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Make Love Not Porn is simply all about Real World People enjoying their own Real World Sex. And, from a women’s point of view, I find that so empowering because it is so obviously completely consensual, arousing and erotic . . . unlike most other on-line porn. I like watching sex that is erotic . . . BUT . . . I want it to be real and respectful and fun. Something that I can relate to on my own, personal, level.

FUN is what it is all about for me in my videos . . . and I hope you might be able to enjoy and experience some of that fun from my own MLNP videos below . . . BUT this page is not meant to be about JUST my videos . . . it is meant to be about the wonderful message of and I urge you to investigate!!!

**It is FREE to register at MakeLoveNotPorn and FREE to view >**Free Peeks< of all the videos available for rental at this wonderful #realworldsex-positive website. I hope you will register your support for the message . . . and FUN . . . of this truly wonderful concept.

**SPECIAL NOTE April 2024** – MakeLoveNotPorn have re-designed, and re-launched, a new look website which did require re-linking all of my videos below to their new web-server.  Hopefully they are all now stable and linking as they should, but please let me know if you find one that does not work for you.

I currently have ONE HUNDRED and ELEVEN #realworldsex videos at MLNP, beginning . . . rather modestly . . . with some solo toytime play at the very bottom of the list below. But then, as you scroll back up through my more recent videos, gradually becoming more and more relaxed, and sharing. I hope you will enjoy and join me on my journey!

I have now re-arranged my #realworldsex videos list below, to show the newest videos at the top of the list. So in reverse order . . . and you probably know how much I sometimes enjoy reverse-order (see “By Morning Light” below)!!!

111) “Summer 2023 Playtime Fun Part Two As you could probably tell from Part One of my Summer 2023 Playtime Fun, I was cramped for space in that shower. So this new video follows on directly from then, as I took that large, vibrating dildo into our apartment bedroom to carry on with my fun because when I’m in that sort of mood I like to tease and take my time before I finally explode with a rather loud, groaning, climax!!!!

**Summer 2023 Playtime Fun Part 2” with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

110) “Summer 2023 Playtime Fun Pt.1 Hubby & I had another wonderful vacation on our favourite island last summer. And this video is from our last day on the beach, and back at the apartment, before having to return home to the UK later that evening. Even though I was sad to be leaving, I decided to have one last bit of fun in the shower as I washed off the sand and sun lotion. I hope you will enjoy joining me and my vibrating dildo for one last summer shower!

**Summer 2023 Playtime Fun Pt.1” with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

109) “Cuckqueaning Lovely Luscious Is from an amazing session in my London Chambers with some lovely friends of ours who had never visited a dungeon before. Nor had they ever indulged in any submissive role-play fun. So, strapping the lovely luscious into my submission chair, I decided to give both her and her man some completely different excitement. Which turned out to be wonderfully arousing and sensual fun for ALL of us!

**Cuckqueaning Lovely Luscious” with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

108) “Afternoon May Me-Time Fun It had been such lovely weather over the previous days that I’d spent most of my time at the beach, or out on the patio, enjoying the sun and catching-up with some relaxing reading. But that combination of sun and saucy books always gets me aroused. So I just have to come inside and lay back with a new vibrator and slowly take my mind back to where it had been racing to out on the patio!

**Afternoon May Me-Time Fun” with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

107) “The Doxy Wand Reading Challenge I was challenged by one of my Mistress friends, to join in the Doxy Reading Challenge, which involves sitting on a vibrating Wand and reading something for as long as possible without losing one’s concentration or place in the book. So, naturally, I thought I would read an excerpt from one of my own London Hotwife Diaries, “Modesty Unmasked”, and as you will see, it was quite a challenge to read for almost 8 minutes before I just had to … cum!!!

**The Doxy Wand Reading Challenge” with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

106) Horny Holiday Vibrator Me-Time – Pt.2 Following on from Part One of my Horny Me-Time fun with my favourite vibrators, I just have to reach for one of my Ridged Anal Plugs as I become more wanton and aroused. Then, pulling my cameraman closer to the bed, I take his cock into my mouth. Now with all three of my holes completely full and fucked, I come with a huge orgasm. After a few moments of recovery time, I take the camera from Hubby and instruct him to …!

**Horny Holiday Vibrator Me-Time – Pt.2” with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

105) Horny Holiday Vibrator Me-Time I always take a collection of vibrators away on our holidays and my latest video here was filmed during the first week of our vacation last summer. I’d just finished recording an audio podcast for my blog, and had become so aroused from reliving some wonderful memories of an evening with one of my favourite lovers, that I just had to lie back on my apartment bed and indulge in some special vibrating Me-Time fun!

**Horny Holiday Vibrator Me-Time” with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

104) Mistresses Sensory Testing Experiment – Part 4 If you’ve viewed the first three clips from this fun session, you’ll know that SubbyBoy has the most remarkable Prince Albert piercing on his very impressive and wonderfully firm and lengthy cock. And in this video I loved continuing my teasing testing … and smacking his tight little bottom whenever he got one of my questions wrong, and I think you might notice that I think he often got them wrong on purpose!!!

**Mistresses Sensory Testing Experiment – Part 4” with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

103) Holiday Hotel Foot Job for Subby1 You will probably already know that I absolutely LOVE having my feet massaged. And when I’m away on holiday I always make sure that one of Subby1’s first, essential duties, is to get me nice and relaxed with a soothing foot massage every day. And my latest video here is from a recent short weekend-break that I made him treat me to over the Bank Holiday weekend. Which, as you will see, turned out to be very enjoyable for BOTH of us!!!

**Holiday Hotel Foot Job for Subby1” with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

102) Mistresses Sensory Testing Experiment – Part 3 Continues from my Parts 1 and 2 fun “teasing” experiments to test just how sensitive SubbyBoys impressively long and thick cock might be. Because, you see, it is such a long, long cock, with a wonderful Prince Albert piercing in it’s head, (as well as his nipples), that I wondered if it might be de-sensitized to different materials & textures as I rubbed and slapped him with my different toys and implements. Join me, and a blind-folded SubbyBoy, to see!

**Mistresses Sensory Testing Experiment – Pt. 3” with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

101) Mistresses Sensory Testing Experiment – Part 2 Continues on directly from Part 1 which I shared here early in April, where I’d devised a fun “teasing” experiment to test just how sensitive SubbyBoys impressively long and thick cock might be. As you will see, after some rather obvious helpful hints, he does manage to identify that I am rubbing my Swatch Watch over his cock. But, when he guesses the next item incorrectly, he must turn around and receive 10 strokes from my Brazilian Cane!!!

