Our “Couples Adventure”

On each of our previous visits to the Swingers Club, it had been Hubby who had suggested “do you fancy going to The Club tonight?”. I had enjoyed each of our visits, but due to feeling “shy and self-conscious” and, I suppose, the “fear of the unknown” I was always nervous about being the one to make the suggestion. But I did love it whenever he had asked . . . it took the pressure off, and I would always try and make my reply of “alright then, if we must” sound nonchalant and just mildly interested (when actually I was becoming more and more excited at each visit).

But having finally “taken the plunge” on our last visit (see “Dipping our toes”) all my self-consciousness and nerves had disappeared. We’d both enjoyed wonderful sessions together on the evenings immediately following our adventure, and now I was the one excitedly asking “Can we go to The Club again this weekend?” Hubby, of course, needed no second invitation . . . he was almost trembling with excitement as he answered “yes, that would be fantastic”.

I spent much longer preparing myself that evening before we left, changing outfits several times before settling on my low-cut, short and flimsy black satin dress with a tiny G-String that I would never have dared wear before, and sheer black hold-ups and black high-heels. My excitement was accentuated when Hubby gasped from the foot of the stairs as I walked out onto the landing. He was telling me I looked “stunning” and I was enjoying his gasps as I walked down the stairs.

The Club was already reasonably busy when we arrived and there was no space for us to linger at the bar (our normal sanctuary until we could work-up enough courage to move further into the main room). So we soon found ourselves sitting next to, and chatting innocently, to a nice couple of a similar age who also confessed to being “reasonably new to the scene, and quite shy as well”. As conversation slowed, Hubby took my hand and led me away into the first “viewing room” to see what was going on. As we stood watching two women eagerly entertaining a male companion on the bed in the mirrored room we were quickly joined by a confident single-guy standing next to me. He took my hand and guided it down to his side and squeezed my fingers around his hard cock which was poking out from the front of his trousers. I glanced across at Hubby who was just smiling at me, obviously already aware of what my hand was being coaxed into doing. I felt uneasy though and not particularly aroused by my new companion and so made my apologies and asked Hubby if he could top me up with another wine. As we walked back towards the bar we both noticed that the nice couple we’d been chatting with earlier had been joined by a young man standing in front of them with his trousers dropped to his ankles. The lady of our couple was busy sucking back and forth on their new companions erection. Hubby said “perhaps she’s not so shy after all!”.

We spent the next hour or so at the Bar being engaged in conversation, and propositions, with several single guys. Although I was flattered, and excited, by their attentions, I somehow didn’t feel quite “aroused enough”. I kept whispering to Hubby that I was “really sorry, I just don’t feel right about them at the moment”. He kept telling me it was fine and there was absolutely no pressure and that we could go home if I wanted. I was just beginning to feel that maybe that would be how our night would be ending, when we were joined by our “nice couple”. They’d come to the bar to top-up their own drinks and we resumed our conversation. Neither Hubby, nor myself, mentioned that we’d seen them earlier, but as we chatted more I felt myself becoming more and more at ease, and aroused, in their company. I whispered to Hubby that perhaps he could check to see if the mirrored room was “free” and he quickly disappeared, returning a few minutes later, smiling and nodding his head. I don’t know how I actually managed it, but with my senses racing I turned back to our new friends and said “would you like to join us in the mirror room?”. They accepted immediately and minutes later I found myself crawling across the bed and arranging the cushions whilst Hubby locked the door behind us. He, and A (the husband) both stood at the end of the bed undressing whilst B (the wife) crawled across the bed to join me.

Though I’ve often fantasised about being with another woman before I’d never actually found myself in a situation for it to happen. Suddenly here I was with B gently caressing and then kissing me. My head was spinning as her husband A joined her and I felt both their hands lifting my dress off over my head. B leant forward and started kissing and licking at my nipples whilst A was kissing my neck and back from behind. I had my eyes tightly shut and wasn’t even thinking about where Hubby was or what he was doing. I knew I was now completely in my “private zone”, conscious of being turned onto my back and having my legs spread and g-string pulled off under my hips, but not knowing at first whose lips were sucking at my nipples, and whose tongue was lapping over my pussy and button. I knew there would be eyes looking in at us through the one-way mirror window, and I felt the bed sinking slightly with the weight of Hubby now joining us on the bed. (He told me later he’d been shaking so much with the excitement of seeing me with them that he’d had trouble opening and releasing the condoms from their packets).

