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Modesty Ablaze reviews the “Button Butt Plug Silicone Anal Vibrator” at Sh!


I’ve always been intrigued and fascinated by butt plugs . . . sometimes just from the point of view of liking how they look and feel . . . and by “feel”, I mean to hold in one’s hand, not necessarily to “feel” inside one’s bottom.

It’s not something I always desire . . . and certainly not something I can immediately plunge straight into . . . because, for actual insertion and play, I do have to be absolutely in the right mood. But although I do have my favourite anal toys . . . and my favourite anal situations . . . I do still like to try something new occasionally. And, normally, to try those new toys several times over a period of time. So I was thrilled to have the opportunity to try the Button Butt Plug Silicone Anal Vibrator from the wonderful ladies at Sh! recently.

I’ve had my Button Plug for several weeks now and am happy to say that, after some initial doubts as to whether I would enjoy playing with it more than once, I’m now actually finding it rather a lot of fun!!!

But, first things first . . .

modestyablazesh2As always with Sh!, the packaging is simple and subtle and nicely packaged in a white laminated cardboard box with the purple Sh! logo stylishly printed on the lid. Now I know lots of people prefer their toys to always be black, but I often like mine to be different colours, so wasn’t surprised, or disappointed, on lifting the lid to discover that their Button Butt Plug is in the Sh! signature purple as well.

Sweetly nestled on a bed of black satiny fabric, my first impression of the Button was that it looked rather like a large baby’s dummy. But as soon as I lifted it out of the box my thoughts immediately turned to it’s real purpose . . . as I just loved the feel of the smooth, silky, silicone which it is made of.

The button, or “plug”, of the toy is almost perfectly round . . . 33mm diameter in fact and attached to the base of the plug by a short neck of approximately half an inch . . . which I suppose you could say makes the insertable length just under one and a half inches. So those rather “modest” dimensions . . . if you will excuse the pun . . . make this an ideal plug if you are a “beginner” or reasonably new to anal play. (Sh! describe the Button as a “small silicone vibrating butt plug”).

The neck then spreads to the rather spherical-shaped base, which at two and a half inches wide, makes for a perfect stopper . . . cupping as it does between one’s cheeks and safely holding everything in place**.

modestyablazesh8The vibrating element of the Button Butt Plug is achieved with a firm plastic bullet which is inserted into the shaft of the plug. This bullet is 55mm in length and 17mm in diameter and is powered by three cylindrical LR44 batteries which are supplied with, and already inserted into the bullet. You will have to unscrew the top, which extends by about 15mm from the base, and remove a paper cap which breaks the contact. I must admit that I found this rather fiddly to manage at first as it is so firmly embedded within the silicone body. And once I did finally manage to get the vibrations to start I was a little under-whelmed. The vibrations are single-speed, and not particularly strong, and I found the push switch to turn on and off, didn’t always seem to respond . . . and in fact occasionally during use it seemed to turn itself off until I twisted the top to get it back on again, which was distracting or annoying in varying degrees in that first, initial, play session. But perhaps it is just a case of the connectors on my particular button were not quite correctly aligned.

And, of course, as it is completely removable, the button can be easily used for clittoral or nipple stimulation as well . . . though again the buzzing is not quite strong enough for me to enjoy in that way. But to be honest, I always find “inside” vibrations down there more of a distraction and annoyance anyway, even with much more powerful vibrations than this Button Plug achieves. So I quickly disregarded that aspect for playtime with this particular toy. But that is just me and, as we are all different, I’m sure for some of you, the mild and consistent buzzing from this bullet, will be particularly arousing wherever it is used.

modestyablazesh7However, although I’m not a great fan of the bullet, what I have come to enjoy is the lovely comforting shape (back to the baby’s dummy) of the plug itself.

As with all anal toys you will need to apply a liberal coating of (water-based in this instance) lubricant. The thoughtful ladies at Sh! have included a nice sachet of their own “Pure” brand lube with the box, just for that very purpose. As well as coating the plug itself, I also always pre-finger lube myself . . . or have my partner “help” me with that with their own fingers . . . before gently inserting anything into my bottom.

