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Modest Milestones #wickedwednesday

Modesty Ablaze Masked Chair John Tisbury

I have mentioned on many occasions in the past that Marie Rebelle’s wonderful Wicked Wednesday was one of the very first “lifestyle” blogs that I discovered, and subsequently subscribed to, on the internet.

Marie’s writings and photos were instrumental in inspiring and motivating me to first embark on my own blog-journey all those years ago. And whilst I had already begun my Modesty Ablaze Diaries of a London Hotwife project, I am certain that without Wicked Wednesday there would be no modestyablaze dot com blog.

So, how could I possibly not join-in to celebrate Marie’s wonderful achievement of 500 Wicked Wednesdays!!!

And for this amazing 500th edition, Marie’s prompt is “to share the ten best posts from the beginning of your own blog”.

But despite having lots of fun … and some lovely memories … in scrolling back through my modest archives, I couldn’t really choose any specific bests or favourites. So instead, I thought that I would list five particular posts that marked quite special, or important, moments at the time I first posted them.

So …

Modesty Ablaze Tisbury Chair

Past, present & why I blog #wickedwednesday – July 2014
Because although I started my Modesty Ablaze Diaries really just on a whim . . . as a bit of a joke, almost a sort-of “I could do that” dare in a way . . . the website quickly became something much more important than a joke or a dare.
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Modestly Why ? @F4TFriday – August 2019

Modesty Ablaze Rocks

So . . . being a more “visual” person, rather than being able to easily communicate my thoughts in words . . . I hope that my occasional photo-posts here express my core belief that above all else, we should always be true to ourselves . . . and always be just who we want to be !!!

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Modesty Ablaze and the #realworldsex videos – April 2014

Modesty Ablaze MakeLoveNotPorn 2014 Cover

That is the thing about MakeLoveNotPorn . . . Real People doing different things and enjoying it so much that they want to share their fun and inspire others to do the same!!!

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Modesty Ablaze Thomas Galley Review April 2016

Je vous remercie La Bauge littéraire – April 2016
It’s always very nice when someone says flattering things about you, especially so when those words come from someone with similar interests . . . in this case erotic literature . . . and even more so from someone for whom English is not their native language.
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Modesty Flying the Flag . . . Two for One #sinfulsunday & #scavengerhunt 11 – March 2014

Modesty Ablaze and Curvaceous Dee

Absolutely delighted to meet up with the wonderful, deliciously exciting Curvaceous Dee (first curator of my beloved Scavenger Hunt) for a naughty . . . and wickedly fun . . . Two-For-One flagpole #scavengerhunt flash.
I hope it brings as much of a smile to your face viewing it, as it did for Hubby and I to be actually meeting and sharing Dee’s company.

>>Read more>>

For next week’s Wicked Wednesday I hope to add five more recent posts that, for one reason or another, marked special fun moments for me here at … but, in the meantime, I do recommend clicking on Marie’s rainbow below for lots more celebrations of over Nine Years of Wicked Wednesday!!!


NB: My masked chair image above taken by the wonderful John Tisbury.

Xxx- K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine


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A Modest spur-of-the-moment Moment #wickedwednesday

Trigger Warning: The following is an excerpt from “The Journey”, Part 1 of my “The Modesty Ablaze Diaries of a London Hotwife”, and recounts a situation which would not be safe, or sensible, in today’s world. But then this was in the late 90’s …

The Journey - Part 1 of the Modesty Ablaze Diaries of a London Hotwife

This is the entry I wasn’t going to write . . .

Hubby’s initial reaction to my “mis-adventure” brought me down to earth to the realities of our situation. But over the past few days and nights as we both re-counted, re-explored, and re-lived the details of last Monday, it’s suddenly become alright again. Re-discovering each other all over again, has been just simply glorious and that feeling of release and “sharing” feeling has been an explosion of emotions and enjoyment all over again. We’ve been like newly-weds the last two nights, and especially again after this morning when we actually confronted the subject of my adventure.

