The Doxy Wand Massager . . . OMG !!!

Oh My God !!! . . . Oh My Bod !!! . . . This is one instance where you REALLY CAN believe what the marketing blurb says!!! . . . “The world’s most powerful wand massager”!!!!

ModestyDoxyBareWhilst I have to admit I haven’t tried them all, I have tried quite a few (LOL!!!) but the Doxy Massager is by far and away the most powerful, rumbling, pulsing, vibrating wand I have ever, ever had near my private bits!

It arrived securely packed in an attractive glossy outer sleeve which slides off to reveal a strong, heavy-duty brown cardboard box. Inside the wand itself is sealed within a strong plastic bag with it’s 3-metre long cable and plug permanently attached. The Doxy is mains-powered only and once you push the “on” button you’ll know why! Even the strongest of batteries would never be able to maintain the power that drives this wand for very long.

The Doxy feels quite heavy at first (compared with my other wands), but actually I have come to feel that the weight only enhances my pleasure as I drift-off into my own world of tingling . . . and in this case, throbbing . . . delight, whilst tightly grasping that thick and heavy handle. It is available in three colours: White, Black and Pink. When I was asked by William at Doxy which colour I’d prefer for my review I chose the Black one (of course!!!)

I know I need to tell you all about the technical details (and please do read all that important information below), but for me it is the “feel” of the wand in my hands . . . and all over my body . . . that stands the Doxy Wand Massager apart!

ModestyAndDoxyWandThe plus and minus buttons on the “shaft” are easy to operate (and find when you’ve got your eyes closed, deep in concentration and relying on just your instinct and feel for position) and are as you would imagine for increasing, or decreasing, the power and intensity of the vibrating head. I certainly have to hold down the minus button to lower the setting and slow down the vibrations actually, otherwise the speed of the firm head would quickly numb my clit. But after some minutes of experimentation, and lots of giggles and gasps, I was able to find a setting that was comfortable . . . and intensely tingling!!!

And THEN there is the pulsing setting . . . and OMG that is when I really lose all control !!! . . . I must admit I found it a little difficult at first. That’s just me and my lo-tech capabilities probably. But you have to push the power button to turn off, and then on again by pressing and holding it down. After a few seconds the wand starts again, but this time rippling and whirring with an increasing tempo of pulses before stopping for a split-second and starting the cycle again. Using the Plus or Minus buttons as before also adjusts the speed and intensity of the pulsing. As I said, it did take me several attempts to work out my rhythm with the “turn-off, turn-on and hold” sequence . . . but once I mastered it, OMG . . . it really does throw me into shuddering convulsions and I have to hold-on with both hands, throw my head back and just let-go (not of the wand though!!!)

Of course I realise that everyone has different thresholds, tolerances and levels of what works for them. And as I have said in the past I actually will always prefer “the real thing . . . real penetration and real skin-and-bone”. But for a surging, shuddering, different-kind-of, relief, the Doxy just completely takes my breath . . . and all my senses . . . away.

ModestyDoxyShouldersAnd for me there is an extra bonus!!! I don’t know about you, but often if I have a really, really intense orgasm I just have to roll over onto my side and curl-up into a ball and just not want to move. And that is exactly what happened after my first play with my Doxy. I just dropped the wand onto the bed and curled myself up, still shuddering and shaking. Hubby, who had been watching (and snapping some of the attached photos), came over to pick up the wand . I was still in those very first moments of physically relaxing, and mentally uncoiling myself but heard him say “You know how this is supposed to be a sports massager?” and he began rolling the still pulsing and vibrating head across my shoulders. Suddenly I started experiencing a wonderfully relaxing massaging-sensation across my neck and upper back. He turned the setting back to normal (I mean non-pulsing as the Doxy could hardly be described as “normal”) and I stretched myself out completely onto my tummy as he slowly moved the Doxy’s head back and forth across my back. It was just lovely and I instructed him to continue right down to my bottom and then slowly down each leg. Of course he was soon trying to open my legs and move it back to my play-spots (men!!!) but I told him I was completely spent there and was just loving having a relaxing and calming massage. It may not be what everyone looks for in a wand, but Dual-Purpose-Doxy !!! Mmm . . .

ModestyDoxyBackOf course whichever purpose you may wish to use it for, the Doxy may not be to everyone’s taste. Even at the lower speeds and settings the vibrations are quite intense . . . so much so that on subsequent occasions I have found that I do have to be in the right frame of mind, otherwise it’s power can be more numbing than arousing. But, for me that is true for all occasions and experiences . . . I have to be in the right frame of mind to receive the right amount of pleasure.

So if you’re looking for more power and more pulse in your wand, the Doxy (Sports!!!) Massager may well be just exactly what you need.

You can view my Video Review here to see (and hear) more about how much I enjoy my playtimes with the Doxy Wand Massager.

And it’s available NOW at my favourite shop on-line supplier at a simply AMAZING SALE PRICE of just £65 !!! The cheapest price I’ve seen ANYWHERE!  (So, don’t delay Click on my wand below to order directly today!!!)

Modesty Rating: 9 out of 10
Material: The head-covering of the Doxy is made from hypoallergenic medical-grade material that contains no phthalate or latex. The inside of the head itself is made from Aluminium cast at the Doxy factory in Cornwall. (The Doxy is designed and manufactured in the UK!!!)
Phthalate Alert: None
Actual Length: 31 cm long and 7 cm in diameter
Batteries: None. It is mains-plug operated only.
Plugs Supplied: Yes the lead is permanently attached.
Intensity: OMG !!!
Volume: Loud, especially at the highest settting . . . but for something as powerful as Doxy, that is only to be expected.
Ease of Use: Easy to increase and decrease the speed and intensity level. The pulsation setting requires a little more practice and patience to get used to.
Speeds: 10
Offers: Escalating speeds & different pulsing.
Waterproof: No – The Doxy is mains-powered, so please keep away from water . . . and don’t use in the shower!!!
Lube: Water-Based, or Silicone-Based only . . . don’t use Oil Based lubes!!!
Buy Link: The Doxy Wand Massager.

**The Doxy Wand Massager was sent to me by Doxy for an honest and un-biased review.**



To watch my Video Review of the Doxy Wand Massager in action >Click< on the picture below!!!


Stop Press December 2014 !!! One of my NEW favourite On-Line Stores Belle De Soir are currently selling The Doxy Wand Massager for just £65 . . . and that’s the cheapest price I’ve seen anywhere! Click the link below to buy NOW, Now, now !!!

The Doxy Wand Massager at Belle De Soir

Xxx – K


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  16. John

    Hey! I think you are beautiful and amazing. Where can i watch your videos at? And are you still active on this site? Thank you

  17. LOVE these pics, modesty.

    So sad that your video is missing. It’d be fair play for me to get to watch you for a change! My loss.

  18. Modesty Ablaze

    Thank you Jerbear … yes I’m afraid that with my “semi-retirement” mid-way through last year, lots of my content was lost (all of it between January 2022 and March 2024) See my post here: … for more information.

    BUT … I shall be emailing you directly with some details re videos etc.

    Xxx – K

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