More Questions you’ve asked . . .

More questions you’ve asked me . . .  and, if you’d like to ask me a question of your own, please click here.

Q: Are you trying to be a writer or sex blogger?

A: I first published my two Ebooks because I’d had lots of emails from followers telling me they wished my Diary was available as Ebooks so they could be re-read anywhere. But now I’ve caught the bug as well! Seeing my books on Amazon & Smashwords suddenly got me very excited . . . AND got me discovering, and downloading, lots of other erotic books. I just never realised there were so many wonderfully naughty and exciting women writers out there. I’m hoping to have more selections from my Memoirs published soon!

Q: Don’t you worry about having sex with a complete stranger?

A: I don’t just run-off with someone within a few minutes of first meeting them. We will always have spent some time chatting with people we meet at the Swingers Club. They are there for the same reason as we are and I need to feel comfortable with them before taking that “next step”. AND we always practice “safe sex”!!!

Q: You said you might be doing a video. Have you made one yet and where can we find it.?

A: My husband has filmed some short videos (and lot’s of pictures) with several of my lovers (always with their agreement). We have added some of those pictures, and some video clips, to my “Private Balcony Members only” page. You can find out about password access to those pages from the “FREE EXTRAS” paragraph at my “My E-books Page” !!!
Due to server-capacity restrictions on my “Balcony Members only” page, the video clips are quite short . . . and will be changed for new ones from time-to-time.
You can also find links to some of my other videos available on other sites at my Modesty Ablaze Videos page.

Q: Can you explain for your men readers what it felt like doing it with a woman in your latest post?

A: I suppose it was exciting initially because I’d never done anything like that before, and it was “naughty”. It was also quite a different sensation to open my eyes and see another woman pushing and thrusting against me. Physically the sensation inside me was nice, but perhaps not so “comfortable” as with a real cock inside me. But I did like it . . . you’ll have to read Part II to see just how much I liked it!!!

Q: Do you always have orgasms with your lovers?

A: No not necessarily always. But for me it’s not just about having to have an orgasm, it’s about being able to have a wonderfully exciting time. I always try to make sure my lover(s) come because it makes me feel that I have made them happy and relaxed and excited enough to have let themselves go to that peak of sharing each others company. I feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction that being with me has given them those wonderful feelings. And, of course, I love those feelings so much myself, that when I come as well it’s an added bonus for each of us.!!!

Q: Do any feelings of jealousy or possessiveness ever interfere with your relationships?

A: We are very lucky in that because we share everything in our relationship we never seem to have any problems with jealousness, or envy. When we “play” with other couples we always play together, same room, same bed (well sometimes, one or the other of us may be on a sofa, or desk, or floor . . . LOL !!!), but it is always together. We also show each other, or forward, any text messages that we may have exchanged with our “special friends”.
So I think that is the most important factor in any open, or poly, relationship. You MUST be able to share everything . . . thoughts, desires, emotions, fantasies . . . messages and conversations . . . with each other. That sharing, and trust, and Yes LOVE, makes everything we both experience, so much more enjoyable and fulfilling. Completely without guilt or conscience . . . or jealousy.
I think everyone should try it !!

Q: What do you look for in a younger lover?

A: LOL!!! The same things I would look for in a lover of any age. As I just mentioned in the question above, I just have to feel comfortable with someone (and feeling comfortable comes before feeling “attracted”), before I could indulge.
They have to be intelligent, honest and down-to-earth, and be able to make good conversation and make me feel relaxed and interested in them as a person . . . NOT just for sex, but just to feel good in their company. All those things come BEFORE looks, physique, size etc. etc.

Q: What is the best sex you’ve ever had?

A: I always like to think the best is still to come!!!

Q: Is there anything you wouldn’t do?

A: Yes . . . lots of things! I always say “if it doesn’t feel right at the time, then stop!”

I will always do my best to answer more (sensible) questions and post them here as soon as I can.

Or, don’t forget you can also find more about me by reading my recent Interview at Molly’s Erotic Meanderings here!!!

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  1. Sian

    Would you ever be interested in an intelligent, fun and younger female lover? x

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