And . . . provided I’m in that right mood that I earlier mentioned . . . and despite not having a longer, more tapered point like some of my other anal plugs, this button is surprisingly easy to slip in. Of course, it’s only common sense to be slow and gentle (for both insertion and removal), but oohh, it does then feel quite lovely . . . and quite “full-filling” if you know what I mean.

Especially, for me at least, for double-penetration play . . . whether with one’s lover, or a vaginal toy . . . because the Buttons size and unobtrusive shape means it doesn’t get in the way, even during a quite active play session. And that is why . . . as I mentioned earlier . . . that I have been finding it a lot of fun and I’m sure it will be one of my favourite toys for whenever I’m in “that” sort of mood in the future.

The Button Butt Plug Silicone Anal Vibrator:
Modesty Rating: 6 out of 10
Pros: Firm but delightfully smooth and rounded silky silicone button. Easy to insert and nice anchor-style base for safe play-time fun.
Cons: The removable bullet has quite low vibrations and I had problems turning on and off.
Material: Non-porous silicone and ABS Plastic. 100% body safe and free of phthalates and latex.
Measurements: Button diameter 33mm at it’s widest point; Insertable Length 38mm; Base/Handle/Stopper width 66mm (about 2.5 inches): Bullet Length 55mm; Bullet diameter 17mm.
Vibration Intensity: Low, single-speed only
Noise: Quiet
Colour: Sh! Purple
Batteries: Three LR44 (included)
Lube: Water-based lubes only (sachet of Sh! Pure) is included.
Waterproof: No.
Before and After-care: Obviously always wash with mild soapy water after, and before, use (I use anti-bacterial wipes as well!), or a silicone-friendly toy cleaner. Rinse and dry before popping back into it’s box.
Supplier Product Link: Sh! Small Silicone Vibrating Butt Plug
Supplier Discount: Simply enter “ModestyButton” into the Discount Coupon Code box at checkout for a 10% discount.
The Modesty Video Review: To possibly follow if you are interested, just let me know!!!

Additional links: Sh! at Twitter . . . and I also really do recommend you browse the Advice pages at the Sh! Website for some excellent links and Q&A postings, and the Our Story  pages for the wonderfully empowering and inspiring history of Sh!


The Button Butt Plug Silicone Anal Vibrator was sent to me, free-of-charge,  for an honest and un-biased review.

The Modesty Rider:
I realise, of course, that there are already thousands of long-established Sex Toy Reviewers and Review sites . . . most of whom will be far more adept at explaining all the technical details and specifications of things. But for me, sexy clothes and lingerie, sexy toys . . . and even sexy books . . . are all about adding a little fun and excitement to things. So that is how I tend to approach my reviews and videos!!! Just to explain “how it was for me” in a fun, and light-hearted, way without taking things too seriously! Chances are that if something makes me giggle and tingle and feel good, it will score higher on my Modesty Rating.

(**Please do check my retrospective A Cautionary Tale Update” addition to one of my very first bottom-approach reviews from 2014, for an important point about “safety”).

Visit some of my most recent Sex Product and Video Reviews at my Sex Toy Review page >here< or special buy links for specific products >here<.

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Addressing recent complaints . . .

Complaints? Well, perhaps more a case of lots of email messages asking why I hadn’t posted a video review of my recent toy-review-post . . . about my Diogol Jewelled Butt Plug.

It has actually been, on the one hand, quite flattering to be asked . . . and on the other hand, almost worrying . . . LOL???

Holding the Diogol Jewelled Butt Plug

But I do love my Diogol and because I myself felt more . . . comfortable . . . in looking at, and seeing the Diogol, in-the-flesh, so to speak, I thought it might actually be useful to make a review video after all . . .

So . . . if you are of a similar mind, please email me directly and I will see if I can send you your own exclusive video!!!

In the mean-time there are several of my video-reviews (if you are interested) at my Toy Review page.


