Modesty and “Desire Part 2” #wickedwednesday

Following last week’s post at Wicked Wednesday when I shared an excerpt from my personal diaries from years gone by, I had lots of emails requesting that I post the conclusion of that evening.

BUT, an important rider! I hope you will not be offended, or feel less of me, because of the mention of my lover’s wife. I had actually thought of editing that section out of this post, because it is out of context here and makes it seem that I deliberately encourage someone to cheat on their partner. That is actually not the case (as I try to briefly explain below**).

So . . . starting from the paragraph I ended on last week  . . .

“Mmm. I can’t believe I did either, but it’s made me feeling very naughty!” We continued kissing, still standing in the same spot. He had slid both his hands inside my panties, squeezing my bum cheeks and kissing from one nipple to the other. He pulled my panties down, dropping down onto his knees as he pulled them to the floor, and nuzzling into my pussy. As I opened my legs to step out of the panties and shake them off each ankle, his tongue was licking between my lips and he was pulling me into his face as he kissed and licked more. He stood up and led me across to the bed, sitting me down and then kneeling down by the side of the bed to continue licking at me more. I was already tingling all over but protested I should “have my bath first”. He lifted away to say I tasted so sweet and sexy that he didn’t want to stop.

He pulled off my shoes as he continued to lick at me and then as I lay back a little more onto the bed, I felt his fingers start to slide over me. I was already gasping and shaking and then groaning as he probed. I moaned my distress as he pulled them out and stopped, standing up to start taking off his shirt. I sat up and began to unfasten my stockings but he asked me to “please keep them on”. He was already hard as he stepped out of his pants and then turned away to walk across to his jacket which was draped over the chair. As he returned to the bed his erection looked lovely as it wobbled with each step.

I told him I didn’t want the gel yet and he paused to drop it onto the bedside table and then kneel back down to start licking at me again. I was so worked up and was holding his head in my hands almost grinding myself into his lips and tongue. I could hear myself gasping and gushing . . . and then moaning again when he lifted away and turned me over onto my knees. I was trying to protest gently . . . until I felt his tongue sliding down around me, flicking at my clit again and then sliding up to start pushing and probing. I was pushing back at him and could tell I was gurgling and groaning loudly already. He stopped to adjust himself and I could tell he was reaching for the gel. I knelt up on the bed a bit further, pulling the pillows down from the top of the bed and resting them under my chin. We’d only been together for less than fifteen minutes and already he was inside me.

He was normally much slower than this but I could tell he was really aroused and I knew that from my groans and gasps he would know that I certainly was. I can’t remember feeling so completely relaxed and wanting it like this before, (I have known him for such a long time and always feel completely at ease with him, not quite as I do, or in the way I can really let myself go with James, but still much more open and honest than I could be with anyone else), but whether it was because of my taxi-journey, or his reaction when I’d arrived, or just because my biological clock was at it’s exact optimum, I just felt myself bursting so quickly . . . I couldn’t hear him at all (perhaps because I was being so noisy), but I could just sense that he was enjoying “my enjoyment” and that just seemed to make me want to show it even more.

I lifted myself up slightly off the pillows and reached back to pull one of his hands from my hip and up to my chest. He quickly followed with his other hand, sliding them both under my breasts and pushing them back down onto the bed again. I squealed as I felt my nipples scraping the palms of his hands and then heard myself urging him to “squeeze, pinch them”. I was twisting and pushing back at him and could just hear him start grunting quietly with each push. As I pushed myself down onto his hands again he was asking “what do you want?”. I answered “more, more”. As he increased his thrusts, I moaned louder. I know he likes hearing me “talking dirty” and I was urging him on as expressively as I could . . . but I was at the point of completely losing control and then as I came I just had to push my face into the pillow to muffle my screams as I reached back with my hand and pushed his tummy away. As he pulled himself out of me I immediately rolled onto my side and pulled my knees up to my chest, swearing and gasping rocking back and forth all at the same time. He fell down onto the bed behind me, kissing my back and asking if it had been “as huge as last time”. I could only nod my response and stroke his arm as he reached around me and pulled into me.

