Modesty Ablaze in the Tunnels . . . #scavengerhunt 19

Modesty Ablaze in the TunnelsThe “City of Sails” could also be known as the “city of  volcano’s”  . . . there are 53 extinct volcano’s  across the city’s volcanic field.

Modesty Ablaze in the TunnelsAnd one of them . . . just across the harbour from the city centre . . . is home to the most amazing tunnels.

Modesty Ablaze in the TunnelsEasily accessible from the walkways below, it was wonderfully cooling to wander through the myriad of tunnels running through the hillside.

Modesty Ablaze in the TunnelsOf course I just couldn’t resist pausing at the occasional “windows” looking out onto the harbour below.

Modesty Ablaze in the TunnelsOr trying to make sense of the decades of inscriptions and messages of love . . . and lust . . . from decades of visitors who had so obviously investigated these tunnels before Hubby and I.

Modesty Ablaze in the TunnelsAnd, speaking of other visitors, I think I can hear footsteps beginning to descend the steps behind me!

But despite the occasional interruptions . . . it really was a wonderfully peaceful exploration and adventure . . . calming and Sinful at the same time!!!

So much so that I thought I would share it here with you
. . . and at Curvaceous Dee’s Scavenger Hunt site.

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How about joining in the fun with some of your own!!!!


Xxx – K

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  1. Russ And Sue



  2. brilliant, you look so beautiful and relaxed. what a great find


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  4. Hey, I know those tunnels! I think it’s hilarious that between us we’ve managed three different Scavenger Hunt locations (bunker, cave, tunnel) in the same place 🙂

    Those are amazing photos, by the way!

    xx Dee

    • Thank you Dee . . . have lots more from all around the city, (several more wonderful ones with you of course) and also further south, so watch this space! LOL!!!

  5. Absolutely fabulous Scavenger Hunt!

    Rebel xox

  6. Thank you so much Marie. I’ve been receiving so many emails over the weekend about all of the most recent posts. It’s been lovely.

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