Visit my Sex Toys page for some of my new favourites!

Visit my Erotic Classes page . . .

Visit my Swingers Clubs page . . .

Xxx – K

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The Diogol Jewelled Butt Plug . . .

Experiencing the pleasures of anal play is reasonably new for me. It’s only been over the past year or so that I’ve opened-up enough . . . so to speak . . . to be able to fully enjoy the different sensations this sort of stimulation brings.

So I hadn’t really thought about trying a butt plug until quite recently when one of my Lovers mentioned them in conversation and I thought to myself “Hmm, that would be a nice treat to surprise him with for our next meeting!”

The range and styles and sizes of plugs available, as I searched my favourite on-line store Sh! was quite overwhelming though . . . so for this rather special purchase I decided to pop-into Sh! HQ at their Hoxton shop here in London so that I could see and feel the options for myself . . . and of course, ask the wonderfully helpful Sh! girls on the counter for their own advice and recommendations.

I’d seen the Diogol Jewelled Butt Plug as I’d browsed on-line and it had already aroused my interest . . . but as soon as I saw and handled the real thing I immediately fell in love with it.

Holding the Diogol Jewelled Butt Plug

The surgical-steel material it is made from just feels so lovely and smooth to the touch . . . and of course I just loved the Swarovski crystal inlay on the base.

ModestyButtShBeing a “beginner” the lovely Rene at Sh! suggested that the 25mm-sized Diogol was probably the perfect starting point for me . . . and as I rolled it about in my hand I didn’t need any further convincing. I loved the feel of it (if only, for the moment at least, between my fingers!)

Available in Red or Purple, I chose the Purple option and was already tingling as the girls lovingly wrapped my new toy (and an accompanying tube of lube) in the Sh! signature pink tissue . . . I just couldn’t wait to get it home.

Diogol Butt Plug PackagingAs well as being lovely to hold and to look at, the Plug comes perfectly packaged in it’s own sturdy presentation box. Mine was in a clear plastic base and lid, but I understand the newest boxes are black.

Once at home I was straight upstairs, anxious and excited to try my new toy . . . it felt so lovely again in the palm of my hand as I twirled it round and showed Hubby the sparkling crystal. Whilst it could hardly be described as heavy it does feel more “substantial” than some of the other plugs I’d looked at in the shop . . . and that made my anticipation even greater.

Being made from non-porous steel the Diogol can be used with any lubricant . . . oil, silicone or water-based . . . and it’s smooth and gently tapered design made it actually very easy to insert. LOL!!!

I immediately purred as I stood up and walked slowly around the room. I’d imagined that it might feel uncomfortable, even painful, to move around with something permanently in my bottom. But actually it felt wonderful and I became more and more aroused as I bent over and posed for Hubby, and then for myself in the mirror. “Mmm . . . I really do love that crystal!!!”.

I didn’t actually keep it in for too long on that first occasion . . . **more on this later . . . but come the next morning I teasingly told Hubby I was going to wear it “all day”.

No, I didn’t wear it into work on the Tube! I was too worried I’d lose control and it would fall out. Can you imagine, in the middle of rush hour, my jewelled Diogol rolling around on the floor of the carriage between the feet of my fellow commuters??? But once in my office I slipped off to the washroom and excitingly applied a gentle coating of lube and slid it in for a second time. Oh God, it felt so arousing walking back into the office and over to my desk! The lovely, petite shape and design, and it’s unobtrusive end-piece, means it is completely invisible beneath my skirt so only I knew it was there. And, oh did I know it was there! So much so that I only managed a few hours . . . not because of any discomfort . . . but just because I couldn’t actually concentrate properly on all the “normal” things I should have been doing.

Since then I have worn my plug on a number of occasions (no, not back into work) but around the house for Hubby . . . and, of course, as a special treat for that Lover of mine who enjoys playing with my bottom so much.

