Dipping our toes, and falling in

This, and “possibly”, some following posts will probably take the form of a little mini-diary of our new adventures as we all of a sudden seem to be broadening our horizons.

It’s taken me a long, long time to take the plunge . . . but now I must admit that I’m simply loving it and I want to try so much more. (In the meantime, until I can write more on my previous affairs and long-term lover(s), the “I just love sex . . . the more I have, the more I want” tab will provide a little background on how we came to get to where we are now.)

Although my husband has always benefitted from hearing ALL of the details of my meetings with my lovers over the years, he’s continually talked about wanting to actually “see” me with another man.

Our sex is always wonderful immediately after one of my “nights out”. And hearing, and sometimes suggestively teasing him, about his fantasy made our passion even more extreme and explosive. And I have to admit that I became more and more excited by his fantasy, and we came more and more to talk about it both during, and after, the wildest of our “aftermath” sessions.

But I just couldn’t bring myself to mention it to my lover(s). It felt in a silly sort of way, that to mention it to them would be almost like “cheating” on them! So I resigned myself to (our) my fantasies and continued to enjoy my, already, “alternative”, lifestyle.

However, hubby kept mentioning, and talking, and cajoling . . . and countless DVDs and web-videos later, I finally worked-up the courage to agree to let him take me to our first Swinging Club. We were both petrified actually, and sat in the car for ages and ages before we agreed we’d “come this far”.

It WAS scary, awkward and embarrassing (and I’d clearly not dressed as provocatively as most of the other ladies present.) But, at the same time, we both found it wildly exciting and arousing.

No, we didn’t indulge! We were too self-conscious, too nervous and just not ready. But the people were all very nice and very welcoming and friendly. We returned home in the early hours . . . and didn’t sleep!

Over the next four months we re-visited several times more, becoming a little bolder in my attire (and enjoying it so much!!!) and a little bolder in our actions together. But we still didn’t indulge . . . until last week!

We’d both gone past the pressure of feeling we had to do anything. We were just voyeurs, enjoying the atmosphere and taking our excitement and arousal and passion home with us. Home alone. And then it just happened. A lovely young man sitting and talking to us at the bar. Cheeky and engaging, but interesting and . . . well . . . “hot” actually. An hour of chatting and teasing, and my hubby whispering in my ear “you know you want to, and I’m sure he wants to”. Hubby asked him if he’d care to join us in one of the private rooms. He said he’d love to.

I was swooning in minutes, lost completely in his kisses and caresses. I squeezed my eyes tightly closed, conscious of nothing but his fingers touch and probing, and his hot breath on my breasts and pussy. I willingly let him undress me, reaching out to squeeze my husbands hand (already naked beside us), and closed my mind to everything else. Everything but the excitement of knowing that here was a young man (almost half my age), stroking, kissing, sucking and then . . . slowly fucking into me. I knew hubby had passed him one of the condoms that we’d been bringing in vain for all of our previous visits. But I wasn’t conscious of the difference in feeling . . . I was completely away in my zone of passion and surrender. Loving the feelings, the sensations of complete abandonment.

My husband tells me I was making the most “amazing gasps and groans” and exclaiming “I fucking love that” and “oh that’s so nice” and numerous other grunts and groans of encouragement. All I can remember is feeling wonderfully wanton . . . loving the feeling of his thrusts and repeated poundings. I came and came . . . and after he withdrew, I wanted his cock in my mouth. He pulled the condom off and knelt beside my head. It was wonderful, smooth and thick . . . and hot from my pussy. Hubby was between my legs now, first licking and tonguing me where minutes before my young man’s smooth dick had been pumping. Then pushing his own cock into me, thrusting and pumping as quickly as vigorously as he ever has. I could feel him too, but was lost in my devouring of my new lovers hot cock.

We twisted and turned and they swapped places . . . lifting me up on my knees and bringing me to another shuddering and exhausting come. I can’t remember how long we were there, I can’t remember all we did, or how we even ended. My head was spinning from the excitement, the sensations . . . and the shock and joy at what I’d / we’d just done.

I loved it . . . simply loved it . . . and now I’ve started, I know I so need, and so want, more !!!

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  1. M

    Swinging is something I’ve thought of and really does turn me on but the step to actually ‘doing it’ seems huge. Can I make that kind of leap?

  2. Only you (and your partner) can determine if, and when, you could take that “kind of leap”.
    It took me a long, long, time . . . but possibly that is what has made it so exciting and arousing.
    From my own experience it has been such a wonderfully fulfilling, and yet sharing experience. It has made our own relationship even stronger and even more complete.
    I wish you luck in your wondering . . . and your future adventures.
    Xxxx – Modesty

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