Modesty Sunday morning run . . . Scavenger Hunt 6

I had so many lovely comments and messages to my post last Sunday, Modesty wet and windy in the Park, that I just couldn’t resist another set of pictures this morning!!!

After all, it was such a lovely morning here in London. Just the sort of Sunday morning on which I love to go out for a run through my local woods . . .

ModestyMorningRun1It was sunny, crisp and in the company of my wonderful friend She Lover. Not that she knew what I was suggesting when I at first handed her the camera . . . but she is always such fun, she didn’t need asking twice . . . LOL!!!

ModestyMorningRun2So what more could you wish for? A lovely refreshing morning run . . . lots of exposure (to Vitamin D silly!!!) . . . lots of laughs and fun . . . and lots of snaps for a new Scavenger Hunt post.

ModestyMorningRun3We passed lots of other people along the way . . . so had to quickly jump off the pathway and hide behind a conveniently placed tree on a number of occasions.

ModestyMorningRun4But occasionally we’d have the path to ourselves . . . so could pause and catch our breath from time to time.

It really was a lovely and fun way to start the day . . . big kisses and thanks to SL for taking the photos.

See who else has posted their own flashing fun at the wonderful Curvaceous Dee’s Scavenger Hunt.

Why not join in the fun yourself ? (Simply click the Scavenger Hunt logo for the rules below!)  – Xxx – Katie



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24 Responses to Modesty Sunday morning run . . . Scavenger Hunt 6

  1. H2E


    my tongue wants to taste that body  as well as those feet 😉

    Happy new year

    Irish slut Joe

  2. Lol!! Happy New Year to you too. My feet could have done with a “massage” after this morning’s run!!!
    Xxx – K

  3. Well done. Beautiful scenery including the backgrounds 😉

  4. She Lover xxxxx

    Fab fun with you K as always xxxx

  5. Awesome photos, Katie, and they get you two Scavenger Hunt locations: woods and tree! I’ve updated the pages and you’re up to 7 now 🙂

    xx Dee

  6. Fab photos!! BF enjoyed them as well! 😉

    ~Mia~ xx

  7. Very nice photos, I especially love your facial expressions

  8. Simply brilliant and stunningly brave

  9. John

    Fantastic photos!!

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  17. NPE

    I love the playful flash behind the tree!

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