**Mistresses Sensory Testing Experiment – Pt. 2” with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

100) Mistresses Luscious Examination Chair My 100th video here at MLNP. And what makes this milestone video even more exciting, is that it is from a session at my London Chambers that turned-out to be one of the most thrilling encounters I’ve ever experienced there. Because the lovely Luscious began returning my touches & caresses and telling me the sort of things SHE would like to do to ME, in what is simply the most incredible dungeon session I’ve ever had!!!

**Mistresses Luscious Examination Chair” with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

99) Mistresses Sensory Testing Experiment Since sharing my “Taking Mistresses Strap-On” films here late last year, many of you commented on SubbyBoys very impressive Prince Albert. And I must confess that was certainly the first thing that struck me when this lovely gentleman first came along to my chambers. So I devised a teasing little experiment to test just how sensitive that rather long and thick cock of his might be!

**Mistresses Sensory Testing Experiment” with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

98) Hubby’s Unexpected Climatic Surprise Normally when I’ve had such a huge exhausting orgasm as I’d just had, Hubby knows to just leave me in my curled-up, recovery position, until I’ve had time to recover. But he’d become so excited himself by seeing, and hearing, my Me-Time explosion, that he just plonked the camera down on the table and climbed onto the bed to show me his excitement!!!

**Hubby’s Unexpected Climatic Surprise” with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

97) Climatic Iced Glass Dildo Fun – Part 3 If you’ve viewed Parts 1 & 2 of my Summer Glass Dildo Me-Time videos, you’ll know that after spending the morning on the beach, I’d insisted that we return to our apartment for some cooling, relaxing, fun play-time. I asked Hubby to bring me some Ice Cubes from the freezer whilst I lay back on the bed with my favourite Glass Dildo. And this video is the Climax of that lovely fun which I hope you’ll enjoy as much as you will see I did!

**Climatic Iced Glass Dildo Fun – Part 3” with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

96) Iced Glass Dildo Fun – Part 2 As I continued rubbing and inserting those wonderfully arousing cold Ice Cubes, after we’d returned from the beach to our apartment, I was soon becoming more & more worked up with my dildo & icey Me-Time play. Sending Hubby off for more cubes & cold water, I became really greedy by reaching for my mini wand & applying some amazing vibrating throbbing on my icey clit, whilst still twisting & pulling & pushing that lovely glass in & out!

**Iced Glass Dildo Fun Part 2” with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

95) A Cooling Apartment Ice Cube In my last video, I had some indulging Me-Time fun with my Glass Dildo on the beach. But, as much fun as that was, it really left me with a burning desire for something more fulfilling, and more comfortable. So after a short stroll along the shallows, I told Hubby it was time to go back to the apartment for a little more comfort, some air-conditioned unwinding, and an ice-cube or two, from the freezer!

**A Cooling Apartment Ice Cube” with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

94) Glass Dildo Beach Fun – Summer 2021 – Part 1 Although our favourite holiday beach is a public one, it is slightly off the beaten track & normally quite secluded. So I always make sure I pack one of my favourite, waterproof, toys in my sun lotion bag so that, if the opportunity arises, I can have some relaxing Me-Time fun. So I’d brought along my large Glass Dildo to indulge in some teasing, & quite fulfilling, naked dildo play in the shallows. I hope you’ll join me & feel part of our fun too!

**Glass Dildo Beach Fun Summer 2021 – Part 1” with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

93) Holiday 2021 Special Foot Massage This video comes with a Content Advisory Warning. Because it may just be for Foot Fetishists only. Though there is no actual “sex” as such, it DEFINITELY IS #realworldsex because I just LOVE having my feet massaged. Especially when on holiday and at the beach all day. So I sit out on our balcony and insist that Hubby gives them a relaxing massage. Though he does receive a nice reward from my toes at the end!

**Holiday 2021 Special Foot Massage with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

92) Taking Mistresses 10-inch Strap-On – Part 2 The Mistress in me tells him to lay back on my fucking bench to take it properly where I know he really wants it. And, as you can tell from his loud and appreciative groans, he really does love me fucking his man-vagina, taking all 10 inches of it in. And I must admit that I enjoy my deep thrusting ass-fucking with him too!!!

**Taking Mistresses 10-inch Strap-On – Part 2 < with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

91) Taking Mistresses 10-inch Strap-On My Femdom Sessions are always based around Role Play and Sensual Teasing … even for my Strap-On sessions. So I thought it would be fun to add one of my recent sessions to my collection here. It features my favourite Strap-On Submissive, whom as well as being a lovely play-partner who simply loves receiving, also has a very impressive appendage of his own, which I absolutely love playing with!!!

**Taking Mistresses 10-inch Strap-On with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

90) The Teasing Finale – Summer 2020 As well as really enjoying teasing Hubby as I continued with my fingering and gentle pussy smacking, I was also becoming more and more aroused and really needing to come. So I reached for my lube and banana dildo. Now as much as I love having a real cock inside me, sometimes only I know how I REALLY need to be fucked. Just how deep, how fast, how slow, when to push in and when to, slowly, pull out. And this was one of those occasions, when only my self-fucking, favourite smooth vibrating dildo will do!!!

**The Teasing Finale – Summer 2020 with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

89) A Very Naughty Teasing – Summer 2020 After Hubby’s arousing oral Entree ended prematurely when he came too quickly, I was so aroused that I just had to carry on satisfying myself. But, as he’d climaxed without my permission, I decided to tease him by slowly and precisely showing him, just how my tingling clit and really juicy cunt should be treated. I made him sit in the naughty corner whilst I told him exactly what I needed, and where I needed it, cupping my breasts, tweaking my nipples and sliding my fingers in and out of my wanton, wet pussy!!!

**A Very Naughty Teasing – Summer 2020 with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

88) Eight Years of Sharing Hubby Ablaze I’ve now been sharing my videos here for over 8 Years and it’s been lovely to receive so many lovely messages from all over the world telling me how much they’ve been enjoyed. But recently I had an email from a gentleman who was concerned that Hubby might be “missing out”. I did explain that our biggest thrill is that I “love to play” and Hubby “loves to watch”, but that in fact he does actually appear in lots of our videos … as this celebration-compilation clearly shows!!!