So . . . whilst we all do things on the “spur of the moment” . . . things that we often live to regret . . . I’ve always believed that I was able to perfectly control my emotions and desires and never embarrass myself on a “personal relationship” issue. But on Monday I did something completely irrational and silly that could easily have gone completely wrong, or worse-still, ruined Hubby’s trust in my ability to judge what is “ok” and what is not “ok” in our relationship.

I had booked a day-off from the office to manage a family appointment. On my way home from the first part of my errand, I decided to pop-into my gym as I’d had to miss my normal Sunday morning work-out for the past few weeks.

Unlike the normal weekend-mornings, there was virtually nobody else around and I had most of the equipment to myself … after just a few minutes though I was joined by one of the regular trainers from our Sunday morning classes.

He’s a young Canadian and has always been very helpful and attentive and has that bouncy outgoing charm and chat that seems natural for so many North Americans! Hubby had often remarked in the past that he “obviously has a thing for you” and I’d enjoyed exchanging flirty comments and teasing with him on numerous occasions. Even without Hubby around, it just seemed natural to continue with our normal conversations and teasing jokes and jibes. I explained the reasons for my unexpected week-day presence and found myself enjoying his undivided attention and company.

He was just finishing his shift and his invitation to join him for a “winding-down session and massage” at his house “just around the corner” came so out-of-the-blue, and yet so easily and naturally, that to my complete astonishment I found myself saying “yes alright then” without stopping to think! It wasn’t until I gathered my belongings from the locker and walked out into the corridor where he was waiting, that it suddenly hit me just exactly what I’d agreed to.

He was still chatting non-stop as we walked towards my car, his words and voice unintentionally distracting me from the sudden panic-attack thoughts racing round in my head. My throat was dry and my heart pumping as we reached the car with me desperately trying to think of some viable way of changing my mind. Here I was accepting directions from, and driving-off with, a young man whom I knew almost nothing about and who was almost half my age.

It was already too-late of course, and as I drove I felt tingly flashes of excitement as well as the flashes of doubt! “In for a penny, in for a pound” I reassured myself in my head. The house he shared was indeed only a few streets from the gym. And he led me into the kitchen explaining that his housemates would all be out at work doing “normal 9 to 5’s”.

(to be continued if you ask me nicely)!!!

The above is an excerpt from a Chapter from “The Journey”, the first of my “Modesty Ablaze Diaries of a London Hotwife” Ebooks published at my Amazon, Gumroad, Mistresses Fun Store and Etsy pages (where there is a Special Xmas 15% off Discount promotion running until January 4th). And I think it fits in quite well with this week’s theme at Wicked Wednesday … which is Life Lessons … which I suggest you visit by clicking on the lovely rainbow button below!


As is always the case in my Modesty Ablaze Diaries editions, the names of all of my “friends” here have been changed for the purpose of maintaining anonymity!

Xxx- K

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A Modest Panty-Line #KOTW

Modesty Ablaze Visible Panty Line KOTW

It had been over three years since Vince had first visited from the Paris office. His boyish good looks and stylish demeanour had me swooning even before I heard him speak with that lovely, so lovely, French accent.

It had been my task to introduce him around the office and begin arranging his first client briefings and meetings. And within two days the CEO decided to add the organisation of his diary to my already busy workload.

But, as you will already know if you’ve read my previous mentions of him in my The Journey, Arrivals & Departures and The Balcony Ebooks here, my initial upset at being given this unwanted responsibility was soon swayed by the young Frenchman’s wit and charm. And it wasn’t long after his first brief stay in London, before our relationship developed into more … much more.

The next two years of his regular visits back and forth between London and Paris always meant at least two or three wonderfully passionate “after work” evenings at the company apartment that was always his for the duration of his stays.

