Modesty wet and windy in the Park . . . Scavenger Hunt 5

It was very wet and windy in London this morning. So wet and windy that I just had to take my umbrella for my morning stroll through our local park!!!


Despite the wet and windy weather it was still unexpectedly busy! Morning joggers, people out walking their dogs . . . not to mention the constant stream of cars . . . and even the occasional London bus passing by.

ModestyAllyPallyBusThe rain didn’t ease off at all during our walk . . . not even for a few minutes . . . but I still tried to keep smiling!

ModestyAllPallyBench. . . and I’m sure you’ll have lots of smiles of your own by discovering just who else has posted their own flashing fun at the wonderful Curvaceous Dee’s Scavenger Hunt.

Why not join in the fun yourself ? (Simply click the Scavenger Hunt logo for the rules below!)  – Xxx – Katie



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37 Responses to Modesty wet and windy in the Park . . . Scavenger Hunt 5

  1. These are BRILLIANT and I know exactly where that spot is… I used to live in the houses at the bottom of that hill that border the park.

  2. I love these!!!! So so so fun!!!

  3. She Lover xxxxx

    Wonderful xxx love this and you so much xxxxx

  4. Well done!
    Your photos are beautiful. Heard the weather has been very wet. You must have had a rush taking the photos. Thrills of being naughty with thoughts of possibly getting caught or seen. Love your long trench coat. Sexy.

  5. Thank you Sassy . . . yes always have tingles from the thrill of being naughty. We’ve had some close calls occasionally over the years (LOL!!!) but never too close. My fav coat, usually keeps me warm on moments like these, but was still a bit draughty this morning!!!
    Xxx – K

  6. Now that’s the way to have yourself some fun in the rain! Big boots and a big coat and a big umbrella … and nothing else 🙂 Love it!

    I have updated the Scavenger Hunt pages – you’re moving up the board!

    xx Dee

  7. Brilliant, Brave and very sexy 🙂

  8. went for a walk this morning in the park but nothing bare or outstanding like your cute self would love to cover u and shake your body on mine just for the likeness of the weather and u yourself

  9. Sally

    truly 😉 😉 u r so sexxxy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :):)

  10. Look at you, showing your pretty face – along with everything else! Love these ~ and Happy New Year to you and yours. <3

  11. Thank you for such nice comments. Yes you’re totally right, overdue on MLNP . . . soon I promise!
    Xxx – K

  12. Naughty but nice….. Now that what I call bracing the elements! Invigorating and refreshing well done.

  13. Steven

    Incredibly sexy pics. Oh to have been on that bus to see you?

  14. mikey2ct are just so lovely. Is that Hyde Park?

  15. LOL !!! No, not quite Hyde Park . . . I’m not that brave!!!

  16. STBeemerRider

    I’ll bet the potential of such special scenery in the park would get a lot more people out for some exercise and sight seeing! Well Done!

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  18. Thank you. And it was certainly busier this morning when I ran through on my morning run . . . and the weather was much sunnier!!!
    Xxx – K

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  27. Never been a Mary Poppins like this one!!!

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