**Eight Years of Sharing Hubby Ablaze< with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

87) A Very Naughty Entrée – Summer 2020 On one of the days of our holiday last summer we’d had to return to our apartment earlier than normal due to a tropical storm. Now I was feeling VERY naughty, and Hubby knows that his main duty on EVERY day of our holiday is to always attend to my every command. On this occasion I demanded he carry out some very naughty cleaning duties. But, as you will see, his lapping attentions didn’t last long enough, so I had to reprimand him and send him to the naughty corner, whilst I resigned myself to …

**A Very Naughty Entrée – Summer 2020 with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

86) Eat Before Beertime We always take drinks, watermelon and snacks to the beach with us. But as well as feeling peckish, I usually start feeling horny as well. There’s just something about being naked in that sun, sea and sand that always gets me going. And once things begin to get a little TOO hot and sticky, and juicy, I insist that we adjourn back to the cool of the apartment for a few hours and for my first “Me-Time” orgasm of the day! And that is just what happens in this video from our wonderful holiday last summer.

**Eat Before Beertime  with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

85) A Post-Session Wind Down As many of you will know, I particularly enjoy administering some fun hand-spanking, or perhaps a light caning to the bottoms of my, always willing, spanking-submissives! And quite often I enjoy those sessions so much that I find myself becoming quite aroused and sometimes even really, really horny!!! And that was certainly the case after my most recent spanking session when I just had to retire to my boudoir and lay back with my favourite Doxy Wand, for some quick relief of my own!!!!

**A Post Session Wind Down with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

84) A Me-Time Lunchbreak Quickie in the Garage was actually filmed last summer, before our island vacation. But with everything going on in the world then, I didn’t think it was appropriate to upload to my pages here at that particular moment. But looking back through my archives over the past few weeks I actually thought “well, why not???” After all, it was just a little bit of much-needed, enjoyable, self-indulgent fun. Just a quickie few minutes of Me-Time in my lunch-break. I hope you will enjoy joining me for lunch!!!

**A Me-Time Garage Lunchtime Quickie  with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

83) A Modest Workout – Pt.3 begins just after I’d collapsed onto the bed from sheer exhaustion, from the most incredible fucking I think I’d ever experienced, in “Part 2″ of my evening with Lover 36. He is not only the most “energetic” of my Lovers but also the quickest at being ready to start all over again. And even though I was used to his energy and stamina, I was still amazed to sense him putting on his third condom of the night!!!

**A Modest Workout – Pt.3 with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

82) A Cooling Apartment Cucumber – Pt.2 If you’ve watched Part 1 of my “Cooling Cucumber” you’ll know that my phone kept pinging, trying to interrupt my “Me-Time” fun. But I was far too excited and aroused to let that phone distract me, so I just HAD to carry on with my self-indulgence with that thick and FULL-Filling Cucumber. And because I’m a bit of a greedy clit-girl, I soon had to reach for my favourite “Banana” toy that I always bring away with me on every vacation!!!!

**A Cooling Apartment Cucumber – Pt.2  with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

81) A Cooling Apartment Cucumber I’m sure you will know how much I enjoy a refreshing, naked, swim each morning on my Grecian holidays. Then lying back on the sand, soaking up the warming sun, until it gets too hot and I have to dash back to the water for another dip. But getting horny on the beach, often makes me feel TOO hot and sticky, so I have to insist on heading back for my daily “Me-Time” fun in the cool and comfort of our apartment – on this occasion with a “Cooling Cucumber”!

**A Cooling Apartment Cucumber  with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

80) A Modest Workout – Part 2 Begins where Part 1 ended with me collapsing onto the bed and rolling over onto my back to recover from what had been an incredibly orgasmic climax. As I lay back to recover, my lover leant forward to give some soothing kisses to my tender bits that had just taken an amazing pounding. But as I opened my eyes to return his kisses, I was amazed to see him reaching across to the bedside table for another condom despite it being only a few minutes since he had filled the first!!!

**A Modest Workout – Part 2  with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

79) Holiday Playtime – Part 2 – with Pink Bob I always like to have at least one Playtime session a day when I’m on holiday. Maybe two or three! And having become worked-up on our apartment sofa earlier, with my new Thrusting Pulsing Dildo, I decided I needed to cool down and seek a little more comfort. So I retired to the bedroom, with the air-conditioning on full and two of my favourite toys to lie-back and relax with because I really really needed to cum!

**Holiday Playtime – Part 2 – with Pink Bob  with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

78) Thrusting Pulsing Dildo Holiday Playtime Whenever I pack my holiday bags, I always include a selection of my favourite “Me-Time” toys, because I always feel much more relaxed & horny being on holiday. And as well as my “favourite” toys, this time I packed a new thrusting dildo that had been sent to me a month or so before, but which I’d not had the time to play with. So, after a hot morning out on the beach, this seemed the perfect time to test my new toy.

**Thrusting Pulsing Dildo Holiday Playtime  with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

77) A Modest Workout – Part 1 They do say, don’t they, that having an intense sexy orgasm can be just like running a mini-marathon. Well this lover in particular always gives me such a powerful, engulfing, fucking that it’s like the most demanding physical workout one could possibly imagine. And, after a lovely playful sucking and fingering start, I’m sure you will see just what I mean as our fun builds to an exhausting climax.

**A Modest Workout Part 1  with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

76) A Banana A Day Holiday Me-Time As Hubby was sorting through this summer’s new videos on our return, he discovered that we still had one “playtime” video from LAST summer that we hadn’t actually uploaded.
 So, I’m sure you’ll agree, that we couldn’t start uploading videos from THIS summer’s holiday when we hadn’t finished the sequence of LAST summer’s fun. So …

**A Banana A Day  with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

75) Stand To Attention – Part 5 – The Doxy Finale Follows on directly from my head-banging orgasmic exertions with Lover No. 83 at the end of Part 4. I tease him that perhaps it’s now time for me to give him the spanking that he’d requested before I’d gotten so carried with his rather impressive erection. But then he picks up the Doxy Wand … and I just have to lay back and spread my legs wide !!!

**Stand To Attention Part 5  with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

74) Stand To Attention with Lover 83 – Part 4 If you’ve viewed Parts 1, 2 & 3 of our passionate fore-play you will know that what had originally started-out as one of my “Mistressing Sessions”, quickly became much more of a sexually-charged, playtime session. So Part 4 begins with me telling my camera-man to “fetch me a condom” and our fun quickly continues with some wonderful bed-shaking exertions !!!

**Stand To Attention Part 4  with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

73) Stand To Attention Pt.3 – Face-Timing Starts exactly where Part 2 left off as I lay back naked on the bed. I was feeling more & more aroused as No.83 licked and sucked my juices, and told me how much he loved eating me. And as I felt naughtier and naughtier, I turned him over onto his back and sat-up astride his head, wiping and smothering my “lady-lips” over his face and that lovely, probing tongue!!!