We didn’t move for ages, although I couldn’t doze as he was telling me all about his week and the travel problems of the days before. The absurdity of his conversation probably brought me round quicker than if he’d just left me lying there. I started giggling and turning round to cuddle into him, telling him I couldn’t believe he was lying here with his mistress talking about snow and treacherous roads !!! His response was “Are you hungry then, shall we order room service?” I swore at him more and as I could feel he was still hard, I started stroking him and asking “are you sure you need food right now?” I slid my fingers down to cup him with one hand and then pulled my other arm free from under him so that I could keep stroking him with my other hand. I kept asking “are you sure you’re hungry” and then “shall I tell you what I’m hungry for?” I was just about to move down the bed to “eat you up” when he suddenly started shuddering and gasping, and I felt him splashing through my fingers. I pushed him over onto his back, directing his come onto his chest, holding him and stroking him until his splashes stopped. I lay back down next to him, wiping his come over his tummy and then deliberately showing him as I wiped some over my boobs and nipples, enjoying his reaction as I said “James will enjoy licking that off later!”

We lay back cuddling into one another again. This time the conversation had changed from the snow, to how, and what, I would tell James later when I arrived home. S knows that I tell James everything, but unlike in the early years of our relationship, he enjoys asking and questioning me about just what I will say and how James will react. We rarely talk anymore about S’s own relationship with his wife, but he did start talking now about her and his frustrations with her demands (not sexual !!) and her unrealistic pressures and expectations on the children. We lay talking for half an hour or more, S pausing to get up and open the champagne he’d bought. I’m not a great fan of champagne and, of course, initially it doesn’t seem to have the same taste anyway from a hotel room glass tumbler. But we chatted and sipped, and decided to wait before ordering room service. I asked him to take off my stockings and suspenders as they were uncomfortable now. The conversation about his wife continued. I know her of course, and although as James reminded me later that “there are two sides to every story”, I could quite easily visualise much of what S was saying from what I had known from her gossiping and chatting when the children were younger.

He went on to say that she had mentioned seeing me waiting at the bus stop one morning as she drove past on her school run. I had looked “all dressed-up with boots which couldn’t possibly be comfortable for office work”. Where once I would have felt guilt and unease with hearing comments like that, or even to be mentioning his wife in conversation at all, fearing that she might “suspect something” . . . I was now actually feeling quite aroused to know that she’d talked about me like that. I should have been feeling shame and remorse, but it actually made me feel quite erotic. Especially as S was now stroking and playing with me as he talked. I could tell it was arousing him as well and as he leaned over to start kissing at my nipples I told him to “suck them again”.

S was soon leaning over me, sucking from one nipple to the other, and sliding his hand down to my pussy. I felt myself arching my back and opening wider for him and then pushing his head down over my tummy. I was soon holding him against me and pushing myself into his face. “Fingers please” . . . I was begging and lifting and twisting. I knew I was moaning loudly again and twisting back and forth and feeling close to exploding again. I swore my disappointment when he lifted away though and started to turn me over again. “No, I don’t want” I told him and started to turn back onto my back again. But he was kissing my bottom and telling me “I can’t anyway” . . . so I let him turn me back onto my tummy. His kisses turned to flicking and sliding with his tongue and I spread my legs and then lifted myself up more as he knelt down behind me. I loved what he was doing to me. Really slowly and gently this time. Sliding his tongue around me and running his fingers around my tummy and down over my lips and clit. I could feel him reaching for the gel again and then felt the coldness of it splashing on me. I felt him changing his hand and then the sliding of his finger and then reaching round with his thumb to grip me. He told me later that he loves kissing the cheeks of my bottom when I’m like this, and hearing me gasping out “fucking hell, I love that, fucking, fucking, ohhh . . .” I can hear myself gasping these things and I can feel him squeezing and probing . . . but when he swirls the fingers of his other hand around and around my clit I just have to bury my face in the pillow and shudder and shake until I have to pull forward and push his hands away.

