Modesty Bank Holiday Monday at The Boating Lake . . . #scavengerhunt 18

After a rainy and dismal Easter Sunday it was lovely to wake up to a sunny and warm Bank Holiday Easter Monday this morning. A perfect morning we thought for a relaxing stroll around The Boating Lake.

Modesty Ablaze Scavenger Hunt Boating LakeIt was already quite busy when we arrived with lots of families out enjoying
the warm weather.

ModestyBoatsSmirkSo we walked around the lakeside . . . enjoying the sounds of the ducks
on the water.

ModestyBoatsSmileMost of the benches were occupied . . . so we had to make do with finding a little shade beneath the occasional trees by the lakeside . . .

ModestyBoatsSmirk. . . and waiting patiently  . . .

ModestyTreeAhead. . . in the hope that one of the benches would become available.

ModestySittingEventually though I just gave up waiting in vain . . . so took advantage of one of the viewing points to rest my legs.

And it was such a lovely morning that I thought I would share it here with you
. . . and at Curvaceous Dee’s Scavenger Hunt site.

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How about joining in the fun with some of your own!!!!


Xxx – K

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  1. Fabulous scavenger hunt! I said it before and say it again: you are SO brave 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. funny and cheeky always !

  3. Gloria

    Simply gorgeous and I so admire your fun lifestyle.

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  6. Another fantastic one – I love how you start out fully dressed and end up showing it all (I hope there were some boaties around who managed a nosy…)

    xx Dee

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