Modesty Ablaze is one year old this week!!!


One year on!! A “thank you” picture taken last night January 7th 2013.

It’s so, so hard to believe . . . but I am one-year-old this week.  Yes I actually posted my first on-line entry “Dipping our toes, and falling in” here in January of last year.

That first post was made after a teasing dare from my husband after months and months of talking about actually posting extracts from my “personal diary” onto the internet. I’d been keeping a record of my extra-marital flings for Hubby for over a decade. And as our “open relationship” just continued to blossom and evolve over the years . . . from initially just the occasional three-some with one of my lovers, and then our first nervous visits to a local Swinging Club . . . our life-style was becoming more and more adventurous, and more and more exciting.

So after one extra-specially exciting session . . . and lots of glasses of wine . . . “The Modesty Ablaze Diaries” was born!!!

After that first post I was astounded to start receiving email messages from readers within the first days. And with subsequent posts (such as “Our Couples Adventure“), my email box was soon flooded with messages and compliments. And it has just been so flattering, and humbling, to have continued to receive more and more messages as the months have passed by.

I still find it incredible, and difficult to fully comprehend, that in just 12 months I have had over 24,000 visits to my Diary here, and that so many people have downloaded my Ebook Diary Excerpts.  And I could never, ever, have imagined that so many people would want to personally email me and ask me for advice and opinions on their own relationships and personal lives. I do try to answer every sensible question as quickly as I can (some of the more frequent questions are answered here at my “Questions you’ve asked me” page) but do forgive me if I can’t reply as quickly as you would wish . . . keeping up with everything here (as well as my “socialising” . . . LOL !!!) does take a lot of time. BUT, yes it is worth it, when I receive such lovely and complimentary responses . . . and I keep seeing how many people visit, and return, to my diary.

So, thank you so, SO MUCH to everybody who has visited me here . . . I hope the included picture, taken just last night, will go some way towards thanking you all.

More soon . . . I promise!!!
With best wishes – Modesty

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  1. You choose a very ‘open’ way in expressing your gratitude. Look forward to more post updates from you in 2013.

  2. Sally

    u deserve congrats. loved ur blog from the 1st. i read every post over & over. cant wait for more news – sal

  3. Pippa

    Wow only found you a few weeks ago but have been back reading your wonderful entries. I agree with the commenter about your blog being the best. Your writing makes it seem like I am there as you describe all your feelings. Just great to read. I hope you keep posting more of your stories.

  4. TemptingSweets99

    Happy Anniversary! Congratulations!

  5. Stella

    Happy birthday darlin!!!

  6. Cleo

    Fantastic posts. hope you will post even more in 2013.

  7. Thank you for all of your lovely comments (and emails!!!). Yes, I will try to keep updating as often as I can . . . as long as it doesn’t infringe on my “socialising” time. LOL !!!

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