Snow Difference #sinfulsunday

Whether it’s cold and snowy . . . as it was just a few weeks ago . . .

Or, warm and sunny . . . as it has been here in London this weekend . . .
there’s something quite relaxing about a stroll in the park.

And, of course, it’s always nice to sit down on a bench for a moment, and enjoy the quiet and peaceful surroundings.

And, it’s highly likely, that there will be many more relaxing sights to contemplate at this week’s Sinful Sunday. Just tap on the lips below
to see what I mean!

Sinful Sunday

I do so enjoy relaxing, and contemplating life, from a park bench or two . . .
as you may have gathered from my  Exposé Vŭ  pages!

Xxx – K


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21 Responses to Snow Difference #sinfulsunday

  1. eye

    These brought a smile to my face!

  2. Both lovely images, but the snow one looks so cold. You are braver than me. 🙂

  3. I love the difference in your face between the hot and cold! x

  4. Great piccy’s K – glad spring has sprung for you!

  5. Excellent images – and so nice to chart the weather in this way. I think the BBC should take u on as their daily weather forecast frontman! I may start watching them again if they did ;-)xx

  6. A few weeks really does make all the difference in temperature. And I’d certainly rather strip off in sunshine rather than snow!

  7. Love, love, love the contrast between the two images! And love that you weart he same boots in both 😉

    Rebel xox

  8. Love this, but if this is London, how on earth did you get that picture taken without being seen.
    Love the snow one best, you look sexy, ‘relaxed and cute in your wellie boots.
    Love Daylia xxxxx

  9. Missy

    What a great comparison! Love how different you seem to feel in the sunshine!
    Missy x

  10. Jo

    Wow – what a difference a few weeks make! I’d love to see this as a whole series – a bench-warmer for every season. 🙂

  11. This reminds me of something I have been meaning to do, which is take a picture in the same place every month for a year. I just need to find the place


  12. O

    You look much happier in the sun! I admire your boldness and think you make a perfect adornment to that bench.

    O x

  13. Such fun images. I think you have set a new benchmark in the taking of photos en plein air.

  14. I love what you did here! And you are so bold – I’m in awe.

  15. What a difference a few weeks can make. Both awesome images! I know which one I’d rather pose for! Xx

  16. Krystal

    Gotta admit, I love the snow…makes me tingle!

  17. Wonderful comparison … Spring is finally here! I love how free you are and of course the wellies!!!

  18. Bee

    Are you completely crazy?! Oh yes, it’s you so the answer is yes 😉

    Love these, great comparisons.

  19. Your photos always make me smile. I wish I was this brave, but I get to live vicariously through you. I always get a thrill of danger when I see your pics…and fun!

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