So, if like me, you consider yourself to be a beginner and are a little unsure of where to start, I would heartily recommend the Diogol. The size and gentle taper and girth make it nice to fit and comfortable to wear and the feel of it inside as you move about, make it for me at least, arousing both physically and mentally as that “feel” keeps reminding me of my intimate occupant. And that jewelled end-piece gives you the peace of mind that your plug won’t accidentally slide all the way in!!! (Yes, I was actually worried about that at first! LOL!!!)

Modesty Ablaze grips the Diogol Jewelled Butt Plug

NB: A Cautionary Tale Update – September 2015 !!!
For a recent meeting with one of my Lovers . . . who loves my bottom, and does seem able to so easily do wonderful things down there . . . I’d decided to wear my Jewelled Butt Plug for him as a special surprise. However, I inserted it before I set off for the journey to the hotel. Due to traffic problems, the drive took almost two hours. Perhaps because I’d been concentrating, perhaps because I was quite excited, I hadn’t felt any discomfort or movement during the trip. BUT, after checking into our room and starting to run myself a shower, I suddenly realised the plug had slipped completely inside me!!! Some minutes of panic followed . . . but luckily (incredibly luckily) with some awkward pulling and twisting I was able to get a grip on the end of the plug and pull it back out. But it was a quite frightening few minutes and . . . understandably I’m sure you’d agree . . . I haven’t worn it since!
It may have just been me, it may have been my moving about on the car seat, it may have been the excitement and anticipation of seeing my Lover, and it may have been simply that I had it in for far too long . . . BUT . . . I can only advise that one should take extreme care with this toy. I now always make sure that any plug-play involves a plug with a much larger flared-base (I can recommend some if you’d like to message me directly for more information).
So . . . anyway . . .

There is more “technical” information about the Diogol below . . . and from clicking directly on the image beneath.

Modesty Rating: 8 out of 10
Pros: Smooth and lovely shape, feel and fit. Gorgeous to look at!!!
Cons: Doesn’t “stay-in” during intercourse** (so perhaps I need a slightly larger size?)
Material: Surgical Steel
Phthalate Alert: None
Actual Length: 56mm / 2.2 in.
Insertable Length: 50mm / 2.0 in.
Diameter (at widest): 25mm / 0.99 in.
Weight: 38g
Ease of Use: Nice and Easy!
Waterproof: Yes
Lube: Any
Cleaning of the Diogol Jewelled Butt Plug: Hand-wash with warm water and mild soap. Sterilize with mild antibacterial soap. Rinse warm water and polish with lint-free cloth
Care of the Diogol Jewelled Butt Plug: Keep away from heat / sunlight. Store in a dry, fluff-free place. I keep mine in it’s presentation box which makes it easy to find in my, rather crowded, toy-drawer as well as keeping it clean.

Pricing Info: The Diogol is currently out of stock at Sh! However I can thoroughly recommend >this similar plug< as a wonderful alternative!!!



P.S. Important Rider: I purchased this toy from Sh! . . . well actually I made Hubby buy it for me! . . .  so my review is based completely on my own, unbiased, experiences of this toy.

P.P.S.  (for my Balcony Members) . . . there will soon be some more “personal” photographs of the Diogol on my “Feeling Naughty” page.

Xxx – K


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Sh! – it’s not a secret . . . in fact I just absolutely love to Shout about Sh!

I just love shopping!!! . . . and of course . . . as I’m sure you’ll have guessed by now, I just love sex !!!

So when I heard that there was a “female-friendly sex shop” . . . for women, run by women . . . I knew I just had to investigate. Especially when I saw the name “Sh!”. I was giggling and smiling already!!!

And there was something immediately re-assuring about the look and “feel” of their Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium . . . something homely and personal . . . and something welcoming.

I can “click-and-shop” just as easily as the next person, but as I browsed I was delighted to discover that their actual physical, bricks-and-mortar, shop was located almost exactly half-way between work and home. So delighted that I knew I just had to investigate! I mean there is nothing quite like touching and feeling the goods in person is there!!!

