Modesty at Scavenger Hunt

Kefalonia Calling

It was so hot in Kefalonia last week that even when making a telephone call I just felt I had to do anything I possibly could to catch an extra little breeze !!!

We have only just arrived back and this picture is for everyone who has emailed, or commented, after my last post “My Lovely Greek” asking for more of our holiday photos.

I promise I will try to add some others to one of my Picture Gallery pages as soon as I can . . . but please be patient as I have some unpacking to do (though we didn’t take much in the way of clothes), not to mention finishing compiling the next edition of my Diaries !!!

In the meantime, I thought I would add this post to one of my Favourite Blogsites . . . the wonderful Curvaceous Dee’s Scavenger Hunt . . . and I’m absolutely sure you’ll have lots and lots of fun and smiles (and, in my case, lots of tingles) by seeing just who else has posted their own fun-flashes at Dee’s Scavenger Hunt Participants list !!

Why not join in yourself ???? – Xxx – Katie

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