But being a passionate lover wasn’t his only talent and within three years he’d risen up the ranks in the company to quickly become Director of European Operations and his visits became less frequent and for just for a few days at a time. I was no longer in charge of his diary of course, but he’d always call to give me prior notice of his next visit so that I could pre-arrange an “evening out”.

So I was surprised when he breezed into the office on Wednesday morning asking if an office could be arranged for the next two days.

“You didn’t call” I said, resisting my urge to want to jump up and give him a welcoming embrace, despite the fact that he was giving his normal peck on each cheek and vigorous hand shakes and flourishing gestures, to everyone else in the office.

When he did turn back to speak to me, there wasn’t even a hint of apology as he shrugged and said “It’s been all last minute, they want me to do two urgent meetings”.

“Well it would have been nice to know in advance …” I was annoyed at myself for being annoyed, and letting him see that I was.

He leant forward with his hands on my desk smiling broadly but saying nothing. He knew he didn’t have to. “I’m sure I’ll be able to arrange a desk for you” I told him.

“Thank you my darling” he grinned, “I’ll be back at noon, see you then”.

It wasn’t difficult to book-out one of the meeting rooms, especially as it was for him, and only for two days. Two days … but what about the two nights? He’d always given me warning before, always told me how much he wanted to see me, to spend time in my arms again.

He didn’t return for the rest of the day, and didn’t return my text to say I’d blocked-out an office for him for both days. I felt like a spurned school girl as I kept checking my phone for the rest of the afternoon … and even on the journey home.

Hubby’s assertions that I was over-reacting didn’t help, and his suggestion that I should just ask him in the morning about his plans for that evening, made me even more annoyed. He’d always been the one to ask me in the past. To tease and entice me. I shouldn’t have to be the one doing the chasing.

But ….

I’ve never been one for short skirts in the office, at least not as short as many of the other girls. They were mostly younger … and more able to carry off shorter lengths and different styles than I. But as I readied for the morning commute I’d already made up mind to remind him of what he’d missed the previous night … or what he could still enjoy for the evening ahead.

I chose my favourite white blouse and tweed skirt, mid-length but loose and flirty enough to show a glimpse of the black band of my hold-ups if I tried. And I intended to try.

My long coat, and black panties, would make my bus journey into the office safe and respectable, but I planned to lose both once I arrived.

He was already in when I arrived. I could see him sitting at the desk through the blinds, on the phone and scribbling notes on the pad in front of him.

He was still on the phone when I returned from the coffee machine. I paused at the door to furtively unbutton the top three buttons on my blouse. I don’t really have a cleavage to show off, but I knew he would be able to tell I was without a bra. I knew because I’d practiced at home … and in the restroom after I’d arrived.

I closed the door behind me and walked across to his desk. He looked up and smiled a greeting, still in conversation, but pausing as I leaned forward to put his coffee on top of his writing pad. I could tell from the pause in his voice, and the excited smile, that he had seen what I’d wanted him to see.

I stepped back to the meeting table and pulled one of the chairs out and away from the desk, to sit down with my back to the blinds of the glass partition to the corridor beyond, but directly facing him. I leaned back in the chair, opening my legs and sliding back the hem of my skirt. I’d practiced this at home too, and knew that having removed my panties in the restroom earlier, he would again be seeing what I wanted him to see.

He was speaking quickly in French so I couldn’t tell to whom, nor the nature of the conversation, but I could tell he was bringing it to an abrupt end.

“You are a very naughty lady” he laughed as he stood and walked to the table, sitting down in the chair across from me. I knew anyone looking in from the corridor would see only my back and him sitting opposite me.

“You’ve always told me that was what you like about me” I smiled, leaning back further in the chair …

(to be continued if you ask me nicely)!!!

The above is an excerpt from a Chapter from “Modesty Unleashed”, the eighth of my “Modesty Ablaze Diaries of a London Hotwife” Ebooks which is soon to be published at my Amazon, Gumroad, Fun Store and Etsy pages.