I could tell from the pressure of the tongue, and heavy breathing from between my legs that it was A who was tonguing and then fingering my pussy. His wife had lifted her face away from my nipples and was now gently squeezing them with her fingers as she lifted up to kiss me again. I felt my own hands cupping her breasts and then leaning forward to suck at them. I was just dizzy and swooning with all the magic sensations of what I knew I was doing and what was being done to me.

B moved away from me, I could feel her shifting on the bed. I was groaning with the wonderful feelings of her husband sliding his fingers in and out of me and his tongue flicking over and over my button and lips. I forced myself to open my eyes and could see B lying back next to me now with my own Hubby’s head buried between her legs. She looked across at me smiling and reached over to stroke at my nipples again. I was gasping and shuddering and coming with all the sights and sounds and feelings of what was happening.

I’m not sure how many times we changed positions . . . I know I pulled A up on me, groaning at him to “fuck my cunt” and gasping wildly and loudly as he did . . . and I felt his wife leaning over his shoulder and sucking at my nipples again. I felt excited and completely abandoned to the passion and naughtiness of my own voice . . . and the gasps and groans of all of us. I was aroused and excited by my own lack of shame, knowing I was loving every thrust and knowing more sets of eyes than our own were watching through that window.

A had turned me over . . . I willingly knelt forward on my knees lifting my body forward to eagerly accept the kisses of B as she lay on her back and reached up to caress me and lift her face closer to mine as Hubby knelt over her and was pumping vigorously between her legs. I could hear his grunts and groans that I know so well, and as I slid my lips over her nipple I could feel her body shuddering with each of his thrusts. I had to lift my lips away from B though to gasp out loudly as I felt A pushing his cock into me from behind. He was holding my hips at first, as he stroked into my pussy, but then I felt him lift one hand away and suddenly his finger was probing and circling my bottom-hole.

I don’t always enjoy my bottom being fingered. I have to be completely relaxed and in the right frame of mind, and usually . . . when Hubby starts playing with me there, I have to be gently coerced and stroked and licked at first. But here was A, a complete stranger, gently and slowly pushing his finger into my bottom. I was gasping and groaning “Fucking hell, oh fucking, fucking hell”. Not resisting, not pulling away . . . but instead pushing myself back on him and feeling and sensing his finger pushing through the membrane against his own cock slowly stroking in and out of my pussy. Hubby and B had stopped their own coupling now. I could sense them both sitting up. I opened my eyes and looked across at Hubby, he was kneeling up, his cock wobbling upright and glistening with her juices on the stretched-skin of his condom. She was sitting up on her elbows smiling across at me. I closed my eyes, conscious of my gasps getting louder. I heard her ask “is he bumming you?” I blurted out “fucking hell yes”. I heard A asking Hubby “is she alright with this?” I groaned an answer before Hubby could reply “fucking love it!!”. B had reached up again to try and kiss me, but I was coming with such force and loud shrieks of release as I pulled forward away from his finger and cock, that I fell forward onto her chest. She collapsed under me as I lay across her and I could feel her body shaking again as Hubby had vigorously resumed his stroking into her. She was gasping and groaning now too and clasping her arms around my shoulders and squeezing me into her.

The feeling was so intense that I couldn’t move at first. I could feel A getting off the bed behind us, and then Hubby sitting down next to me at first and then gently helping me to lift myself off of B. I was babbling and apologising at the same time. Hubby was kissing my shoulder and arm and telling me “it is just amazing”. B sat up and leant forward to kiss me as I sat down on my bottom, “yes, it was amazing”.

We all sat together on the bed for some minutes, each recovering. Normally after such an intense come I’d be rolling onto my tummy and falling into a deep sleep. But of course, in this sort of situation, that just wasn’t going to be possible. “We should be getting ourselves dressed and letting someone else use the room” Hubby was saying. A laughed and said “I think we’ve put on a pretty good show for everybody actually”. Hearing him saying that suddenly brought me back down-to-earth and I quickly crawled off the bed to join him and Hubby as they were pulling their clothes on. B had sat up too and as we sorted out whose g-string belonged to who, a fit of giggles helped relieve my embarrassment at the noises I knew I’d been making. As we walked back to the bar it felt as though every head was turning with knowing grins as we walked past.

It had been a truly amazing, incredible experience. Something I’d never imagined I’d ever be doing in such a public way and with (almost) complete strangers. We all stood at the bar in a sort of embarrassed silence at first, before polite conversation returned. We complemented each other on how much fun it had been and agreed that we’d have to let each other know the next time we planned to come back to The Club again. It seemed a slightly awkward, self-conscious, way to end the night with such goodbyes really . . . but for Hubby and I, it had been one of the most amazing experiences we’ve ever shared . . . and one which we’ve wildly re-lived together on our own, several times over the past fortnight!!!


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