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When my Erotic Authoress Spotlight guest for today, Layla Wilcox, first messaged me with “I think you’d like these books about a wife of 20 years transforming her life with her hubby . . .  first in their own marriage, and then with others”, my curiousity was instantly aroused! LOL!!!

And I think you’ll see why when you read the blurb and short excerpt from her “My Secrets Discovered” further below . . .

But first, I’ll let Layla introduce herself . . .

Layla Wilcox at Modesty AblazeBio:
Layla Wilcox is the pseudonym and alter ego of an author who writes erotic contemporary romance. A native New Yorker, Layla writes about mature women who like all things hot: weather, food, and men . . . and not necessarily in that order.

When not writing erotic romances, Layla enjoys watching entire seasons of old television series on Amazon Prime while eating homemade vegan pizza, followed by dark chocolate.


 “Like many secrets, mine began innocently.”
So begins the transformation of an average American housewife.

Jen Hauser loves her accountant husband, Mark, but after twenty years of marriage, she finds their sex life about as exciting as one of his spreadsheets. Things start to heat up after she discovers Secrets, an adult entertainment store in a quiet suburban shopping plaza.

At Secrets, Jen is introduced to the tools of sexual pleasure as well as a mentor, Blondie, who guides her to a total makeover. Together they hatch a plan to seduce Mark. Jen risks everything to find out if her marriage is over or just on ice.

Will a new hairdo, Brazilian bikini wax, and sexy lingerie heat up a dormant love life, or will Jen face a final rejection when she surprises Mark with her new discoveries?

Content Warning: This steamy romance novelette of 13,500 words is for adults only! Contains graphic sex scenes too explicit to include in this blurb. For readers 18+ only!

Themes in this book: female masturbation, sex toys and enhancements, aphrodisiacs, seduction, hot marital sex


(We’re joining Jen at Secrets, an adult entertainment store, as she tries on some new, sexy lingerie in a well-equipped fitting room.)

My-SecretsDiscovered-CoverThe sight of myself in the mirror excited me. I’d put on a few pounds over the years, but the added inches were in all the right places. I had what you’d call an “hourglass figure.” I stepped up on the platform in front of the three-way mirror and checked the rear view. My thighs definitely looked better from the front, but my butt was nice and round. The fullness was in proportion to the rest of me. I put my hands on my waist and focused on the frontal view, the one I’d show Mark first.

The black demi-cup bra trimmed in red lace pushed my ample breasts back up where they used to stand by themselves pre-baby. The matching black thong had the same red lace trim along the elastic that stretched snugly across the curve of my hips. Both items had slits for easy access to my hot spots. The short sheer baby doll nightie had tiny black lace shoulder straps woven with narrow red ribbon. The entire thing would probably slip off in an instant.

I lowered my shoulder, and sure enough, the nightie fell to the floor. The feel of the smooth material against my skin stimulated my nipples, and they perked up pink and hard through the openings in the bra. I giggled, and tweaked them. A surge of heat traveled through my body, and I felt a bit unsteady, so I sat down on the sofa. I decided that it was probably hunger that was making me feel woozy and grabbed a couple of crackers off the tray.

The food steadied my queasiness, and I decided to try on the corset, thong, and garter belt combo. I was midway through changing when Blondie, the store owner, came back in.

“How’s it going? Need any help?”

“Um, yes,” I said, holding up the garter belt. “Should I have some stockings to attach to these?”

“I’ll get you some. Before I do that, though, let me help set the proper mood in here.” She stepped over the entertainment center to flip a few switches and turn a few dials. A scantily clad couple popped up on the flat screen television, and I realized it was a porn movie in progress. “I’ll be right back,” Blondie said, and disappeared beyond the curtain.

I was mesmerized by the couple on the screen. It took only a few minutes of watching them for me to realize how limited my sexual experience truly was. I thought the erotica I was reading was the work of some good imaginations, but clearly people really did do these things—and to each other. Although I was initially engaged with watching from an informational standpoint, I found myself getting highly aroused as I watched the woman drop to her knees to caress the penis of her lover with her hands, tongue, and lips.

The camera came in close, and I could see this couple was engaged in the real thing. I felt my own juices start to flow, and I realized I was standing there with no bottom on while I waited for Blondie to return with stockings. I sat down on the couch and began to stroke between my legs as I watched the man ejaculate in her mouth. The look on her face said she was receiving the best gift ever.

Within seconds of the two of them expressing their rapture, he lifted her onto the bed, and she fell back, legs wide open, bent at the knees. He spread her further apart with one hand, and the camera zoomed in close. He set his mouth down on her, and I watched as he worked her clit with his finger while licking and sucking her. Although the movie audio was turned off, I could imagine her screams of pleasure as she writhed up and down.

I was so engrossed in the visual, I barely realized I had my thumb circling my engorged clit with three fingers inside myself, moving in time with the couple. I stopped abruptly. Blondie was standing inside the curtain holding a package of hosiery in one hand and a long box in the other. I was horrified to be discovered mid-masturbation in her store, but Blondie smiled at me with the look of open friendship.

“Good, I see you’re relaxing.”


If you loved Sex & the City and Desperate Housewives, then you’ll love My Secrets Discovered, book 1 of the Secret Lives of Housewives series. 

All the My Secrets books in the Secret Lives of Housewives series are available for purchase at:
Order of Books in the Series (Each book continues the story, but there are no cliffhangers.)
My Secrets Discovered
My Secrets Revealed
My Secrets Shared
My Secrets Collection (*Best Buy: Books 1-3, plus 2 bonus stories)
My Secrets Bared
My Secrets Exposed

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