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The current theme at Food For Thought is “Love Letters” . . .

Now, I’ve always enjoyed receiving flattery and gifts or presents . . . and still do
. . . LOL !!! So I suppose it’s true to say that I am a “romantic” at heart.

And although I don’t think I’ve ever specifically composed a “Love Letter” to Hubby, he’s often referred to my sharing with him the scribbled notes in my personal diary, as being the best letters of love and lust that he could ever have wished to receive.

I’d begun noting coded entries in my diary when I began my earliest affair, just a few years into our marriage. Just short references to the when’s and where’s of my (at that point, guilty and clandestine) meetings with my “lover”. It was in truth, an office fling that I’d thought was a one-off, silly, spur-of-the-moment indiscretion. Something that the guilt and immorality of our liaison would, or should, never be repeated.

But, the thrill . . . the difference . . . the excitement . . . became an obsession. Something I couldn’t resist. A thirst I just had to quench.

Until of course, on the sobering journies home, the wrenching feelings of guilt and shame . . . and the lies and excuses I knew I would have to make . . became more and more unbearable as the “never again” flew into weeks . . . and then into months!

I’ve mentioned before (and on my The More I Have page) how the unforgettable release of the inevitable confrontation . . . and my confessions . . . changed our life, and turned our love into something even more wonderful than either of us could have imagined.

This was all long, long before we had home computers of course (and decades before Modesty Ablaze). But when Hubby asked about the “when’s and where’s”, and I showed him my diary notes, his excitement and arousal was so joyously obvious!!!

So, in our newfound freedom, my affair . . . and then shortly after that, my affair(s) . . . blossomed.

The aftermaths of my “evenings out” then quickly grew from just Hubby waiting-up on the sofa for me to return home, to the thrill (for both of us), of me scribbling out my blow-by-blow memories into diary form for him to read again and again, in the days and weeks after the event. Until the next one!!!

And many excerpts from those diaries . . . lovingly cherished and re-read from time-to-time . . . have subsequently been used as chapters in my The Modesty Ablaze Diaries E-books.

So, probably not “Love Letters” in the form in which they would normally be described, but certainly “letters of love” in every sense for us !!!

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Xxx- K

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  1. eye

    What a glorious love you two share! I am always so interested in couples who so obviously love each other and are able to move away from the cheater/cheated model into something much more deep.

  2. I love hearing about the progression of your relationship – you to were always meant to be x

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