Modesty Ablaze on Match Day . . . #scavengerhunt 20

There is just something about Stadiums isn’t there? Something quite primal . . . arousing and stimulating!

Modesty Ablaze at the Football StadiumAnd though I’m not a huge football fan, I know that on Match Day some people start arriving hours before kick-off . . .

Modesty Ablaze at the Football Stadium. . . and get very excited, wide-mouthed even, reminiscing about matches and players from the past. And even I know more than a little bit about Semen . . . oh, apologies for my spelling!!!

Modesty Ablaze at the Football StadiumAnd yes The Cock End is definitely my end . . . oops, my spell-checker seems to have a mind of it’s own in all this Match Day excitement.

Modesty Ablaze at the Football StadiumAnd speaking of excitement . . . and va-va-voom . . . I’ve always just loved a foreign accent!!!

Modesty Ablaze at the Football StadiumAnyway, as I say, fans are starting to arrive early . . . apparently today’s match is quite an important one . . . so must dash to see if I can get tickets.

Modesty Ablaze at the Football StadiumUnfortunately the only available tickets were well above my budget! So for my ambition of goal post photos, I had to move to a near-by training ground.

So despite my slight disappointment, I thought I would share the match day photos that I did manage here . . . and at the lovely Curvaceous Dee’s Scavenger Hunt site.

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How about joining in the fun with some of your own!!!!


Xxx – K

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  2. Oh my God – I love your scavenger hunt pictures so much. It’s incredibly hard (I think) to combine playfulness and sexiness, yet you manage to do it with all of them. I particularly love your statue pic!

  3. Wonderful, how did you do this in broad daylight?

    • Thank you . . . actually so many people walking around looking down at their mobile phones nowadays!!! We were noticed by one gentleman who stopped to smile for a moment (walking behind in one of the photos). Hubby said “I think you made his day”.

  4. These are all fantastic! I particularly love the one with “Semen”…you just look so natural, like “yeah, I’m naked, what of it?” 🙂

  5. Brilliant… you are getting very brave and bold. I LOVE the one with the quote about David Seaman, so funny. I know exactly where this is too… I might have to take a trip


    • It was fun . . . only noticed the sign about the CCTV as we walked back down the steps! Hubby kept joking about “look back to see if we’re being followed” as we walked off along the road!!

  6. These are amazing photos! You also get two Scavenger Hunt locations for this: Stadium (a brand new one) and Sports Field (for the stunning final photo). Yay!

    xx Dee

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