**Stand To Attention Part 3 with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

72) Stand To Attention Pt.2 – The Entrée Having become so aroused with Lover 83’s growing excitement and impressive erection during our pre-session warm-up in Part 1, I just had to lead him to the Dungeon bed, instead of my caning bench. It’s not very often I let my submissives have “nice” fun with me, but I’d become so horny that I just couldn’t stop myself. So, I lay back on the bed, removed my basque and commanded him to “Eat me, devour me”!!!

**Stand To Attention Part 2 with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

71) Stand To Attention Pt.1 Shows how I normally begin my Domination sessions. Slow, teasing, build-up, chatting about what the session may entail. But my teasing actually began to make me feel quite aroused, especially when I asked him to stand up and come round to present himself to me and I noticed the rather large bulge protruding from his pants. And then, when I asked him to take his pants off. WELL the blood started rushing to my head too!!!

**Stand To Attention Part 1 with Free Peek Clips and my Video Intro<

70) Toe-Nails Submission and Appreciation Fun is another of our playtime videos from last summer. We’d awoken to a heavy rainstorm, which meant an unusual “morning-in” at our apartment, instead of breakfast down on the beach. So I decided to paint my nails. But, when Subby moaned, I decided to punish his disrespect by painting HIS nails as well, telling him that I’d make him go out to the beach, and the taverna later, with his blue nails for all to clearly see!

**Toe-Nails Submission & Appreciation Fun Free-Peek< >My Video Intro<

69) Modest Oral Moments When I submitted my first “modest” video here at MLNP in 2013, I thought it would be a one-off, just a bit of self-indulgent fun. But I was pleasantly surprised to soon start receiving emails to my blog page asking for more. And, there have been more! So for this, my 69th video here, I thought it would be fun to put together a compilation of some of my most enjoyable 69-themed moments. With special thanks to Lovers 1, 14, 36 and 50!

**Modest Oral Moments – Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

68) Self-Vibing Massage Whilst on holiday I always insist Hubby gives me a soothing massage every evening after a day out in the sun. This video starts from the point that Hubby’s squeezing hands and fingers began to wander. But I was feeling quite naughty, so I decided to tease him by telling him to pass me my vibing toys, and making him watch as I pleasured myself with just the sort of massage, I really, really needed!!!

**A Self-Vibing Massage – Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

67) Caught On A Swing In the Real World, things often don’t go the way one would hope. And that was the case in my newest video at MLNP. Lover 83 and I had been indulging in some role-play-fun in my favourite chambers, on their new Swing. I had fun teasing him as he sat in front of me. But that’s when my twisting and swinging motions, began to cause a slight positional problem!!!

**Caught On A Swing – Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

66) Dragon’s Tail Part 3 follows on directly from the wonderfully energetic, but totally exhausting fucking, that I’d just enjoyed moments earlier in Part 2 of my “Dragon’s Tail Triology”. I really enjoy, giving my lovers special encouraging kisses, and 83 has such an impressive member that I soon got lost in my enjoyment until, well you’ll just have to view our fun to see the lovely climax for yourselves!!!

**Dragon’s Tail Part 3 – Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

65) Mixing A Holiday Cocktail Our lovely summer holiday seems such a long time ago now, which is why I’m so glad that I asked Hubby to bring his video camera out with us every day. And this new video certainly was lots of fun, and just a little bit naughty, even for me! But hopefully not too naughty for you to enjoy & savour as much as we enjoyed preparing, mixing, sipping and sucking and squeezing out every last drop!!!

**Mixing A Holiday Cocktail – Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

64) Dragon’s Tail Pt.2 The spanking and Kinky Wartenberg Wheel play of “Dragon’s Tail Pt.1”, did of course, lead to much more “intimate” fun as our playtime continued. So Part 2 begins with Lover 83 and I choosing the right size of condom, and slowly testing that he’d got it right, before some of the most lovely, energetic, work-out fucking I’ve had in a long, long time!!!!

**Dragon’s Tail Part 2 – Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

63) Dragon’s Tail Pt.1 follows on directly from where “New Celebration” ended, after we’d had a little recovery time and winding-down conversation. And that led to No.83 teasing me that I could smack his bottom if I wished. With such a lovely smooth bottom and back how could I resist? But, of course, I wanted to play more with his smooth front bits as well. So I soon instructed him to turn over and let me explore!!!!

**Dragon’s Tail Part 1 – Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

62) 2019 Holiday Fun Part 1 For our Grecian Holiday this year I told Hubby I wanted to keep a Video Diary of every day of our fun. Because whenever I’m on vacation I always get even more horny than usual. So this new video is just Part 1 of what turned-out to be one of the most fun times we’ve ever had on our favourite island!!!

**2019 Holiday Fun Pt.1 – Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

61) A New Celebration It’s always fun to meet someone new and interesting in any situation. But it’s even more fulfilling, when that new friendship develops into an evening of passionate fun and wonderful times for all. Enjoying exciting new kisses and all those lovely feelings that one experiences with a new lover. And, enjoying exploring the shapes and tones of No. 83’s impressively firm muscles. ALL of his muscles! Before being engulfed in an amazing orgasmic climax.

**A New Celebration – Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

60) Hotel Sheets Over the years we’ve always made a special point of taking regular hotel nights away. “Date-breaks” we call them. Because every-day CAN become a habit and sometimes boring. Where-as an occasional Date-Break away, on fresh hotel sheets, usually makes for a relaxing and refreshing change – and some loving fun, playtime.
So our latest real world sex video is from one of those recent Date Breaks away.

**Hotel Sheets – Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

59) Pink Panty Playtime You won’t be surprised that I receive a lot of “custom video” requests from my pages here, often too naughty EVEN FOR ME to contemplate. But sometimes they stir my imagination, perhaps weeks later, usually on a Sunday afternoon when I am lounging in bed and suddenly feeling a little horny. Though actually, it normally ISN’T quick, because when I feel in the mood for play-time fun I like to make it last as long as I can. So one Sunday recently,
I called Hubby upstairs and told him to get his camera ready!

**Pink Panty Playtime – Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

58) The Dungeon Swing  is from a recent session at one of my favourite dungeons, which just so happens to have a very interesting leather swing. I’d been gently teasing Hubby with my soft-leather flogger when his rather obvious arousal led to me becoming very aroused as well. So I instructed Hubby, and another “submissive” present, to worship at my feet as I reclined and gently rocked back and forth on that kinky swing. Well gently for a while, but at least being in the company of two willing gentlemen I was able to instruct one to clean up the other’s mess!

**The Dungeon Swing – Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

57) Me-Time Teasing  As I mentioned in answer to some question prompts on my blog here recently, one’s mind is the most powerful stimulant of all. And different thoughts running through my head, often make me aroused & wanting to indulge in some self-loving fun. And one of my most common fantasies is imagining that I’m putting on a teasing & titillating show for one of my lovers – where they may look, but can’t touch, as I tease them with my panties or one of my toys. And in this video, I get quite carried away in my very naughty fantasy!