The current theme at Kink of the Week is VPN (Virtual Panty Line) but, on this occasion I certainly didn’t have one of those …

However, for lots of other different-than-normal moments, I suggest you visit this week’s theme at Wicked Wednesday, by clicking on the lovely rainbow button below!

Kink of the Week

As is always the case in my Modesty Ablaze Diaries editions, the names of all of my “friends” here have been changed for the purpose of maintaining anonymity!

Xxx- K

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Modestly Lost in Lust #KOTW

Modesty Ablaze Lost in Lust

The first part of this excerpt from my “Modesty Ablaze Diaries of a London Hotwife” was shared at last week’s Wicked Wednesday Epiphany … so today’s excerpt follows on directly from where Hilary led me away from the bar.

On our previous visits to the club, my first venture away from the bar had always been to one of the private rooms off of the main corridor. Rooms with a lockable door where it was possible to indulge on a more personal level with someone I’d met at the bar … and decided I’d like to “get-to-know-better”. And always with Hubby at my side, even if it was just with a single gentleman. That was our thing, I might play, Hubby would watch, or perhaps join-in if we all felt comfortable. But now Hilary had led me into the open-plan main play room, the largest space in the club with cushioned benches along three sides, and a large, very large, play-bed in the middle.

As my eyes adjusted to the dimmer lighting, I could see there was already a couple enjoying themselves on the bed, with a number of onlookers standing close by. Hilary led me over to where two gentlemen were sitting in the corner of the room. They were engrossed in conversation and not appearing to be watching what was happening on the bed, but they looked up with wide smiles as we reached them. Still holding my hand Hilary said “This is K”. Both of them stood to kiss Hilary on the cheek and then turned to introduce themselves.

“I’m Graham” said the taller of the two. “Pleasure to meet you”. The shorter, broader, gentleman introduced himself as Phil and immediately sat back down, taking me by the hand and guiding me to sit down next to him. I glanced back across the room and could just make out Hubby standing with several other people in the shadows near the door.

Graham had also sat down, or rather was pushed down by Hilary who had dropped to her knees between his legs and was immediately undoing his belt. I giggled nervously as Phil said to me “so you’re a friend of Hilary’s then?”
I had to turn away from watching Hilary’s progress to answer Phil’s question, and tell him that we’d really only just met at the bar earlier. “She’s quite a lady” Phil laughed. “So are you new here then?”

“No, we’ve been coming for a month or so” I replied. “My husband’s over there in the corner” I said, trying to sound confident and assured.
“Will he mind me doing this?” Phil said as he began running his hand across the front of my dress.

I knew my nipples were already erect beneath the satin, and the touch of his hands was making them even harder. Harder and tingling. I lifted my head back against the wall behind us and closed my eyes as he bent forward to suck at them through my dress. Then I felt his other hand sliding over my inner thigh. He dropped both hands onto my knees and parted my legs wider. I pushed my head back further as I felt his fingers already stroking against me. I lifted my bum and slid forwards on the leather, my knees wide apart now and gasping as I felt fingers pushing gently inside. I knew I was sighing and gasping, even if I couldn’t hear myself. But I could hear him telling me “Fuck you’re wet”.

I was amazed at myself being this aroused, so quickly, with a man I’d said less than a few words too. I felt myself squirming on his hand, pushing against it, yet accepting … and wanting … his slow and gentle thrusting. I opened my eyes searching the shadows for Hubby but couldn’t see him. I could sense shuffling next to me though and looked down to see Hilary on her back, her dress pulled up to her waist and Graham’s bare bum adjusting itself between her raised legs.

Phil was moving me round now as well, sliding me by the hips further along the leather and kneeling up on the bench. I felt myself being pulled along so that I was now laying back with the back of my head down on the bench and both of Phil’s hands spreading me wide, one fingering into me and the other expertly swirling around my clit. I came really quickly, surprising myself with my own loud screaming.

