Modesty down by the Farm . . .

I often find something strangely compelling about abandoned or derelict buildings . . . I am intrigued about the stories they may tell.

The history, how they came to be there on ground on which they stand, their occupants, the births and deaths and marriages they have witnessed . . . their delights . . . and their downfall.


This photo is from our recent holiday in Kefalonia and taken in the courtyard of a farm just a few hundred yards down the main road from our apartment. I became more and more intrigued each day as we passed the short drive-way leading up to this truck, and a small assortment of other machinery, on our morning walk to the local bakery for our morning coffee and croissants.

Eventually . . . after the fourth day . . . I just couldn’t resist wanting a closer look !!!

And, of course I thought I would share this post on one of my Favourite Blogsites . . . the wonderful Curvaceous Dee’s Scavenger Hunt . . . and I’m absolutely sure you’ll have lots and lots of fun and smiles (and, in my case, lots of tingles) by seeing just who else has posted their own fun-flashes at Dee’s Scavenger Hunt Participants list !!

Why not join in yourself ???? – Xxx – Katie


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0 Responses to Modesty down by the Farm . . .

  1. Oranges

    Fantastic ass.

  2. What a great location, Katie! And Oranges is dead on – you really do have an amazing arse 🙂 I’ve updated the Scavenger Hunt board, and really look forward to seeing what you do for #3 🙂

    xx Dee

  3. Thank you Dee – But No.3 ??? LOL !!!
    Is that a dare ???
    Xxx – K

  4. Sally

    when r u going for dees dare?

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