**Me-Time Teasing – Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

56) A Gentle Squeeze Part Two  It’s always nice receiving flattering messages & emails about one of my videos at MLNP. As well as making me happy, knowing that others can feel part of the fun of my video-diaries, it also brings back wonderful memories of those special moments! And a recent message about my Gentle Squeeze video with Lover No. 36, reminded me that we still had a “Part 2” of that amazing night & fullfilling evening that we’d not uploaded. And I mean “full-filling” because No. 36 has the most “Ma-hoosive” member I’ve ever had the pleasure of loving with!

**Gentle Squeeze Part Two – Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

55) “Holiday Fun 2018 We’ve just returned from a wonderful vacation, on our favourite Greek island. But unlike previous visits, it was simply too hot this year, for actual “sex on the beach”. So, “Holiday Fun 2018” is from one of our frequent afternoon “siesta’s” back at our air-conditioned apartment, where reading one of my naughty books soon has me instructing Hubby to taste my arousal – before reaching for my toy-bag! He gets so excited watching my convulsions though, that he drops the camera and has to take matters into his own hands, if you know what I mean!!

**Holiday Fun Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

54) “Special Splashes is the climax from our “Modest Exposure” weekend, that Hubby and I spent with No.14 at his very posh Central London hotel, and is probably the most indulgent, and certainly “close-up and personal”, of all of our videos. Particularly, as at several points during the fun, I take over the filming from Hubby and really love zooming-in on the action. And I really loved the two lovely spurting and splashing explosions which I’m sure you will enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed filming!

**Special Splashes Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

53) “Giggling Persuasion After a short break re-energising from our earlier exertions in “Sticky, Wet & Sweet”, I wanted to give Lover No.14 some special kisses as he’d thoroughly spoilt and exhausted me with his own, special kisses earlier. But he insisted my kisses would be far more “satisfying” standing right in front of the hotel windows – with the curtains still wide open! Thankfully though we soon moved back on to the bed, for the sake of my modesty, and to rest my knees. And then? Well lots more naughty and indulgent fun of course!!!

**Giggling Persuasion Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

52) “Sticky, Wet & Sweet follows directly on from my “Day 2 – Starting Over” video with Lover 14 when I just had to collapse onto the bed and come-down from that exhausting high. Now as you will see in this video, No.14 did gently untie me and give me a lovely, soothing massage. But it wasn’t long before his fingers and thumbs and his licking tongue began exploring all over again. So my massage was slowly turned into another, calmer, but still rippling orgasm, eventually followed by some giggling recovery-time and a new way to enjoy eating chocolate!

**Sticky, Wet & Sweet Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

51) “Modest May Me-Time We all know how fun and relaxing some special MeTime self-indulgence can be.
So I just couldn’t resist joining in with MLNP’s #metime edition and sharing my latest one-to-one good time.
It is from a lovely weekend away after Hubby and I had returned to our hotel after a fun “Scavenger Hunting” photo-expedition which always leaves me feeling excited and horny. And I usually find that a new environment with new things on my mind, make each “Me Time” occasion completely different & sometimes surprising in it’s intensity.

**May Me-Time Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

50)Of Bows & Lace & Lingerie” We all love Lingerie don’t we? Not that I ever wear it to sleep in! Instead I wear it when “entertaining” special friends, or on an evening out with Hubby for one of our Club visits. When choosing my outfits I always tease Hubby with a little fashion parade. But, of course, my teasing always makes me feel aroused as well, especially as I often have “flashbacks” to previous occasions when I’ve worn my lingerie, and this video features excerpts from some of those fun flashbacks with Lover No.36 and Lover No.50.

**Lingerie Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

49)Day 2 – Starting Over” We’d had so much fun on the first evening in Lover No.50’s plush hotel room, that he insisted we come back again for the second night of his stay. Well, how could a girl refuse? I thought it would be fun to travel by train this time, with a different coat of course! But still naked underneath, of course! And once we had arrived No.50 soon had me tied in knots with his lovely rope, completely exposed in front of the windows in full view of whom ever may be looking upwards from the station below!

**Day 2 – Starting Over – Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

48) “Spanish Showers & Bathtime Fun One of the things that is really nice about sharing my Real World Sex videos at MLNP is reading the wonderful messages & emails that often drop into my box. And the thing I seem to be asked about most often is do I have any films involving “Water”? Hubby reminded me that we did have some fun film from our Spanish holiday early last year and I think that “Spanish Showers & Bathtime Fun” will make a perfect addition to my collection here, especially for those who like the sound of running water.

**Spanish Showers & Bathtime Fun – Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

47) “A Modest Exposure Pt.4 Part 4 of my “A Modest Exposure” series follows on immediately after my multi-orgasmic climaxes of Part 3, beginning with one of those “winding-down” moments that I’m sure we all go through after such exhausting exertions! I playfully tell No.14 that I need a little time to recover, even though as always, he’d love to carry straight on! And that is what Part 4 is all about really, just playful fun and indulgent stroking and cuddling and those lovely moments and exchanges, as the first evening of our amazing weekend drew to a close.

**A Modest Exposure Pt.4 – Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

46) “A Modest Exposure Pt.3 After the orgasmic exhaustions at the end of Part Two of our amazing weekend in Lover No.14’s posh hotel room, Pt.3 begins with some much needed recovery time, topping up of our champagne and some re-energising food snacks. Except of course, nothing is ever conventional in my fun with No.14, and so we both serve up those snacks in a rather unconventional fashion. But in a very tasty way none-the-less, and that leads to our indulgent fun heating up all over again. Especially when 14 gets his hands on my Doxy Wand!

**A Modest Exposure Pt.3 – Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

45) “A Modest Exposure Pt.2 continues where we left off in Pt.1 with more champagne and more loving kisses, I’m sure you can guess just where. Starting out with more “Exposure” by the windows, before moving back to the sofa where we become entangled in a loving threesome circle of fun and indulgence. And with lots of fingers and thumbs, and kisses and tongues, I’m soon engulfed in lovely, if somewhat muffled, orgasmic pleasure. And face-timing certainly takes on a whole new meaning . . . and a wonderfully exciting one too!

**A Modest Exposure Pt.2 – Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

44) “A Modest Exposure Pt.1 When Lover No.14 joked that I should arrive at his hotel dressed in “as little as possible” I took that as I challenge that I couldn’t possibly refuse. I don’t know who was more excited, Hubby or I, as we sat in the Black Cab, knowing I was completely naked beneath my coat as we travelled through the West End traffic. And there was lots more excitement to follow after we joined No.14 in his room with champagne on ice for the evening ahead. You will see why I’ve called this video “Modest Exposure” as the movie unfolds!

