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Modesty Ablaze on Cuckolding at #KOTW

The current theme at Kink of the Week is “Cuckolding” … so although our relationship is not, strictly speaking, exclusively a Cuckolding one … how could I possibly not join in?

Because, as I explained in an earlier post this week, Hubby does actually quite often get to join-in the fun!!!

But the “idea” of Cuckolding is definitely a Kink … for the both of us.

It started from my confession to Hubby all those years ago of my office affair.

His revelation that he actually enjoyed knowing I was experiencing the thrills and excitement of sex with another man, started us on a wonderful journey of sharing each of our kinks and desires … one of which was Hubby’s fantasy of watching me with another man.

It didn’t happen immediately of course. Neither I, nor that particular lover, were ready for that sort of inclusion straight away! Rather my affair continued, (awkwardly at first as my lover found the knowledge that my husband knew of our relationship, disconcerting and “weird”), with me returning home each evening to relive all the details to an excited Hubby expectantly waiting-up for me on the sofa.

Unexpectedly I soon realised I was as excited as Hubby was in recounting the where’s, how’s and what’s of each nights encounter. And, even more unexpectedly, I actually found myself excited during the evening, knowing that I would be returning home and reliving every kiss and touch … and thrust!

Slowly my lover’s unease about the situation began to change. He started asking lots of questions about Hubby’s reactions, and eventually, he agreed for the three of us to meet. That’s all it was at first, just meeting for drinks, and for my two men to get to know one another. And they actually got along very well.

It still took several months after that first social meeting however, for my lover to become comfortable enough to agree for Hubby to join us in our hotel room, after I promised he would be made to sit quietly in the corner and not speak or move. And so our first Cuckolding experience was christened.

There were nervous flutters for all of us … but I did feel quite a thrill from my mock “headmistress” finger pointing instruction to Hubby “sit on that chair, not a peep until you’re spoken to”. And Hubby told me later he felt the same way. (And this was decades before morphing into my Mistress Modesty persona).

It started slowly, and differently, as it was bound to I suppose. But once we were lost in our embraces the normal lust and passion returned. Hubby was allowed to speak of course … during our natural breaks … and dutifully topped-up our glasses and fed us both grapes and melon slices.

For my part I found it all wonderfully exciting and arousing, and it made the evening even more thrilling and empowering than before. My lover however, didn’t feel the same way, telling me later that sharing didn’t give him the same thrill that it obviously did for Hubby and myself.

But Hubby loved his “role-play” mode of the humiliated Cuckold, and I absolutely loved playing along to his kink (and now mine) of the lustful Hotwife.

That first affair eventually fizzled out as office affairs generally do. And though all of my subsequent lovers were always told of our “open-relationship” lifestyle from the outset, not many felt comfortable enough to join in with Hubby’s “loves to watch” kink. But happily … very happily … for us, we have been lucky enough over the years, to meet several other gentlemen who have enjoyed, and benefitted from, our Cuckold fetish. (One of whom appears above!)

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13 Responses to Modestly Cucking #KOTW #wickedwednesday & #4Thoughts

  1. Oh I love to read about how you got to where you are today Modesty and I think you were so brave that first time telling your husband about your affair – and good for him for loving you more and wanting you to experience pleasure and stuff – what an amazing relationship you have
    May xx

  2. Sally

    You have the most amazing relationship K. You are both so lucky to have found each other 🙂

  3. I love reading this, and I think this is the first time I realized that your hubby got so much fun from watching 🙂
    Sounds absolutely lovely 😉
    ~ Marie xox

  4. NPE

    You are the first I thought of when I saw the prompt! I knew it! So great that you have such a strong and adventurous relationship! I see you two aren’t the only ones going “all in” on it!

  5. The beginning of a long journey.

  6. Part of the D/s dynamic I share with Master C requires me to recount my “extra-curricular” activities to Him as a means of establishing the disciplinary tariff for my actions. I get a similar enjoyment to you when I’m “confessing”. In my case, it’s partially from the reliving through retelling and a lot from the anticipation of the level of punishment that will be dispensed and the form that it takes.
    In our dynamic, it isn’t cuckolding, but the end result is, I suspect similar; I get to enjoy sex with other partners and He gets of either watching me “being used” if it’s in our poly circle or correcting me if it’s one of my random encounters.

  7. Paul

    Wishing that were me Modesty 😉

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  9. It surprises me the different reactions of men when they are told that I am completely honest with Mr Jones about them. I found myself nodding along as I read about your journey.

  10. I love reading about your relationship with hubby and how you two have explored you open marriage over the years. You two always make me so happy to see two people who have truly made it work


  11. A lovely retelling of a very formative development in your relationship. Honesty is so strengthening, whereas lies and secrets tend to corrode I’ve found. I’m so glad it worked in your favour and you both found things you got out of it.
    Sexy pic as always.

  12. Bee

    I LOVED reading this. And like you, we find finding that person who enjoys watching and teasing is actually really difficult.

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