I remember blurting out “I said I didn’t want . . .” but then just curling up again and having him cuddling up behind me. Then, this time, we slept. For over an hour. I asked him the time as we both stirred together. He told me the clock said 11.30 and we joked that perhaps we still had time to eat. But we were both well past being hungry and we just continued to talk. More questions from S about sex and what I think makes me the way I am. I told him to “stop trying to analyse everything, just be thankful for what you’ve got”. He assured me he was. But although I was expressing annoyance at all his questions, I did (and do) feel excitement at his interest in what makes me like I am, and what makes it so wonderful for James and myself.

When S asked me again what I would be telling James about the evening, I find myself enjoying the thrill of saying straight back to him “I’ll tell him everything of course. You know I always do.” And then saying to him, almost as a teasing afterthought, “I’ll say I’ve had two lovely bummings . . . he’ll like hearing that!” It was clear S liked hearing that as well as he cuddled closer and I could feel him rubbing himself against my thigh. He started to turn me over again, but I pushed back against his chest and pushed him down gently onto his back. “No I really don’t want this time!” I told him.

We lay together though and I could tell as I stroked him that he really was completely hard again and that he wanted to come. I slid down the bed and then just quickly lifted my mouth over him in one movement. He gasped and pushed up and then I began sliding my mouth up and down on him. I could taste the mustiness of him, and the taste of me on him, and the smell and the taste of that mixture of gel and condom. But I liked how warm, and hard, he felt inside my mouth as well and soon that taste was gone, just replaced by a feeling of warmth . . . and hardness . . . instead.

I kept stroking up and down on him and he began thrusting up against me as well. He was gasping and groaning . . . but then pulled away. He quickly pulled me up and then back onto the bed as he rolled over on top of me. I started to say “no I really can’t . . .” but then he just spurted out, splashing it all over my stomach, shaking his head and gasping out “sorry, had to . . .” I reached up and pulled him down onto me and giggled into his ear as we squelched together.

This time it was S who just lay perfectly still on top of me. I stroked his back for awhile, but then had to ask him to roll over as his weight began to feel a little uncomfortable. My phone alarm started bleeping a few moments later, so I struggled out of the bed to track it down to where I’d dropped my handbag by the door. I returned to the bed, but reached across to sip at some more champagne and then lightly smack his bottom and tell him it was time to think about driving home “before your snow sets in again”. He joked that he wished it would and that we’d be forced to “stay all night”. But I reminded him that that would be more difficult for him than it would for me.

We slowly began to move around and “tidy” the bed as best we could. S let out the unused bath water. I scooped my undies into my handbag telling him that James was always pestering me to come home naked under my coat. But S suggested that James would probably prefer me arriving home dressed exactly as I had arrived for him. I agreed he probably would, but decided to compromise by just putting on my bra and panties but leaving off the suspenders and stockings. (S was right, James was later disappointed I hadn’t re-dressed completely as I’d arrived . . . I told him “I can never win, you’re never satisfied).

I was glad of my woollen overcoat though . . . as we walked across the car park it WAS freezing, and despite S having the heater on full, the car remained freezing for the whole journey home (thankfully only a few miles).

James was waiting up for me as usual . . . and was as excited as S had been as I peeled off my scarf and coat . . . and . . . !!!

There will be lots more naughty words, and pictures too, I’m sure at this week’s  Wicked Wednesday, so simply click the button below!!!


Xxx – K

P.S. – The excerpt above is from my first diary “The Journey” and if you would like to read more, it is available as an E-book PDF >here<.

TheJourney300pix** The subject of reconciling my feelings of guilt about meetings with married men is covered in a number of entries within my diaries, and also answered briefly here on my website on my Questions You’ve Asked Me page.
I hope you will understand!!!


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2 Responses to Modesty and “Desire Part 2” #wickedwednesday

  1. I don’t think anyone should and could judge you, as we are not in your shoes and we don’t know the full circumstances. All that I can say is that I find it incredible to read about your experiences and love how honest you are in telling them!

    Rebel xox

  2. Having had an affair myself(years ago) with a married man, I am certainly not going to sit here in judgement of you!

    The part that resonated most with me was you sucking him for the final time. I love to taste myself on Sir’s cock, it’s a primal thing for me, makes me so damn horny for more 😀

    Flip xx

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