Modesty takes the Tube . . . #scavengerhunt 16

ModestyCockfostersI’m so used to commuting to and from work every day on the London Underground, that I suppose I just take it for granted.

But Hubby simply hates the Tube . . . he says he finds it “boring”, with “nothing interesting to look at”. So whenever we are forced to take the Underground somewhere together, I always do my best to try and make it interesting . . .


And on our most recent journey I found it quite easy to keep him entertained!!!


It was a lovely bright day as we passed through the first few stations, before actually going underground . . .


So much so . . . that he kept asking me to stand-up as we approached each new station . . .

ModestyStandingTwo. . . something about “getting a better view” . . . which I think the people in the carriage behind me probably enjoyed as well!!!!

Eventually though we had to alight . . . and I had to become a little more “modest” as we headed for the escalators.

ModestyPlatformExitBut we had such a fun journey that I thought I would share some of the memories with you here for a Scavenger Hunt post.

Oh, and P.S. – As you probably already know, I do so love “Fostering-a-Cock” from time to time!!!

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Come on, it is such funLet’s all Dare to Bare !!!

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Xxx – K



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21 Responses to Modesty takes the Tube . . . #scavengerhunt 16

  1. That is some gutsy commute !!!

  2. She Lover

    Hope that was the Metro you were reading and not the Daily Mail xxxx

  3. This is completely amazing! I love everything about these pictures – particularly your ‘reading a newspaper like a casually semi-naked commuter’ pose. I was checking this blog out when my partner came and looked over my shoulder and I had to explain what the scavenger hunt was all about. His jaw dropped and he has declared it the “best game ever” – I suspect he’s now going to be constantly on the look out for people getting surreptitiously naked in central London. =)

  4. Gloria

    Gorgeous. Do you ever wear underwear?

  5. Fabulous! Just simply fabulous! I love how brave you are 🙂

    Rebel xox

  6. Ooohhh . . . Glad to have been of help . . .

  7. mikey2ct

    Lovely, evocative pics !

  8. Absolutely fantastic post, Katie! Love the shots on the train 🙂 (There’s another location possibility, if you can manage it, in the train/underground station itself. Where the lines come in to stop/transfer passengers. Just FYI!)

    xx Dee

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  14. The Sexiest Scavenger strikes again!

  15. NPE

    Cockfosters? That’s great!

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