Building Site Re-revisited #sinfulsunday

“I do love an erection!” I said as we strolled down the hill from the Taverna.
“Yes, lots and lots of them usually” Hubby laughed in reply.

“No, I’m being serious for a minute . . . don’t you remember how this building looked when we were here two years ago?” I reminded him.
“I suppose you’re right,” he agreed. “Even last year it hadn’t changed much.”

“I love this little courtyard. They’ve erected proper steps now . . . and
windows and doors!”

“And look, each apartment has it’s own entrance . . . and intercom-bell.
Do you think someone’s already moved in?”

“They even have off-street parking as well . . . I rather like the look of it actually” I told Hubby. “Perhaps we should enquire about staying here next summer!”

But before getting too excited about next year, I shall head over to this week’s Sinful Sunday for some more immediate distractions!Sinful Sunday

Our Building Site in 2016

Our Building Site in 2017

Xxx – K


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15 Responses to Building Site Re-revisited #sinfulsunday

  1. NPE

    And now there is an erection going on across the pond!

  2. I now know why you have such a fantastic colour – you never really get dressed 😉 x

  3. Oh fantastic the building site shots – brilliant – I have to say nothing much gets done in a hurry there 😉 xx

  4. Bibulousone

    Lovely as always.
    Off street parking indeed

  5. eye

    What an interesting journey through time and place. I find myself imagining listening to your conversations whilst sitting at the table next to you. It brings a smile to my face

  6. I love the fact you have a whole series of them. And I loved your conversation. Great pictures as always 🙂

  7. O

    What a fun (and sexy) adventure!

    O x

  8. What a brilliant selection of photos. I must admit they would have been interesting either way, but they are made far more enjoyable by your presence in them 🙂

  9. I did laugh at your love of an erection.

  10. Great images and lovely that you revisited it 🙂

    Rebel xox

  11. I do like to see progress like this when you return year after year. Great series of modest images 🙂

  12. I do remember! I love watching your erection progression ???
    You really add something special to this site Miss Modesty ?

  13. They don’t like to rush things in Greece!


  14. fantastic pictures, I love your boldness!

  15. Bee

    I think I like the sound of their pace of life…I could do with some of that!

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