Modesty Holiday Rep . . . Scavenger Hunt 3

On our recent holiday on a lovely Greek Island we had a lovely apartment in a small-ish complex with a beautiful pool . . . and bar !!!

The complex was quite full but we were surprised to find that we were normally the first to rise every morning (especially considering our usually late . . . and exhausting . . . nights!!!)

Although we were on the ground floor, there was a communal balcony area upstairs with panoramic views of the surrounding area . . . and overlooking the courtyard and pool downstairs.


We’d often have been out for our morning walk and returned to the balcony with our croissants and coffee and still have the balcony to ourselves for at least an hour or so before any of the other occupants began to appear.


So, of course, on several mornings I just couldn’t resist wandering around enjoying the cooling breeze . . . without my holiday dress!!!


As far as we know, none of the other guests caught a glimpse . . . so I thought I would share one of my morning strolls here . . . and on one of my Favourite Blogsites . . . the wonderful Curvaceous Dee’s Scavenger Hunt . . .


and I’m absolutely sure you’ll have lots and lots of fun and smiles (and, in my case, lots of tingles) by seeing just who else has posted their own fun-flashes at Dee’s Scavenger Hunt Participants list !!

Why not join in yourself ???? – Xxx – Katie




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0 Responses to Modesty Holiday Rep . . . Scavenger Hunt 3

  1. Gloria

    Lost for words – except just beautiful!

  2. Sweets

    How fun and enchanting scavenger sights! 🙂

  3. Sal

    u r amazing & it truly was worth waiting for. now i want another pleeze. ha ha

  4. DRJ

    Just speechless!

  5. She Lover xxxxx

    You are wonderful, sexy and Fab.

  6. How marvellous (and what a gorgeous spot)! Another grand location you’ve knocked off here – this fits very well in the ‘Balcony’ category.

    Also, with this post you’re now officially a Silver participant – time to update your badge! Congratulations 🙂

    xx Dee

  7. I love these, they are so confident, and with a beauty that shines out..and oh my what a gorgeous bum!

  8. steve

    You have a fantastic body & I love your storys. I wish my wife could be like you.

  9. Thats the way to enjoy the sun!

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