**A Modest Exposure Pt.1 – Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

43) “Morning Glory is a perfect description of a wonderful session of cuddling & kissing, & lovely fucking that leads to an amazing orgasm, not only for me but also for our very lucky camera-man. Because No. 14 accomplished some very naughty multi-tasking as I attended to his “Morning Glory” and he attended to Hubby’s. And even the cat scratching & meowing at the door, couldn’t interrupt our enjoyment!

**Morning Glory Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

42) “Summertime Fun Part Three As you may have gathered I had an absolutely magical vacation. I just didn’t want it to end. Even on the last morning whilst we were sitting on the balcony finishing our last bottle of wine, I started getting horny all over again. With just an hour or so to spare before we had to leave for the airport, I was feeling so hot and sticky I insisted on dragging Hubby back to the bedroom to manage a last-gasp(ing) finale to our holiday!

** Summertime Fun Pt.3 Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

41) “Summertime Fun Part Two Follows on from my naughty beach fun in Part 1. But naughty summer fun is not just about the beach, it’s also about evenings out to local tavernas, enjoying lovely food & fine wine, before returning to our apartment, to continue the fun with some indulgent me-time play & wild cocktails. And after another gasping explosion, I reward the both of us, by concockting my very own Tequila Sunset!

** Summertime Fun Pt.2 Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

40) Summertime Fun Being away on holiday always makes me feel relaxed . . . and horny!!! And Hubby & I filmed this introductory video on the beach, near the end of the first week of our vacation, intending to put together some short clips of our naughty fun. But I suppose I should have known we would have lots more fun than would fit in just one video. So, this is just Part 1, of what was a magical, relaxing two weeks of naughty summer fun playtimes!!!

** Summertime Fun Pt.1 Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

39) Twists And Turns Whenever I meet with Lover No.14 I always find our playtime fun develops into new experiences of one sort or another. And that is certainly true of Twists And Turns as No.14 pushes our boundaries and Hubby and I find ourselves empowered into trying new positions and new fun. In this film it is my turn to be the voyeur and watch my two favourite men indulge in some “personal passion” of their own!

** Twists & Turns Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

38) Friday Fun Part 2 Often Hubby and I will re-live our fun times with our special friends by re-watching videos from our archives. And we suddenly realised we had a Part 2 of that wonderful “Friday Fun” evening with Lover 50, which we hadn’t yet published at MLNP. It started from our “wind-down moments” after the multi-orgasms of Part 1, with No.50 giving me some incredible “deep-down” kisses, you know where. I’m always amazed at how quickly he gets hard again and, as you will see, I love returning those kisses to make sure he had a lovely second cumming as well!

** Friday Fun Part 2 Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

37) In Rope Panties Part 2those lovely panties that Lover 14 made for me in Part One are slowly pulled off . . . only for him to decide that he wanted to do some more rope work, this time in the form of a Star-Design Bikini Top! But of course his rope play never just ends with knots and ties and No.14 soon has me giggling and gasping, tingling and convulsing in laughter-filled orgasms . . . one after the other!

** Rope Panties Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

36) Rope PantiesAs you can probably guess from the title, “Rope Panties”, is from a recent fun evening with Lover No. 14. He just loves rope-play and so do I.  But on this occasion, instead of tie-ing me up in his rope, No.14 decided to make me a pair of Rope Panties. As always, he was very patient and meticulous in his own artistic way . . . in both his rope-work and also the way he brought me slowly to a tingling and shuddering orgasm!!

** Rope Panties Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

35) A Sensual Massage is from an evening with Lover No.50 that began with me, innocently giving him a soothing back massage. But, that special chemistry that we’ve always had, slowly took over and turned into a completely different “Sensual Massage” altogether. Because after quite some time spent massaging 50’s back and legs, he insisted on giving me a massage in return. And his attentions quickly turned into a Massage Masterclass!

** A Sensual Massage Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

34) Friday F, f, Fun Modesty Ablaze knows that the holidays are a time of goodwill and generosity, so it’s only natural that she should give lover no. 50 a gift during their pre-xmas rendez-vous. And, lucky for him, she’s the present! First taking their time to ‘unwrap’ each other, Modesty, hubby, and lover no. 50 are soon having such a good time that nothing can get in the way — not even someone’s phone alarm going off at a most inopportune moment!!

** Friday Fun Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

33) By Morning Light is from the morning after my “Forbidden Pleasures” fun with Lover No.14. He’d slept over and it was so exciting to wake up and indulge in more wonderful orgasms. I have to be in the right mood for anal play, but Lover No.14 is an expert in coaxing me. After loving spooning cuddles I soon succumbed to his lovely probing from behind. And that led to Lover 14 rising to the occasion once again and joining us for a most spectacular climax!

** By Morning Light Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

32) Love Bites One of the things I enjoy about meeting new friends is discovering new, different, and fun experiences. That’s what makes #realworldsex at MLNP so relevant and such fun. “Love Bites” is a perfect example of that because my new young friend begged me to indulge his passion for “Love Bites” – and not where you would normally think! I quickly began to really enjoy myself and his lovely “package” as I will think will be obvious from this fun video!

** Love Bites Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

31) Forbidden Pleasures – Part 2 continues the incredibly fun evening Hubby and I shared with Lover No.14 in “Forbidden Pleasures – Part 1”. And I say “shared”  because as you will see, all three of us take turns at filming the naughty fun, with the boys especially enjoying themselves with some sensual massaging play of their own, mostly with their mouths, if you know what I mean . . . culminating in some incredible #realworldorgasms for all three of us!!!

** Forbidden Pleasures Pt.2 Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

30) Passionate Cocktails If you’ve ever rented one of my previous #realworldsex videos with Lover No. 50, you will know how much I LOVE receiving his passionate kisses!!! Well in “Passionate Cocktails” you will see how much I also LOVE giving him passionate-kisses of my own. And yes, I do mean “down below”, because No.50 really has a gorgeous cock which, once I start sucking, I just never want to stop!

** Passionate Cocktails Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

29) Forbidden Pleasures – Part 1 is from a simply amazing evening Hubby and I recently shared with our favourite kinky-friend Lover No.14. Starting, as it always does with No.14, with a little rope play, things then got very, very wet as No.14’s fingers . . . and thumbs . . . had me squirting through orgasm after orgasm. So much so that I was completely saturated . . . as were the bedsheets!!!

