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I strongly believe in the rights of women to explore and express their sexuality with complete freedom and independence.

The following are just some of the people, and pages, that inspire and interest me . . . and promote our sexuality, free of the shackles of shame and moral repression, that many woman throughout the world are still subjected to.

Please feel free to recommend any similar sites that you feel espouse the same rights and interests, by emailing me at: modestyablaze@gmail.com


NINA HARTLEY . . . simply an inspiration, without whom I could never have experienced the freedom and pleasures I can now so enjoy!



SH! . . . Yes!! . . .  A Sex Shop FOR Women from a company run BY Women. Toys, lingerie, books and more either at their shop in Hoxton (I’ve bought lots and lots of toys there – LOL!) in London, or on-line at: sh-womenstore.com .

And, I’ve also been along to several of their Erotic Evening Classes . . . great fun and wonderfully friendly and welcoming. Highly-recommended!!!



MAKE LOVE NOT PORN . . . is simply all about Real World People enjoying their own Real World Sex. And, from a women’s point of view, I find that so empowering because it is so obviously completely consensual, arousing and erotic . . . unlike most other on-line porn. I like watching sex that is erotic . . . BUT . . . I want it to be real and respectful and fun. Something that I can relate to on my own, personal, level . . . and I urge you to investigate!!!



KAY JAYBEE . . . “Everyone Needs A Bedtime Story” indeed! But believe you me, I never, EVER, feel sleepy after reading Kay Jaybee. I won’t say her books are the type you just can’t put down . . . because I can never read more than two or three chapters of her books without becoming so aroused that I just have to put them down and start reaching for other things!!! “The Perfect Submissive”, “The Voyeur” . . . et al . . . are simply the most erotic, sexy, stimulating, arousing words I have ever had the pleasure (and I mean PLEASURE) to read. Wherever, however, you read your erotica you must, Must, MUST read Kay Jaybee!



JOHN TISBURY EROTIC PHOTOGRAPHY . . . I was lucky to meet John at the Eroticon 2013 Conference in London where he was one of the Speakers. I loved his presentation and afterwards asked if he did private commissions. When he said he did, I asked Hubby to book me a session and we subsequently had a wonderful afternoon at his studio some months later. John is simply lovely and was instantly able to make me feel comfortable and completely at ease. Some of those pictures are featured on a slideshow page >here< as well as scattered through various other posts here on my blog. You will be able to tell which pictures are John’s because of the credit below each one . . . BUT mostly because of the quality and style of his poses (LOL !!). If you desire some special photos for your own private memoirs, I suggest you view the amazing erotic and arousing images at his website at:



SCAVENGER HUNT  . . . I loved this site from the moment I was told about it. I suppose because it celebrates the exhibitionist nature I think we all have in one degree or another, (some more than others!!!) And, since joining in, I’ve actually found sharing my own “Scavenger Hunt” photographs has been quite addictive . . . and a LOT of fun!!!
You can see my contributions, and lots of other contributions by the other participants from the link below.
NB: March 2014. I was so lucky to actually meet the original curator, and very lovely Dee in person in 2014 . . . and it made my enjoyment of the Scavenger Hunt theme even more fun and enjoyable. Especially as we were able to claim several “Two-for-One” Scavenger Hunts together. Due to her increasing work commitments Dee handed over the curation of Scavenger Hunt in 2016 . . . so the Fun continues and I really do recommend you join in!!!

Naughty Scavenger Hunt


A GOOD WOMAN’S DIRTY MIND . . . simply one of the most entertaining AND informative blogsites on the internet, MsQuote posted almost daily on a plethora of sex and erotica related subjects and her pages were a treasure-trove of wonderfully fun stories, photographs and images from both past and present. What I loved about checking into A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind is that it almost always made me giggle in delight . . . and yet, in the same post, stop and think about subjects that I am often guilty of taking for granted, or not giving enough attention to. And MsQuote was not just an internet librarian, curator, instructor and informer . . . she was also an author,  a fellow performer at the wonderful MLNP, and promoter of the annual #AdultSexEdMonth .
And so it was with huge sadness to learn that MsQuote had suddenly, and unexpectedly, passed away in November 2015. She is greatly missed not only here in this household, but I’m sure in thousands upon thousands of households all around the globe. For the present time her partner Parrot is keeping her site on-line and I really do recommend you browse and learn, laugh, and be educated, and entertained . . . visit:



SINFUL SUNDAY has become a weekly thrill for me . . . as I’m sure it has for many people. In an age where mainstream society seems to have an obsession about appearance and conformity, I’ve always loved the creative and fun ways each week’s contributors post photos and images that challenge the norm . . . and champion the real.
Images that make me Smile, make me Tingle, make me Stare, make me Wonder and make me Gasp.
And Sinful Sunday never fails to arouse all of those reactions . . .



TINY NIBBLES . . . by Violet Blue . . .  compelling and interesting source for non-stop news and views of all things sexual. (Not to mention the wonderful “Eye Candy” spots). You must, Must, MUST visit !!



SAFFRON SANDS . . . Sexy, Romantic and Fun. Erotic stories and musings (and opinions) . . . and a source of endless similar pages and blogs for the independent woman.



PROJECT VOYEUR . . . Fun, and naughty community, for lots of flashing fun and videos!!!

I occasionally add a few fun pictures on a profile page there:  projectvoyeur.com



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