Sh! – it’s not a secret . . . in fact I just absolutely love to Shout about Sh!

I just love shopping!!! . . . and of course . . . as I’m sure you’ll have guessed by now, I just love sex !!!

So when I heard that there was a “female-friendly sex shop” . . . for women, run by women . . . I knew I just had to investigate. Especially when I saw the name “Sh!”. I was giggling and smiling already!!!

And there was something immediately re-assuring about the look and “feel” of their Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium . . . something homely and personal . . . and something welcoming.

I can “click-and-shop” just as easily as the next person, but as I browsed I was delighted to discover that their actual physical, bricks-and-mortar, shop was located almost exactly half-way between work and home. So delighted that I knew I just had to investigate! I mean there is nothing quite like touching and feeling the goods in person is there!!!

ModestyWalksToShJan2514So . . . “take me there please” I instructed Hubby one Saturday morning. Yes . . . I know !!! . . . homely and personal and welcoming and YET I still had to go along with a chaperone, AND in broad daylight!!!  LOL!!! But, you know me, I am shy at first . . . “It is a sex-shop after-all” I told  him.

But I needn’t have worried because the instant I walked through the door I was greeted with a warm “hello” and a wonderful smile from the young lady behind the counter . . . AND offered a coffee or cold drink. (“We never had that sort of welcome when you took me to that [High Street Chain] shop in Oxford Street, did we???” I whispered to Hubby).

That lovely friendly and helpful approach continued, and put me instantly at ease, as I started to wander around the shop and start looking at, and touching and squeezing, the array of toys and things on display. And there really is lots to look at . . . vibrators (in all shapes and sizes), dildos and strap-ons (in all shapes and sizes), whips and paddles, condoms and lubes, books and cards, corsets and lingerie, leather and lace . . . and so much more.

We ventured downstairs and I selected several basques to try on . . . receiving expert help from one of the lovely ladies who advised me on the fit and which of the garments suited me most.

An hour, and two lovely bright pink bags later, I said my goodbyes and a giggling “Yes, definitely” reply to the farewells of “We hope we’ll see you again”.

And, of course, I have been back on lots and lots of occasions since!

But not just to shop . . . because the lovely ladies at Sh! also hold Erotic Evening Classes covering a wide range of sensual, erotically interesting subjects. Sometimes presented by the Sh! Girlz themselves, or sometimes by guest presenters (chosen sexperts in their field).

I’ve been along to several of the events, including Erotic Book Readings, the Blow His Mind, Dominatrix and the Strap-On classes and have always had a wonderfully fun and enjoyable time. The classes are held in the downstairs area of the Sh! shop and the informal nature of the presentations make for a sociable and entertaining, as well as an informative, experience. (And of course the complimentary glass of bubbly always helps!!!).

On each of the classes I’ve attended there has always been a wonderful cross-section of ages represented and I have certainly never felt out of place, and the relaxed and fun presentations make it so easy for everyone to chat and exchange stories and experiences . . . and there is always time for a quick browse-and-shop again upstairs afterwards (with the Discount Voucher included in the price of the class always proving very useful!).

So now you know why Sh! is one of my favourite places . . . and why I always leave feeling good about myself and with a huge smile on my face! Only nice people . . . and good times . . . do that for me!!!

But if you’re not in London and can’t shop in-store, I’m sure you’ll find Sh! On-line just as welcoming, and personal and easy to navigate around, as I do . . . so I highly recommend you visit their web-pages >here<. Oh, and why am I saying “personal” for a web-site? Well because many of the Sh! toys are actually produced and manufactured locally by Sh! to their own design. So when you see “Exclusive to Sh!” on some of the pictures on my “Sex Toys” page, you’ll now know just how “exclusive” they really are.

ModestyAblazeAtShJan2514I do so love Shopping . . . and I do so love Sh!!!

This was one of my very first Scavenger Hunt posts . . .  and I’ve since had lots and lots of fun adding more.

You can discover more of my strolls at my Scavenger Slideshow >here<!!!

Why not join in yourself? . . . Come on, let’s all dare to bare !!!

Scavenger Hunt Platinum Award

Xxx – K

Xxx – K


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37 Responses to Sh! – it’s not a secret . . . in fact I just absolutely love to Shout about Sh!

  1. William Hooper

    Keep up the great work!


  2. Sally

    omg girl!!! xxxx 🙂 😉

  3. I’m gonna put this on my list of places to visit next trip to London.

  4. Steven

    You dropped your angels wings on the sidewalk.

  5. Gloria

    Thats gotta be another Scavengerhunt trophy Modesty surely?

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  11. I love anything that makes sex sexier!

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  13. Thank you Terry that’s very sweet!
    Xxx – K

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  19. What a great post – and a great pic (which can so be part of the Scavenger Hunt, too!). D’ya know, it’s perfect for the ‘footpath’ location? If it was inside ‘Sh!’ then it could count for the ‘sex shop’ location… but footpath is still pretty awesomecakes 🙂

    xx Dee

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  30. Love that shot, stockings a nice sexy touch.

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