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After my Stainless Steel Rings review last month, Sohimi very kindly asked me for my thoughts on their Sucking Clitoris Stimulator and Wand Massager.

Now, as I’m sure you can imagine, I have accumulated quite a collection of clit sucking vibrators over the years, so whilst I wouldn’t say I have become unenthusiastic about adding more to my toy drawer, I was prepared to be rather unimpressed by another.

And certainly when it arrived, I must confess that the very plain packaging … a plain white, outer cardboard box and thin white moulded plastic container inside, cradling the wand itself with the charging cable loosely inserted beneath … did leave me feeling a little underwhelmed.

Sohimi Wand 2

However, as you will discover from browsing the Sohimi website, all their products are remarkably low in price. So is this low-pricing a sign of low-quality products … or is it because they have chosen to keep costs down by plain, unpretentious packaging???

Well … let me tell you !!!

The wand itself certainly felt lovely to the touch when I lifted it from it’s cradle. Made from “body-safe & skin-friendly silicone” it is smooth and soft and actually quite light and comfortable to hold given it’s 9-inch length. And the feel of it, in the palm of my hand, did make me impatient to begin my “product-testing” straight away.

Sohimi Wand 3

But, firstly of course, I needed to follow my normal ritual of a thorough cleaning with warm soapy water and drying-off … before attaching the charging cable and leaving it to fully charge.

The USB cable actually magnetically “docks” to the charging points on the stem, or handle, of the Wand and I left it for the 2-3 hours suggested in the manual.

Now, I’ve already mentioned the plain packaging. And actually despite normally feeling that colourful, imaginative and strikingly designed packaging always implies a high-quality product inside, there have been many occasions when, for me a product, hasn’t lived-up to the promises of it’s packaging-presentation. So it definitely is always the case that what the product does, is obviously more important than how it is packaged.

However, I do like to be able to easily read the instructions and specifications supplied with my new devices (of any kind, whether it be hair-dryers, hoovers … or “toys”). So, I do have to say, that I was disappointed with the small specifications leaflet supplied with the wand. For a lady of my “maturity” and slowly, and depressingly, fading eyesight, I don’t really want to have to be reaching for my reading glasses in order to determine the operational sequence of the buttons and vibrations! But moan over … and now fully charged …

Sohimi Wand 4

As it’s name implies the Sucking Clitoris Stimulator and Wand Massager is both a clit sucker and vibrating massager in one. The bulbous head, which actually bends in any direction on it’s flexible neck, supplies the vibrations whilst a hole on the base of the stem handle supplies the sucking.

Sohimi Wand 5

Discarding my reading glasses I soon, intuitively, discovered just how easy it is to operate either function of the Wand. Both buttons are easy to find, and to press into action by holding down for a second to turn-on and then applying a further short press to cycle through the available vibrations and pulses. Each button has six or seven levels of power or pulse, though of course the pattern path is upwards only, so if you find your next push has taken you onto a setting you don’t enjoy as the previous one you just had, then you must hold the button down to turn off, then turn on again to progress back to your preferred choice. But this is no different from most of the vibes in my collection, so once I know which setting is for me I can quickly find it again.

Now for me, I almost always prefer a steady, constant vibration rather than a pulsing or sucking sensation. But we are all different of course, so although the clit sucker on the base of the handle doesn’t do anything for me, even at it’s strongest power setting, it may well be heavenly for others. (I do find though that the handle is perfectly shaped and sized for some gentle in-and-out teasing probings during my play).

So it is the head, and the top-button, of the Sucking Clitoris Stimulator and Wand Massager that I find most enjoyable about my new Sohimi toy. The head because it is just perfectly shaped to move and rub around and over myself … and the button because I know just how many pushes I need to make to take me to my spot … to lift off, to rub teasingly away and upwards, and then slide it back down again !!!

As I mentioned, the head can bend in any angle on the neck of the wand, but it is definitely not floppy or wobbly. Rather it is strong … and firm … and very powerful. Very powerful indeed! And although it is not exactly silent, it is actually quite quiet given the power and strength of its lovely buzzing.

So … do I like the Sohimi Sucking Clitoris Stimulator and Wand Massager ?

No … I LOVE it !!! … Perfectly sized, perfectly shaped, perfectly powerful, perfectly lovely … and perfectly priced. (Oh, and by-the-way, should you be tempted to order the wand for yourself, and I highly recommend you do, simply use the code “MODE” for 10% OFF !!!)

The Sohimi Sucking Clitoris Stimulator and Wand Massager
Modesty Rating: 10 out of 10
Pros: Smooth, light and easy to hold and operate. Very powerful and very, very reasonably priced.
Cons: For me the type-size of the supplied, specifications leaflet is far too small for easy reading.
Material: Body-safe Silicone.
Measurements: Overall length = 9 inches. Bulbous head = 2 inches, circumference = 6 inches. Handle length = 6 inches, circumference at it’s thickest point = 5 inches.
Charging: Re-chargeable. USB cable supplied.
Power Level: Impressively powerful given it’s size.
Noise Level: Reasonably quiet given it’s power.
Waterproof: Yes.
Cleaning: As normal, wash before and after use with warm soapy water. Use with water-based lube.
Supplier Product Link: Sucking Clitoris Stimulator and Wand Massager
Supplier Website: Sohimi
Additional links: Clittoral Vibrators
Twitter: @Sohimi_Official

Mistress Modesty The London Dominatrix

I’m always interested to hear “second opinions” from one of my Submissives … and yes, he enjoyed it too !!!

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The Sohimi Sucking Clitoris Stimulator and Wand Massager was sent to me, free-of-charge,  for an honest and un-biased review.

The Modesty Rider:
I realise, of course, that there are already thousands of long-established Sex Toy Reviewers and Review sites . . . most of whom will be far more adept at explaining all the technical details and specifications of things. But for me, sexy clothes and lingerie, sexy toys . . . and even sexy books . . . are all about adding a little fun and excitement to things. So that is how I tend to approach my reviews and videos!!! Just to explain “how it was for me” in a fun, and light-hearted, way without taking things too seriously! Chances are that if something makes me giggle and tingle and feel good, it will score higher on my Modesty Rating.

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Xxx- K

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  1. Paul

    like your top Modesty 🙂

  2. An almost universal stimulant. I like the shape and color too.

  3. Wow – that is a great review – I know sohimi so can believe the toy is excellent
    May x

  4. Sally

    Sounds interesting K. I will be checking it out now 🙂

  5. Two sides of pleasure.

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