ModestyWalksToShJan2514So . . . “take me there please” I instructed Hubby one Saturday morning. Yes . . . I know !!! . . . homely and personal and welcoming and YET I still had to go along with a chaperone, AND in broad daylight!!!  LOL!!! But, you know me, I am shy at first . . . “It is a sex-shop after-all” I told  him.

But I needn’t have worried because the instant I walked through the door I was greeted with a warm “hello” and a wonderful smile from the young lady behind the counter . . . AND offered a coffee or cold drink. (“We never had that sort of welcome when you took me to that [High Street Chain] shop in Oxford Street, did we???” I whispered to Hubby).

That lovely friendly and helpful approach continued, and put me instantly at ease, as I started to wander around the shop and start looking at, and touching and squeezing, the array of toys and things on display. And there really is lots to look at . . . vibrators (in all shapes and sizes), dildos and strap-ons (in all shapes and sizes), whips and paddles, condoms and lubes, books and cards, corsets and lingerie, leather and lace . . . and so much more.

We ventured downstairs and I selected several basques to try on . . . receiving expert help from one of the lovely ladies who advised me on the fit and which of the garments suited me most.

An hour, and two lovely bright pink bags later, I said my goodbyes and a giggling “Yes, definitely” reply to the farewells of “We hope we’ll see you again”.

And, of course, I have been back on lots and lots of occasions since!

But not just to shop . . . because the lovely ladies at Sh! also hold Erotic Evening Classes covering a wide range of sensual, erotically interesting subjects. Sometimes presented by the Sh! Girlz themselves, or sometimes by guest presenters (chosen sexperts in their field).

I’ve been along to several of the events, including Erotic Book Readings, the Blow His Mind, Dominatrix and the Strap-On classes and have always had a wonderfully fun and enjoyable time. The classes are held in the downstairs area of the Sh! shop and the informal nature of the presentations make for a sociable and entertaining, as well as an informative, experience. (And of course the complimentary glass of bubbly always helps!!!).

On each of the classes I’ve attended there has always been a wonderful cross-section of ages represented and I have certainly never felt out of place, and the relaxed and fun presentations make it so easy for everyone to chat and exchange stories and experiences . . . and there is always time for a quick browse-and-shop again upstairs afterwards (with the Discount Voucher included in the price of the class always proving very useful!).

So now you know why Sh! is one of my favourite places . . . and why I always leave feeling good about myself and with a huge smile on my face! Only nice people . . . and good times . . . do that for me!!!

But if you’re not in London and can’t shop in-store, I’m sure you’ll find Sh! On-line just as welcoming, and personal and easy to navigate around, as I do . . . so I highly recommend you visit their web-pages >here<. Oh, and why am I saying “personal” for a web-site? Well because many of the Sh! toys are actually produced and manufactured locally by Sh! to their own design. So when you see “Exclusive to Sh!” on some of the pictures on my “Sex Toys” page, you’ll now know just how “exclusive” they really are.

ModestyAblazeAtShJan2514I do so love Shopping . . . and I do so love Sh!!!

This was one of my very first Scavenger Hunt posts . . .  and I’ve since had lots and lots of fun adding more.

You can discover more of my strolls at my Scavenger Slideshow >here<!!!

Why not join in yourself? . . . Come on, let’s all dare to bare !!!

Scavenger Hunt Platinum Award

Xxx – K

Xxx – K


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Modesty’s Toy Review Round-Up: HedoVibes#24

IMG_28941Photo courtesy of Property Of Potter

Welcome to HedoVibes, a collection of reviews and giveaways that were posted in the past week or so from around the web. This is a collection of adult product reviews & contests from real reviewers. If you want to be included in the next edition start with the guidelines, then use the submission form.

Want to read more reviews? Check out HedoVibes for a list of the latest reviews and stellar reviewers. You can also follow on twitter for the latest round ups. HedoVibes is also accepting photo submissions for each edition.




Anal Toys

Bondage, Impact & Fetish Gear




Visit my Sex Toys page for some of my new favourites!

Visit my Erotic Classes page . . .