Laying completely on my back I could hear the bouncing sounds on the leather of Graham obviously fucking Hilary behind me … and her own loud grunting in time with his pumping. My recovery was interrupted though by Phil lifting me up by my arms. “The bed is free now” he said. As he led me across to the mattress I saw Hubby again, sitting down on the bench next to the side of the bed. He was smiling and nodding his head, so I knew he’d enjoyed watching me with my new friend.

Phil had kicked off his shoes and was stepping out of his trousers now. He fell back onto the bed as I kicked off my own shoes and knelt down beside him. His erection was standing up at an impressively vertical angle and I couldn’t resist reaching out to stroke it. It was hard, and quite plump, and very warm.

I felt the mattress dip and Hilary was suddenly on her back next to Phil, she was completely naked now, except for a black suspender belt and one stocking. I giggled and pointed at her bare leg. “I gave it to Fifi” she said pointing back behind us. “One of his was laddered”. Fifi was a wonderfully outgoing cross-dresser Hubby and I had met on our first visit to the club, and on every occasion since. A regular at the bar, and in the glory hole corridor too, as he always loved to tell us. As I turned back to Phil I could see he’d pulled a condom from his pocket and was rolling it down over himself. A completely naked Graham had joined us on the bed now next to me and was doing the same to himself. “Not quite as impressive as Phil” I thought to myself, but from Hilary’s noises earlier, I’d gathered he’d filled one condom already.

Phil was pulling me closer to him now, obviously ready and expectant. I lifted my right leg over him and slid myself forward on his thighs, teasingly shuffling forwards until I could feel his erection against me. “Not with your shirt on” I told him as I leant forwards and unbuttoned him to reveal quite a hairy chest. He sat up to pull his arms free … then, as I threw his shirt to one side … he leaned further forward and lifted my dress up as well. “Not with your dress on” he laughed. I lifted my arms up and bent forward as he pulled my dress over my head …

The above is from a Chapter from “Modesty Unleashed”, the eighth of my “Modesty Ablaze Diaries of a London Hotwife” Ebooks which is soon to be published at my Amazon, Gumroad, Fun Store and Etsy pages.

But, in the meantime … if you’ve read down this far and would like to read how things on the bed continued … I’m hoping to add more of this chapter to the appropriately themed “Gang Bang” Kink of the Week page in the next few days.

However, for lots more “Fun in the City” moments, I suggest you visit this week’s theme at Wicked Wednesday, by clicking on the lovely rainbow button below!

Kink of the Week

P.s. – The photo above is not actually from this Club evening (cameras not allowed of course), rather it is from one of our other multi-fun evenings in a more private venue!
And of course, as is always the case in my Modesty Ablaze Diaries editions, the names of all of my “friends” here have been changed for the purpose of maintaining anonymity!

Xxx- K

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Modest Epiphany #wickedwednesday

Modest Epiphany Wicked Wednesday

We were becoming regulars at The Club now … so much so that B, our lovely hostess, welcomed us for our fourth Saturday evening visit in a row with “See, I said that you would be coming every week”, laughing at her own choice of wording. “We’re like your local pub now aren’t we”.

“Well I could hardly wear this at our local pub now could I”, I giggled in reply as I took off my coat before sending Hubby downstairs to the cloakroom with it.

“No perhaps not” she said as she hugged me and kissed us both on each cheek. “It is very sexy. You look so beautiful and amazing. As you always do of course”.

I was wearing a brand new, short, red satin dress I’d brought specifically for the Club. Easy to lift off over my head, with loosely laced open sides which clearly revealed I wasn’t wearing anything at all underneath.

With B as such an affectionate chaperone … and her continuing flattering comments week on week … I was growing in confidence and losing my inhibitions more and more with every visit. And knowing that Hubby was enjoying all the fun attentions I was receiving as much as I was, meant I was striving to “dress to impress” with a different new outfit for every visit.

But despite feeling more at ease than I had on our first few visits, I would still always insist on arriving early-ish, to give me time for a few glasses of wine to settle the initial butterflies.

