Marie Rebelle’s “A Splash of Red” – 2009 #polaroidspast

Marie Rebelle's Splash of Red 2009

Marie Rebelle’s “A Splash of Red” 2009

One of the experiences I’ve enjoyed most in my three years of posting here at Modesty Ablaze, has been discovering and meeting people with a similar outlook on life.

Similar experiences, similar stories . . . and similar fetishes (LOL!!!)

And one of those people has been the lovely Marie Rebelle. Not only is Marie one of the most prolific bloggers of all things erotic at her rebellious Rebel’s Notes . . . and the creator and curator of the delightfully wicked Wicked Wednesday . . . she also has an envious collection of biographical images and photographs. Such as her lovely “A Splash of Red” photograph from 2009.

And it is so lovely . . . and so in-keeping with my Polaroids Past theme of  “looking back at ourselves and celebrating the person we were . . . AND the person we have become”.

I loved Marie’s image and post so much that I just had to ask her if she would allow me to re-post it here. And I am so thrilled that she said “yes”. And, judging by the fact that she has made it one of her #febphotofest series, I suspect there will be many more exciting splashes at Rebel’s Notes to come.

If you would like to join Marie and I in celebrating your own #polaroidspast please do get in touch by clicking on the Polaroids Past image below.
(Now, who can that be???)


Xxx – K



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  1. Thanks so much for your kind words 🙂

    Rebel xox

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