Visit my Swingers Clubs page . . .


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The “G-Spot Pleaser” Magic Wand Attachment from Lovehoney

As much as I love my Magic Wand (see my review <here>) for those occasional quick, “just need-it” moments, I do much prefer having something inside me. It just seems to make things feel more complete, and therefore, more fulfilling. So my curiosity was immediately aroused when, quite by chance, I stumbled across a mention of the Lovehoney G-Spot Pleaser Magic Wand Attachment.

ModestyLoveHoney3Watching the excellent Guide Video on the Lovehoney product page  was enough to convince me to make my first* purchase from the Lovehoney site . . . and I was certainly pleasantly surprised with the results, on all fronts.

The Wand Attachment arrived just two days after I placed my order, discreetly delivered in a plain external cardboard box. The internal box though is wonderfully colourful and glossy with a separate “How to use” guide leaflet.

ModestyLoveHoney4The bright pink attachment is made from a TPE skin-safe rubber material and despite feeling quite light and flexible, the curved g-spot stimulator shaft itself is actually quite firm when I squeeze it between my fingers. (And when I “squeeze” it inside as well! LOL!!!)

Attaching it over the head of my Wand did prove difficult at first, even following the perfectly clear instructions of applying my (water-based) lube liberally around the opening of the attachment. Like everything though, it’s become much easier with practice, and there is no need to worry about it becoming loose, or vibrating off, during use.

The attachment is designed to fit any 7.5 inch head-circumference Magic Wand (mine is actually a Sh! Magic Wand Vibrator) and the excellent Lovehoney Guides are the perfect way to check your wand compatibility if, like me, you are buying the G-Spot Pleaser separately.

ModestyLoveHoney2Once fitted I immediately found myself getting excited even as I was applying more lubricant to the shaft of The Pleaser. The leaflet instructed me to “start slowly” and “gently trail the head along the inside of my thighs” . . . but the anticipation of my “first test” had me directing the shaft between my lips within a few seconds (LOL!!!). And with just a few adjustments of position and pressure . . . and some adjustments to the speed and pulse-settings of my wand . . . I was soon coming with the first of several orgasms. The insertable length is 4 inches and the circumference 3.5 inches around, but I certainly didn’t feel any sense of needing “more”.

I’ve enjoyed several more “plays” since that first occasion two weeks ago, both on my own and also sharing the fun with Hubby. The Pleaser can be used as an anal stimulator as well, and I’ve also discovered that just holding the rubber base itself against my lips is a wonderful alternative to the normal clitoral stimulations of my wand.

I have found that after use, the rubber does seem to attract fluff from the bedsheets, but a quick clean and then popping it straight back into the box means it’s perfectly ready for next time. And I’m sure there will be lots and lots of next-times.

*Highly recommended, and the Lovehoney site is so easy to use, and find one’s way around, that I will certainly be buying more from them in the future.

ModestyLoveHoney1Modesty Rating: 9 out of 10
Material: TPE skin-safe rubber
Flexibility: Flexible
Phthalate Alert: None
Contains latex: No
Waterproof:  Submersible
Length: 6 inches
Insertable Length: 4 inches
Circumference: 7.5 inches (Shaft girth = 3.5 inches)
Ease of Use: Easy
Lube: Water-Based Only

Buy Link: Lovehoney

Xxx – K


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The Cordless Magic Wand Massager . . . from Sh! Women’s Store!

1) THE MAGIC WAND MASSAGER: CORDLESS – from Sh! Women’s Store!

Though, of course, I do prefer the REAL THING, I do occasionally feel the need for some quick relief . . . most usually in the morning relaxing with the memories of a recent liaison with one of my lovers . . . and so find myself reaching for my Toy Drawer.


The Cordless Magic Wand Massager is my newest Toy . . . bought recently from Sh! (where else!!! . . . and it most certainly fits the bill for “quick relief”.

