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I’ve always believed in “Different Strokes, for Different Folks”
so you can view my (different) video options from the links below.

Modesty Ablaze at Make Love Not Porn

Modesty Ablaze at Make Love Not Porn . . .

I am so thrilled to be part of Cindy Gallop’s wonderful  #realworldsex community at

Cindy’s inspirational presentation at the TED conference in 2009, had me hanging-on, AND agreeing with, every word. I know just how much difference embracing my sexuality, and sharing every desire, every feeling and every fantasy with my husband has changed, and enhanced, our lives together. And I also know how (even before I’d discovered Cindy’s words and ideas) that I’d often wished that others could share and enjoy the same sort of feelings of fun, and fulfilment, as Hubby and I. That was part of the very reason I began my website here over four years ago now. So you can imagine my joy at discovering Cindy and her

From the very first moment I saw and heard that first video, I wanted to be part of #realworldsex. Our first videos were just dipping our toes in, wondering if people will like us and ask us back to post more . . . and, thankfully, they DID !!!

It’s free to register at MLNP . . . and view FREE PEEKS of all my videos . . . then you simply pay a minimum fee to “rent” a video for three weeks of unlimited viewing, so you can watch me over, and over, and over again for less than Lover No.14 paid for that cup of coffee I was enjoying on my Early morning Coffee in Euston post !!!

You can read details of all of my MLNP videos at my MakeLoveNotPorn info page (with some thumbnail images) >here<!!!

Oh, and p.s. . . . there are lots, and lots, of other wonderful people there with their own #realworldsex videos (and their own FREE PEEKS) that I’m sure you will enjoy.

Modesty Ablaze Balcony Members

“The Balcony … for Modesty Ablaze Members Only

My “Private Balcony Members Only” page where it is possible to see EVEN MORE of me, including some action photos of my evenings with my lovers, and some occasional “very private” videos and audio files.

Password access to these pages are available to anyone who has purchased any of my E-books from Amazon or Gumroad.

Simply visit my E-books page, and scroll down to the “FREE EXTRAS” section near the foot, for more information and the links.

Now … my aim in whatever I do, is just to have fun, to be
respectful and respect others kinks and desires.
And I hope you will be the same!!!

Enjoy !!! – Xxx – K

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