A Modest Pause #wickedwednesday

Modesty Ablaze Crazy Bear BedThis week’s questions at Wicked Wednesday, and Food For Thought Friday, seem to fit together perfectly as they ask: “ Do you sometimes press pause to . . . really get in touch with yourself, to really feel, see, hear,
think, taste?”

And . . . “How do you celebrate special occasions?”

Well . . . I do think it is so important, both for oneself and for one’s relationship(s), to pause occasionally . . . and to make a special effort to take time away from the routine of everyday life and surroundings.

For years and years, Hubby and I have arranged quite regular “duvet days” or “wicked weekends” away from work and family . . . to “pause” the norm . . . and spend uninterrupted time together. Time to unwind, time to relax, time to pamper . . . and time to indulge in each other’s desires and fantasies.

From especially decadent hotel breaks . . . naked strolls on the beach . . . overnight stays at a favourite dungeon . . . or even just for a Scavenger Hunt away day!!!

And to answer those specific Food-For-Thought-Friday questions:

Do you have any “rituals” with which you celebrate/mark special occasions?

A chilled bottle of wine (or two or three) is simply a must !!!

What was the last treat (surprise or otherwise) that you gave a partner or that a partner gave to you?

Lots of rope, a silk blindfold, cuffs and spreader bars . . . and lots of lube!

What lengths have you gone to to make a particular occasion “special”?

Oohh goodness, those are secrets that I couldn’t possibly divulge here!!!

But, seriously . . . I think we would all agree that regular “pauses” away from mundane normality, are so important . . . and almost always, lots and lots of fun
. . . as I’m sure you will discover by ticking the boxes below.



Xxx – K


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6 Responses to A Modest Pause #wickedwednesday

  1. Yes, I agree — time away, to spend with each other without everyday distractions & obligations, is SO important!

    (And a decadent hotel sounds lovely right now.)

  2. I think it’s so important to take time away from daily things and make time for each other. And combining that with some sexy fun is even better ?

    Rebel xox

  3. It is great that after so many years you still make time for each other – such an important thing to do and may be partly why u have a successful partnership x

  4. What an amazing place! I agree getting away, doing special things are so important. A good bottle of wine helps too. Xx

  5. It sounds like you two have a healthy, fun, and sexy relationship. That is so awesome! Thanks for sharing! 😉

  6. I definitely agree. Life is hectic and we are constantly being pulled in many opposing directions. Being able to pause and reset is essential; and if we can enjoy ourselves while doing it, it’s definitely an added bonus.

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