I still prefer my toys to be portable and not restricted to having to find the nearest plug point. There’s nothing more frustrating, and passion killing, for me than having to unplug lamps or radio-alarm clocks etc when I do get that sudden urge for a solo-play. So, if like me, you buy the Cordless, rechargeable Wand, you will have to be prepared for a long, patient, first-time charging schedule. The lovely Rene at Sh! had warned me it needed 10 hours to charge . . . and it did . . . but then for something so powerful, I suppose it is only to be expected that it would need a lot of energizing.

It is certainly not discreet in size (but then I do like “large”), measuring just over 12″ in length from the bottom of it’s long and firm handle to the top of it’s lovely head (LOL!!!). In fact the pliable-silicone “head” is not just nice to feel, but at two-and-a-half inches in diameter, is a wonderful size as well. No fiddling around to find “just the right spot” with this throbbing and pulsing beast – it is the perfect size to roll and rub all over my sensitive bits. And I love to do just that . . . I’m not just a clit-sensitive lady . . . I like to be stimulated all-over so the wand’s extra-large head is certainly Magic for me.

I also love the weight, and feel, of holding it in my hand. It may be just be a psychological thing for me, but wrapping my fingers around it’s solid girth helps transport me to that “other place” where I start to glide and float into my own world of strong, and firm, and slow and passionate thrusting and stroking.

There are just two control buttons on the handle. One to turn on and, eventually, off (LOL!!!) and the other to control, with just one push at a time, the 10 different speeds and pulses. It really does have a mind-boggling, and senses-tingling, mixture of pulsing and throbbing patterns. In fact, I did find it slightly off-putting at first as I experimented with the different settings. (See my own interpretation of the different sensation-ratings below!) But after several excursions with my Magic Wand, I now find the variety of stimulation zones can be quite fun depending on what mind-set I am in at that particular moment. In fact pushing the button at a given moment in my “play-dream” can change the path of my imaginary situation to an unexpected direction . . . and climax.

There are times though (and this is really my only criticism of the Magic Wand) when I find myself squeezing the button to the next setting and then suddenly feeling that I want to return to the throbbing and pulsing I was just experiencing, BUT there is no “back” button . . . so it is a question of having to, quickly, push-push-push through the next 6 settings to get back to the start, and find my rhythm again . . . and sometimes . . . !!!

It is not exactly a quiet toy either. Of course, once again, you would have to expect that something with so much “power and speed” in it’s engine would not run without a little operating-noise. And certainly when I held it against my nose (my “touch test”) on the shop floor when I first tried it out at Sh!, I didn’t feel the buzz was excessive. But for some it may take a little getting used to at first . . . though, as Hubby always points-out, I am NEVER quiet when I am playing . . . so I don’t find it interferes with my concentration level.

So, if you think you are sometimes in need of something a little extra, something a little stronger . . . and something a little more intense in your vibrations . . . I would certainly recommend The Magic Wand Massager.

Modesty Rating: 8 out of 10
Material: Plastic, Silicone
Phthalate Alert: None
Actual Length: 311 mm / 12.25″
Diameter (at widest): 61 mm / 2.42″ (massage head)
Batteries: Available as Rechargeable or Mains plug operated.
Plugs Supplied with Toy: Yes
Intensity: Wowser!
Volume: Can’t be heard above music
Weight: 315g
Ease of Use: Easy
Speeds: 10 (Modesty Rate 1 = Continous nice; 2 = high intensity speed increase; 3 = intensity then 3 pulses, then intensity, then repeating; 4 = fast and slow vibrations: 5 = slower pulsating; 6 = stop start pulsating with fast vibrations, then repeating stop start etc.; 7 = pulsating rapid vibrations; 8 = slow 20 pulses and then quick burst of vibrations, then repeating slow etc.; 9 = mixed combination of pulsing & vibrations; 10 = pulsing shudders!!!)
Offers: Escalating speeds & different pulse patterns (see my Modesty Rates above)
Waterproof: Splashproof
Lube: Water-Based Only

Buy Link: Sh! Women’s Emporium
Wand Massager: Cordless

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