I just love sex . . .

Over the past few years my personal life has exploded from a wonderful liberated, but monogamous, marriage . . . into an amazing journey of occasional lovers and, most recently, experiencing a full “swinging” lifestyle.

My husband and I have always enjoyed a wonderfully loving, open and sexually adventurous relationship. We tried most things together and regularly enjoyed evenings of play and fun. Our love for each other was complete and never in question.

And yet, I still strayed. Un-expected, un-planned . . . something I never thought I (of all people) would, or could, ever do. And yet it happened. Lunchtime coffees with a work colleague, turned into evening meals, turned into . . .

Someone else liked me! Wanted me! Aroused me! Excited me! I couldn’t help myself . . . even the complete feelings of guilt and shame in the aftermath, couldn’t stop me. I enjoyed it, I wanted it, I needed it.

My husband insists he suspected / knew right from the start . . . but for several months said nothing. Our own sex (after my “meetings”) were passionate and more fulfilling than ever. And with pangs of guilt the next morning, I would tell myself I would stop my affair, I didn’t need it, it was wrong, it was immoral.

But I couldn’t stop, I couldn’t say no, I couldn’t refuse, I couldn’t deny it . . .

. . . just as I couldn’t deny it the day my husband confronted me with “the question”.

I thought it would shatter our world. I thought it would be the end of our marriage, an explosive argument, floods of tears and abusive. But INSTEAD my husband told me he LOVED it . . . he LOVED the fact that I could experience the excitement and thrills of sexual adventure and pleasure with another man.

That day changed our lives . . . it made us each better people . . . and it made our relationship EVEN stronger and more loving and more fulfilling than either of us could ever have imagined.

That day was over 25 years ago!!! The different months and years (and yes different lovers) since have been a wonderful and incredible adventure . . . and new chapters continue to open before us.

I hope this blog may not only be a diary, a record, of some of the events and wonderful adventures we have experienced . . . but ALSO serve as an inspiration for people to understand that to express one-self, to completely open-up and admit all those inner sexual desires and emotions and fantasies . . . is not only a simple, basic part of your human nature, it is also your basic human right !!!

The names here have all been changed to protect the “not-so-innocent”.

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  1. Hi Modesty,
    I’m certainly enjoying the way you both are able to express the freedom you’ve found, kudos to you both on this.

    You’re certainly on happy ground.


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