting my “modest” pages here.

So Food For Thought Friday asks:
A number of us in this community take part in the #SinfulSunday or FebPhotoFest memes run by Molly Moore, while others share photos via Boobday by Hyacinth Jones.
1) If you take risqué photographs, what is it that you enjoy most? The creativity, the composition, the feedback you get from those who see them?
2) If you participate in any of the memes above, what made you decide to take part? How did you feel the first time you linked a post for others to see?
3) How comfortable are you sharing semi-nude/nude/sexually explicit photos of yourself, either online or via a “sext”?

Well as I do, quite regularly, join in with SinfulSunday and BoobdayFriday, I would answer:
It was Sinful Sunday that first motivated me to begin including more “risqué” photos on my blog. I found the different array of images each week interesting and inspiring, and whilst I knew that the artfulness and creativity of many of the images were beyond my abilities, it was the fun aspect that appealed to me. I’ve always wanted to have . . . and share . . . fun in everything I do, and if I don’t feel that fun or enjoyment in something, then I know it isn’t for me.

As I began (slowly and “modestly” at first) submitting images to Sinful Sunday I eventually became aware of other memes such as Scavenger Hunt and Boobday Friday that appealed to me not only for the obvious enjoyment of the images I was discovering there, but also because of the pride and positivity of those taking part. Being proud of one’s sexuality, positive about our bodies and so strongly expressing the right of each of us to be able to follow our natural desires and worth as a person, just struck a chord with me.

Yes I did feel nervous, and apprehensive, after those first posts . . . in fact I still often do. But then I remind myself that there is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s natural . . . it’s fun !!!

Of course I do admit, particularly with my Scavenger Hunt posts, that I enjoy the thrill of the “outdoors-nature” of the poses. It brings out the exhibitionist streak within!

But most of all, as I say in the “Rider / Warning panel” at the top of my pages, I hope my posts will go some way to promote Body Positive and Sex Positive issues and to bring smiles and giggles to those that come across them.

For more Food For Thought on the subject of “Photos”
just click on the button below.


Xxx – K


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