I was still chatting to B when Hubby returned from the cloakroom, but before we could order our drinks she linked her arms through each of ours and said “Come, I want you to meet some one”. She led us around the corner of the bar and up to a very striking blonde lady sitting on her own in the far corner. “Hilary, this is K and her lovely Hubby”.

Hilary beamed and immediately took my hand “Your dress is absolutely gorgeous” she said. “B has told me all about you both and she is absolutely right, you are stunning”. She continued squeezing my hand as she nodded to a tall man who had suddenly appeared behind us. “This is my other half, Steve. Buy this lovely couple a drink darling”. She patted the empty stool next to her and said “Sit and tell me about yourselves, B tells me you’re quite new to the scene”.

I giggled rather nervously and explained we’d actually been visiting every week for the past month or so now, but hadn’t been to any other swinging clubs previously. “I haven’t seen you here before though” I said.

She smiled and said they’d been abroad for several months but had returned during the week and she couldn’t wait to get back to “our favourite fun place”, emphasising “fun place” with a wonderfully wicked laugh and sweeping hand gesture.

I was immediately warming to her outgoing personality, and I could tell Hubby was quite taken with her as well as he and Steve passed us our drinks. We were soon sharing our experiences and life-stories with such ease and openness … and I was telling her things without a second thought … pausing only to instruct Hubby to get another round of drinks for us all.

“I’m a slut and I love it” she was squeezing Hubby’s hand now, “spent 12 years in a boring sexless marriage and now I’m making up for lost time” she laughed. “Fuck anything with a hard one”.

We’d been chatting and laughing … and squeezing each others hand … for quite some time now, and it was getting busier and noisier around us with more arrivals, many of whom Hilary seemed to be on nodding terms with.

She reached over again, took me by the hand and stood up. “Come on, let’s go and find some fun”. She winked at Hubby and said “are you going to join us?” as she stepped between him and Steve … and led me down the corridor towards the main playroom.

The above is Part One of a Chapter from “Modesty Unleashed”, the eighth of my “Modesty Ablaze Diaries of a London Hotwife” Ebooks which is soon to be published at my Amazon, Gumroad, Fun Store and Etsy pages.

And … if you’ve read down this far … I’m hoping to add Part Two of this chapter to the appropriately themed “Gang Bang” Kink of the Week page in the next few days.

However, in the meantime, for lots more “Epiphany” moments, I suggest you visit this week’s theme at Wicked Wednesday, by clicking on the lovely rainbow button below!

Kink of the Week

Xxx- K

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Modestly Intense #sinfulsunday

Modesty Ablaze Intensely orgasmic

It’s not often I’m lost for words . . . but apparently I was at this particular moment . . . and I love remembering why!!!

It’s prompt weekend at Sinful Sunday . . . and the prompt is “something beginning with the letter i” . . . and I’m sure there will be lots and lots more “intense” moments to be enjoyed by tapping the lovely lips below!!!

Sinful Sunday

Xxx – K

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Modest Curves #wickedwednesday

Modesty Ablaze curving with friends

“Curves” is one of my favourite words. Neither bent nor straight,
neither callous nor sharp.

A curve is, by it’s very nature, smooth and sensual. A calming, comforting gradual change in shape and direction, that generally makes one feel warm and relaxed . . . and, as in this case . . . aroused and intoxicated. Wouldn’t you agree?

For more Calming Curves at this week’s Wicked Wednesday gently
suck on the button below.


Xxx- K

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Modesty Ablaze “Dragon’s Tail Pt.1” #realworldsex film @makelovenotporn

If you’ve viewed my A New Celebration #realworld sex video from my Make Love Not Porn pages you will know how that lovely evening began . . . and the passionate “foreplay” we enjoyed as we explored each other more and more.

Well “Dragon’s Tail Part 1” follows on directly from where “New Celebration” ended . . . after we’d had a little recovery time and some relaxing, winding-down conversation.

