Polaroids Past

Modesty Ablaze on the beach 1982

Modesty Ablaze . . . on the beach. Circa 1982 !!!

Update October 2014
You can read the original post that inspired this page immediately below, and browse, and scroll through, subsequent Polaroids Past posts >here< or view my Polaroids Past Gallery slide-show at the foot of this page below, or >hereon a page of it’s own.

During this past August . . . (of 2014 should this page last the test of time) . . . Heaven posted a polaroid for her Photograph-Prompt at Marie’s Wicked Wednesday. That photograph, and subsequent visitors comments, reminded me of all of our “private” Photo Albums hidden-away on the top shelf of our bedroom wardrobe.

Modesty Ablaze Photo Albums

Remember Polaroids? . . . our “private” Photo Albums starting from 1982.

Hidden-away out-of-reach from prying-eyes . . . but also inconvenient and difficult to lift down and browse through (and then have to hide-away again) . . . even during our occasional passionate moments of “remember when we . . ?”

But Heaven’s post prompted me to insist Hubby bring some of them down . . . and we spent the rest of the evening giggling and laughing, and exclaiming “oh no!!!” and “I wish my tummy was STILL like that!!!” . . . as we flicked through the pages, with frequent pauses for caresses and cuddles, lost in memories of Polaroids Past.

Of course one thing led to another . . . fuelled by happy and arousing memories!!! . . . but when we awoke the next morning, with half-a-dozen albums still spread across the bedroom floor, I said to Hubby “I think you should scan all the good ones. You know, make digital copies, so we can look at them on the computer occasionally”.

“What? There are hundreds of them! When do you think I can possibly find the time to scan all of them???” he gasped.

“Well, you’ll just have to make the time, won’t you!!!” I replied. “And you know how I always get my way!!!”

And so he has started, patiently scanning . . . and this page was born with special thanks to Heaven, and Marie . . . and to Hubby and his scanning-machine!

If you would like to join me in posting some of your own old(er) pictures from the past on this page, please do let me know*** (see below).

Because!!! . . . I think that re-living some of our past memories, is not only fun, but also a way of celebrating our bodies and reminding ourselves that not only are we all different shapes and sizes, but we all change and grow into different shapes and sizes. That is just how we all naturally develop and change. And I think that far too often we are bombarded by the media, magazines, books, television, films . . . trying to tell us that there is some sort of “perfect-fit” to how we should all look (and behave). That we are in some way, abnormal, or subject to ridicule or shame, if we don’t conform to the mainstream view of what is considered “normal” or “desirable”.

Well . . . what I want to say to the mainstream is . . . “get real”. The only way of being “normal” is by being happy in our own skin. Being happy in who we are, where we’ve come from, what we’ve achieved, what we’ve given to partners, friends and family around us . . . by just being who we are and having fun. “Laugh and those around you will laugh with you”!!!

***You can join-in by completing the (confidential) submission form below:

Or, if you prefer, simply grab the Polaroids Past logo below and publish a post on your own blog with #polaroidspast as part of the title, and a link from the logo back to this page. You can submit your Blog Post URL (if you have one) by completing the form, or enter your contact details in the form and I will reply with further details asap.
NB: The form is completely confidential and your details / comments are not displayed.

Come-on, it may be a wee-bit embarrassing . . . but it really is just a bit of fun . . . and I think fun is what life should be all about!!!

Come-on . . . Dare to Bare . . . Be Proud of Who You have Become!

Modesty Ablaze in Polaroids Past

Xxx – K

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23 Responses to Polaroids Past

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  2. Polaroids Past. There must be millions out there ! The pre digital discrete photo service. The shower photo – Superb !!! Loved you then, love you now. People for whom it can be said “a life well lived”. I salute you both !

  3. Gloria

    Such a super idea. I don’t have any to share but I’m looking forward to your pictorial back pages as you make everything fun. 😉

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  6. Ah, the polaroid; a fantastic thing, invented purely for one reason …

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  17. Thank you for sharing your polaroids, I loved the wedding night and the apron was pretty cute…. oh how I wish I still had mine! They would be from 1967 and in b&w when we experimented with a couple that lived across the hall in our first apartment.
    I could send some current pics, but it wouldn’t be the same, I guess.

    • Thank you for such nice words . . . and as I often say to people who ask, the theme is actually about celebrating how you have become who you are now! Just remembering those wonderful . . . fun . . . and perhaps inspirational moments, from even your recent past, that have brought you to the
      here and now. The pictures don’t have to be polaroids, or even years and years old. Just celebrating special moments for you! So Come-on . . . Dare to Bare . . . Be Proud of Who You have Become! Your pictures would always be welcome.

  18. This needs to be coffee table book!

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