Modesty at the pool . . . table!!! Scavenger Hunt 4


For everyone who has asked so nicely . . . this is another picture from our summer holiday on a lovely Greek island.

I’ve never played pool before, but couldn’t resist trying my hand one morning when, before taking one of our morning strolls, we (once again) found the pool area deserted.

BUT . . . the pool table was completely visible from the main road . . . and, taking my eye off the balls, I was aware of several early-morning delivery vans slowing as they passed the apartment complex! And minutes later, the pool-attendant arrived with a larger than normal smile!!!

I’m absolutely sure you’ll have lots of smiles of your own by discovering just who else has posted their own fun-flashes at the wonderful Curvaceous Dee’s Scavenger Hunt.

Why not join in the fun yourself ? (Simply click the Scavenger Hunt logo for the rules below!)  – Xxx – Katie


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  1. Wow, so that doesn’t ever get anyone arrested then in Greece? 🙂

  2. Graham

    What a lovely arse!! To die for.

  3. Sally

    ur sexy as ever ;););)

  4. This is an absolutely amazing image – your arse is delectable (and your nerve is pretty stellar, too!). I’ve finally updated the Scavenger Hunt pages, and being that the pool table is in the public pool area, I’ve placed this in the ‘pool’ location 🙂

    xx Dee

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