And that conversation led to No.83 teasing me that I could smack his bottom if I wished. And with such a lovely smooth bottom . . . how could I resist!!!

Then . . . when 83 brought out his Wartenberg Wheel . . . I really began to enjoy myself. Especially as I was able to trace it round the intriguing shapes of his Dragon Tattoo which looked so appealing on his silky smooth back.

But, of course, it wasn’t only his smooth back that I wanted to enjoy . . . I wanted to have more of those smooth front bits as well . . . so I was soon instructing him to turn over and let me explore. And I hope that you will be able to feel part of those explorations as you watch our fun unfold!

You can view my introduction to “Dragon’s Tail Part 1” by clicking the preview screen at the top of this post . . . or from >here< . . . BUT, as always, if you register (it’s FREE) and watch the intro video directly from my MakeLoveNotPorn profile page there are some short Free Peek clips from the actual video itself at the end of my introduction. AND, no, it’s not like all those other video-sites! There are none of those horrid pop-up adverts and unwelcome invitations. is simply about other #realworld people just like you and me, celebrating-in, and sharing their sexuality, fun and love.

There are lots more screen shots and Free Peek links to all of my #realworldsex videos, at my Make Love Not Porn page >here<. And much more on just why I love the whole concept of MLNP . . . and all of the other Real World People enjoying their own Real World Sex . . . from my “Why I Love Make Love Not Porn” introductory video (from March 2014) >here<.

“Dragon’s Tail Part 1”  is my 63rd video released on Make Love Not Porn with more to cum soon, and you can rent it from my Modesty Ablaze Profile page at MakeLoveNotPorn >here<.

The lovely people at MakeLoveNotPorn have labelled
“Dragon’s Tail Part 1” with tags such as:


So . . . I urge you to view, and see for yourself, exactly what they mean.

Oh, and YES . . . there is a “Dragon’s Tail Part 2” . . . where things become even more “intimate” shall we say. I hope to upload that video quite soon, so do keep checking back here regularly for that next update.

It’s completely FREE to register at MLNP and I’m sure you will enjoy not just my sixty three #realworldsex videos, but lots of other fun and amazing contributions from the growing MLNP community as well!!!

Make Love Not Porn

Xxx – K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine

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A Modest Swinging Question? #F4T

I’ve been prompted on a number of occasions over the past few months that I need to update my Swingers Club pages as some of the Clubs mentioned appear to no longer exist.

However, things have been so hectic this year . . . particularly since we returned from our summer holidays . . . that I still haven’t managed to properly research or make those changes.

Partly because Hubby and I don’t actually indulge in our “clubbing nights out” as much as we used to.

There was a period, a few years ago, where every other weekend seemed to be spent at our favourite “local” club . . . or if not there . . . meeting privately with “friends” we’d met there previously.

And I do admit to revelling in the excitement of discovering those new friends and new situations, and that wonderful “freedom” of discovering those new
fun and thrills.

But, as with all things I suppose, the excitement and expectation of that uncertainty of possible new adventures, began to wane.

I knew what I liked, I’d met lots of new people whose company I enjoyed . . . so our visits gradually became less regular.

Besides which, I’d also discovered some new fun and, new-to-us, fetish clubs that we’d learnt about through my new femdom hobby. And whilst there can sometimes be a cross-over between “swinging” and “bdsm” clubbing,
the two were, from my point-of-view at least, different experiences and a different direction.

But although our visits to our “local” have become less frequent, we do still visit occasionally and I must admit that when we do visit, we still sometimes meet and make new friends.

Anyway, it has definitely been some time since I have checked the links on my Swingers Page here, so I will be doing that in the coming week or so.

Therefore my “Question” to you all is that if any of you would like me to add some recommendations of clubs you have visited and particularly enjoyed . . . no matter where in the world you are . . . please do let me know and I shall add them to my pages.