** Forbidden Pleasures Pt.1 Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

28) The Me Time Collection – Ever since we bought our first video camera years and years ago . . . we’ve always enjoyed spicing up our “home-alone” fun by making teasing little playtime films for each other. So when I learnt that Make Love Not Porn were putting together a special Make #MeTime Love Not Porn edition to celebrate National Masturbation Month, I thought it might be fun to put together some of my “solo” clips of the past few years into a compilation. Most of which have never seen the “light of day”!

** The Me Time Collection Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

27) Valentines Kisses with Lover No.50 Part Two Since my “Valentines Kisses” video was published here in February, I’ve had lots and lots of emails asking when Part Two would be available. Well I’m delighted to say that it is finally here, Part Two of that fabulous, sexy, exhausting but wonderfully fun evening of just pure, real world sex, passionate loving and kissing  all over. And, I do mean ALL OVER, because I do so love giving and receiving those gorgeously deep, sucking and all-consuming passionate kisses that only Lover No. 50 seems to give!

** Kisses Part 2 Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

26) Twice As Nice –“Twice As Nice” is especially for all those people who have reminded me that I’d promised a “Part Three” from my truly wonderful “Happy Birthday” evening with Lover No.14 late last year. Although it is from months ago now I still remember and often re-live that amazing evening just like it was yesterday. And as if the whole occasion wasn’t a birthday present enough, the actual little gift I was given for the occasion, makes a special appearance here. Actually, it’s not so little, but Lover 14 was certainly able to put it to good use! I hope you will enjoy watching!

** Twice As Nice Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

25) Valentine’s Kisses Part 1 – Valentine’s is all about giving lots of loving & lots of kisses isn’t it? Well Valentine’s Kisses certainly has lots of loving & lots of kisses – ALL OVER! It is from just a few nights ago, an absolutely fabulous evening with Lover No. 50 for our first playtime of 2016. He is simply the most passionate kisser I have ever met, whichever of my lips he’s kissing me on, I just love feeling his lips sliding all over mine! And I think you’ll be able to tell from this video just how much I loved receiving . . . AND giving . . . those wildly passionate kisses!!!

** Valentine’s Kisses Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

24) Strap-On Fun with She Lover – “Strap On Fun” is my second MLNP video with She Lover and is from one of our most recent playtimes, featuring my favourite black strap-on, along with a cameo appearance of our glass dildo. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have met some lovely people during the years of my swinging adventures and She Lover has become not just a lover, but one of my dearest and most special of friends. Whether we are meeting for shopping expeditions, drinks after work or sexy playtimes with our Hubbies, every minute of our time together is filled with fun and laughter. And I think you’ll see in this video just how much fun, and love, we always share!!!

** Strap-On Fun Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

23) A Happy Happy Birthday – Part Two of an amazing weekend away to celebrate my birthday. We’d invited No.14 to join us for what turned out to be the most wonderful evening, AND next morning, of multiple orgasms and lots of naughty fun for all of us. Starting with some simply amazing fucking with Lover 14 himself, followed, after my next orgasm, by Hubby joining me on the bed as well. And his enjoyment was so loud that the hotel walls must have been shaking. Especially as he was being spurred-on by some naughty probing fingers and thumbs in his bottom from No. 14 who was obviously filming one-handed! I hope you will join us to share in almost 30 minutes of fun, laughter and, of course, wonderful #realworldsex !!!

** Happy Happy Birthday Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

22) Holiday Me Time – Being on holiday always makes me horny! And that gets Hubby even more aroused as well.
But sometimes I just want to have some special “me time”, especially after a hot day at the beach, or around the pool.
And “Me Time” means just being able to lie back and enjoy a long unwinding session with my favourite vibrator.
But as you will see after my first orgasm, not even the amazing Doxy was enough to satisfy my arousal on this occasion and I had to improvise with a lube bottle and another toy I suddenly remembered that I’d packed away in my drawer.!!!

** Holiday Me Time Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

21) New Red Rope – This is my eighth MLNP film with Lover 14 and if you’ve rented any of those previous videos you will know one always has to expect the unexpected whenever he is involved. He is one of the most patient, and creative, lovers I have ever met. And this video is just Part One of a wonderfully fun evening that was full of waves of orgasms for all three of us . . . as well as lots of fun and laughter which I think perfectly illustrates just what #realworldsex is all about. I hope you will enjoy!!!

** New Red Rope Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

20) Sex On The Beach – I’ve just returned from a simply fabulous summer holiday on my favourite Greek Island. And as well as enjoying some lovely Sun and Sea, I also enjoyed some lovely Summer Sex. Because being on holiday, always makes me extra horny! And on this holiday I enjoyed some sexy fun I’d never indulged in before – Sex On the Beach!!!
It’s something I’d never done before but it was such sexy fun that I’m absolutely delighted to share it with you here!

** Sex On The Beach Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

19) Retribution & Reward – I’ve always enjoyed a little role-play in my play sessions, especially if it involves bringing out my Fem-Dom tendencies. In this latest video my No.1 submissive had told me he wished to be spanked and flogged up against the wall by a Mystery Masked Dominatrix. So, as you will see, my slave got very excited at receiving my flogger and riding crop . . . and that got me excited too. So . . . Retribution AND Reward for the both of us!!! !

** Retribution & Reward Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

18) A Gentler Squeeze – I like sex, in fact I LOVE sex and it is always sexy and exciting sharing new experiences with a different lover. But I also have to feel comfortable with that person before I can become INTIMATE with someone new. Over the past few years I have “connected” with several people who have not only become regular lovers, but special friends as well. “A Gentler Squeeze” is with one of those special friends – Lover No.36. Although we had met for coffees on several occasions, we hadn’t been able to get together “intimately” since our “Secondary Squeeze” video late last year. So it was really lovely to be able to arrange a new meeting recently and make up for lost time and truly indulge in “A Gentler Squeeze”!

** A Gentler Squeeze Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

17) Steamy Kisses – I had such a wonderful night of “Passionate Kisses” (below) with Lover No.50, that I couldn’t wait to arrange another meeting. This video is from that second evening and is even hotter, and steamier, than the first! Starting with a steamy, soapy shower together, this is the longest of any of my MLNP videos. But it was all so lovely that I just didn’t want to leave anything out . . . and with multiple orgasms from all three of us (yes Hubby comes out from behind the camera on several occasions) I think you will see exactly what I mean!

** Steamy Kisses Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

16) Cane Love –  I’ve always enjoyed spanking and bondage play in my relationships as a way of introducing FUN and extra excitement. I actually find it to be a really strong, loving and sharing experience. And that can be a huge and wonderfully all-consuming emotion. And trying out my new cane with Lover No.1 illustrates that perfectly . . . not just with lots of spanking and caning . . . but with loving kisses and massages too!

