Modesty at the beach . . . Scavenger Hunt 10

Thank you for all the lovely messages about my Scavenger Hunt pictures . . . and to answer one of the questions I’ve been asked recently . . . Yes I do have some “beside the sea-side” photos to share with you.

This is from our Greek holiday last summer during one of our morning strolls along the small local beach-front. A few hundred yards along the beach, just away from the bars serving morning coffee and breakfast, we thought we had the sand to ourselves. It was already warm, the water was lovely . . . and, naturally, I just couldn’t resist!!!

ModestyBeachBumI’d been paddling for a few minutes and turned back towards our favourite bar (just past the tree) when I suddenly saw a small pick-up truck speeding along the sand towards us. Hubby had been so busy focussing on my bottom, he hadn’t been concentrating on further along the beach!!!

ModestyBeachQuickI quickly skipped out of the water to grab my dress from the sand, hissing at Hubby “why didn’t you see him!!!” as I heard the truck slowing down.

I was too embarrassed . . . and too intent on pulling my dress on . . . to look up. But thankfully the truck sped away again as it passed us by, with the driver apparently smiling and waving to Hubby as he pulled away!!!

I had calmed down enough as we walked back along the beach to still enjoy my coffee . . . but kept looking-up nervously every time someone new arrived at the bar, and asking Hubby “Is that the driver?”

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Why not join in the fun yourself ? (Simply click the Scavenger Hunt logo for the rules below!)  – Xxx – Katie



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4 Responses to Modesty at the beach . . . Scavenger Hunt 10

  1. Hmmm I think hubby can be forgiven for focussing on your behind 🙂
    Another great scavenge from a truly daring scavenger Well done

  2. Sal

    ;);) ur soooo gorgeous. thanx & luv u always ;);)

  3. Wooo! This gets you the gold, Katie – and you look fantastic! You can update your badge now 🙂

    (Can’t wait to meet you next week. It’s going to be great!)

    xx Dee

  4. Got to admire a hubby for concentrating on getting some great photos for us to view. 🙂 they are wonderful photos to see.

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