In the meantime, for more thoughts and experiences of Freedom, visit this week’s Food For Thought by clicking upon the button below.

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Xxx- K

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Tips when Dating People from Hookup Websites

Tips When Dating People from Hookup Websites 1

You might be faced with a boring weekend and want to date someone temporarily. Temporary can mean one night stands or a date with someone for two days without the intention of marrying them. If so, then sites for hookups that are the best way to go.

These kinds of websites are for people who want a casual relationship. Hooking up with someone can be exciting, thrilling, and fun and these are just some of the things that these sites aim to give its members. Most of the registered users there are not into long-term relationships so there’s the possibility that you and your match on the site understand that a weekend of dating is just temporary and it is not meant to last.

When dating someone, it is important to clarify whether you are looking for a quick roll on the hay or someone whom you want to spend the rest of your life with. When you are on hookup websites and you already find your match, here are some of the things that you need to remember when setting up a date with them.

Things to Remember when Hooking Up with Someone

Be Upfront with your Intentions
A healthy hookup relationship involves two people who know the things that they are looking for. If they make it clear that they just want to mess around, they won’t worry about the awkward things that usually happen in the morning.

No Stories about Childhood
The whole point of one night stands is that the people involved should carefully guard their feelings. They can’t do that when one of them starts to tell about his or her childhood or other significant life events that happened to them. Hooking up with someone can mean knowing their names but not their entire life story.

Be Careful with Involving your Feelings
There are times when a hookup can lead to a second or a third one. You might feel that you have finally met someone whom you can marry because they are different from the others. But if it is not reciprocated, you can get hurt in the process. Prevent them from scheming or using your feelings against you. If someone you hooked up with does not feel the same way about you, they can manipulate the relationship to their advantage.

Keep your Secrets
Do not divulge your deep secrets to someone whom you’ve just met in online dating sites. Know more about online dating in this link here. Even if you think that you will never meet them ever again after this particular weekend, technology always finds a way of connecting you two. They might blackmail you or ask for money especially if you have a secret that you won’t want your family and friends to know.

Do Not Take Pictures
Unless you decide to become exclusive, do not take photos together and post in on social media. Your family and friends might get a different interpretation of things and you don’t want to be known as someone who has sex with a stranger during weekends. Pictures can be used as evidence and it can be damaging for you especially if you plan to settle in the near future.

Set Rules
It is important to set boundaries and rules. Let the other person know about the things that you want or don’t want to happen when you sleep with someone. You might want to bolt in the middle of the night when the other is still sleeping or you might want to exchange phone numbers and set another date to see each other. Either way, don’t get pissed off when your hookup partner will not show up the next time.

Be Open with Awkward Situations
Awkwardness can’t be avoided sometimes. If certain things make you uncomfortable such as someone threw up because of too much wine during the first date, let them know. They might fart while in bed or you might find that they are hooking up with someone else. These are all totally fine. Let them know in private and laugh it off so that you won’t get the awkward vibe with each other the next time that you are together.

Let them Know if they Turn You Off
There are times when you could not help feeling disgusted with a weird habit that someone might have. If this is your first date and you feel uncomfortable, let them know. Maybe their way of getting off is different from yours. It’s totally fine if you can be upfront that they can get what they need from another person but not from you.


If your current date did not meet your expectations, find another one. The good news is that there are a lot of adult dating sites that can spawn a network of hookers on your local area. Save yourself the headache of going into the local bars and finding a hot companion for the weekend. The sites work and before you know it, you can find yourself with a different partner every week.

As long as you know how to be safe and you establish your boundaries, hooking up with someone should never be a problem. Know at least the name of the person you are hooking up but protect your heart in the process as well. Even if your current partner does not meet your expectations, who knows, the other one may have marriage potential.

As you may have gathered, this has been a sponsored post,
but you won’t be surprised to know just how much I LOVE meeting new people . . . and it has certainly worked for me. LOL !!!
So I hope you have enjoyed reading. – Xxx – K

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