Modest White Raincoat #polaroidspast


White Raincoat – 1989

I know it’s May, but we seem to be having lots of April showers here in London at present!

I’m having to make sure I always have a raincoat close at hand . . . just when I thought I could have packed them away until after the summer.

I’ve had lots and lots over the years of course (raincoats silly!!!) and this one . . . from 1989 . . . was one of my favourites.

Unfortunately I left it on the Tube on one late-night-home journey . . . and have only this photograph from my #polaroidspast collection to remember it by!

I have several more fond wardrobe-memories whenever I browse my Polaroids Past slide-show . . . as well as lots of giggles at my changing hair-style throughout the years!!!


Modesty Ablaze in Polaroids Past

Oh and P.S. – I get lots of messages from people who say they would love to join-in with #polaroidspast but don’t have any old “polaroids”. But the theme is actually about celebrating how you have become who you are now! Just remembering those wonderful . . . fun . . . and perhaps inspirational moments, from even your recent past, that have brought you to the here and now. So Come-on . . . Dare to Bare . . . Be Proud of Who You have Become!

Xxx –  K


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2 Responses to Modest White Raincoat #polaroidspast

  1. I actually only bought my first ever raincoat last year!

    Lovely photo 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. Paul

    You were as sexy then as now 😉 😉

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