** Cane Love Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

15) Passionate Kisses –  A brand new video . . . with a brand new lover! Discovering new touches, new smells, new caresses and letting that “new-ness” just develop naturally. And I think it will be obvious from this video just how much fun we both had!!!

** Passionate Kisses Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

14) A Touch Of Glass – Possibly my most “personal” movie at MLNP yet. Just me alone with my Diamond Dream Glass Dildo, lost in my own private cocoon for 15 minutes of rippling, swirling, multiple orgasms!!! (And yes, there are some glimpses of my Diogol Butt Plug as well!)

** A Touch of Glass Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

13) Sunburnt – The Movie – From a simply amazing holiday Hubby and I had in the summer on a beautiful Greek Island. We both got quite sunburnt, as you will see, but that didn’t stop us having some wonderful, sexy and fun times even with the balcony doors open to the pool below!!!

** Sunburnt Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

12) Completely Hooked – The Dungeon Part Two – Featuring a return to The Hoxton Dungeon with Lover No.14 for more multi-orgasmic fun. But this time experiencing completely new, and different, sensations of rope and anal-play . . . and even gentle hook-suspension!!!

** Completely Hooked Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

11) Modesty & The Secondary Squeeze – After just a few minutes to recover after “The Main Squeeze” (No. 7 below), Lover No.36 was ready to start again!
And, of course, I find his attentions so irresistible that . . . well, what’s a girl to do???

** The Secondary Squeeze Free Peek Pictures<                   >My Video Intro<

10) Modesty & The St. Andrews Cross – I was recently given the opportunity to enjoy an evening at The Hoxton Dungeon Suite with Lover No.14 and Hubby. This 20 minute video is just part of our wonderful evening, and following morning, of naughty fun. I will, perhaps, post more if you let me know you’ve enjoyed my “Modesty and The St. Andrews Cross” !!!!!!!

** Mistress Modesty Free Peek Pictures<                   >My Video Intro<

9) Mistress Modesty – Normally I’m the one being spanked, but in this video I am the one in complete control . . . and I really enjoyed it. AND, my “mystery submissive” enjoyed it too. I loved being Mistress Modesty, using my strap-on, and I loved using my cane and whip. But, despite all the caning and flogging, there is a happy (if rather messy) ending!!!!

** Mistress Modesty Free Peek Pictures<                   >My Video Intro<

8) With She Lover  – This is a really very, very special video for me. I’ve tried to explain just how special in my “Special Edition“ post . . . but suffice to say it shows a wonderful moment sharing some “girly fun” with my friend, and lover She Lover. I hope you will be able to see how easy it is for me to just completely let myself go in her company!!!

** She Lover Free Peek Pictures<                   >My Video Intro<

7) The Main Squeeze  – Featuring one of my newest lovers, Lover No.36. And I think you’ll understand why I’ve called this session “The Main Squeeze“ when you view it. You can see a snap-shot of Lover 36 at one of my Sinful Sunday posts from August of last year . . . but only the video can completely reveal the real fun of an amazing evening!!!!

** The Main Squeeze Free Peek Pictures<                   >My Video Intro<

6) More Fun with Rope – Another session with Lover 14 and his ropes and cane . . . and another multi-orgasmic scene climaxing with some passionate kissing of the kind I really, really love!!!

** More Fun With Rope Free Peek Pictures<                   >My Video Intro<

5) Modesty Hubby Gets a Beating – Hubby really does “come out” in this video (in more ways than one! – LOL). I loved helping giving him a tender beating . . . but don’t worry, he certainly gets his reward !!!

** Hubby Gets a Beating Free Peek Pictures<            

4) Modesty Winding Up & Then Winding Down – The first video where Hubby really comes out from behind the camera and Lover.14 takes over the filming . . . well just for awhile, as he then gives me a wonderful “relaxing” full massage!!!

** Winding Up & Winding Down Free Peek Pictures<         >My Video Intro<

3) Modesty Bound & Unbound – Over 40 minutes of an amazing multi-orgasmic session . . . again with Lover.14 who this time brought along his ropes to have me Bound and then slowly, and delightfully, Unbound . . . whilst he and Hubby played with me!!!

** Bound & Unbound Free Peek Pictures<                   >My Video Intro<

2) Modesty Unmasked – Introducing our wonderful friend, Lover.14, along with his whips and canes . . . and yes, I am not wearing my mask!!!

** Unmasked Free Peek Pictures<                   >My Video Intro<

1) Modesty Ablaze Toytime – Playing with several of my toys, (mainly solo with just a brief cameo appearance from Hubby!!!)

>** Toytime Free Peek Pictures<                   >My Video Intro<

This page was created after a post I published in February 2014 (Modesty Ablaze and the #realworldsex videos generated so many email messages that I felt it important to give my thoughts on MakeLoveNotPorn a permanent place here on my blog. I have also tried to explain more about my enjoyment of the ethos of MakeLoveNotPorn in my recent video post >here<.

Hubby and I have always enjoyed taking photos, and then videos, of our fun times together for over 37 years now!!! . . . both of just ourselves and also with many of our lovers over the years.

So when we discovered it just seemed so obvious, and naturally thrilling, to be able to share some of our more recent videos with like-minded people in the MLNP community.

Since we started posting our own we have rented numerous other MLNP videos . . . and actually we haven’t watched any other porn videos from those “mainstream” porn sites (which I won’t mention, but I’m sure you are all familiar with). To me those sites invariably show sex-scenes from a completely male-biased viewpoint, always intent on instant penetration, instant gratification of the male participants, with little or no storyline AND, seemingly, very little tenderness or caring between the people involved. The emphasis mostly seems to be on body-beautiful younger women who seem to be portrayed just as objects without any emotion or feeling at all. (Do you remember The Stepford Wives ???) In fact I often wondered if those young women really wanted to be there at all.

We all have fantasies and we all think about doing something really naughty and different from time-to-time. But for me it has to be loving, fun and fulfilling for everyone involved. That is exactly why I enjoy MakeLoveNotPorn so much because it is clearly obvious that everyone is sharing their most passionate moments because they WANT to.

That is the thing about MakeLoveNotPorn . . . Real People doing different things and enjoying it so much that they want to share their fun and inspire others to do the same!!!

You can ask me ANY questions you like about the other MLNP porn stars, and their videos at  MakeLoveNotPorn from the Questions form on myContact page.

NB: Submissions from this form are emailed directly to my In-box and are NOT displayed publicly. (Alternatively, you can make public comments, in the normal way, from the “Comment” panel at the very foot of this post).

Make Love Not Porn

Xxx – K

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