Modestly Measuring Sizes

“They come in all shapes and sizes don’t they?” Hubby said as we set off
on our early evening stroll.
“I know . . . and that’s just how I like them!!!” I giggled, trying to cool and fan myself in the sticky humidity.
“No, I don’t mean last night!” he laughed. “I mean these bollards!”

“Well, you must admit, they are quite phallic” I teased, as I rubbed against the next one in the road.

“Oh and look” I cried out as we turned the next corner. “These ones are lovely. Tall and ridged, and nicely rounded on top!!!”

“No, I’m not so keen on these ones” I said as we walked on further. “They look a bit awkward, and I don’t like their flat heads”.

“No, I don’t think they will count as bollards” Hubby chastised, “they are more like cones”.
“Mmm, I know, but they would be much more comfortable than the last lot. Let’s stop here for a few minutes!” I purred.

“How about this one?” I called out. “This is a sort-of bollard isn’t it???”
“I don’t think so” he replied. “It’s just to help people stay on the right side.
So probably not much use for you!!!”.

“Well you never normally complain if I stray from the straight and narrow”
I shouted back, trying to make myself heard over the sound of the bus
racing by . . . and not really hearing what he was saying in reply!

“The beeping’s not from the bus” I eventually made out his words. “There’s a car indicating to turn in, so can you move out of the road!!!”

“He was a bit grumpy!” I scowled as I walked back up to Hubby. “He said this is a private turning and not a public thoroughfare!”

So I felt a bit like a scolded, naughty school-girl . . . not for the first-time as Hubby pointed out . . . but I’m hoping that at least some of my measuring different sizes, will qualify for the “Bollards” section
in Jade’s Scavenger Hunt.

But for more immediate naughtiness this Sunday, I suggest you kiss
the Sinful lips below!

Sinful SundayAnd don’t forget, there are lots of my other Scavenger Hunt travels at
my Scavenger Listings page . . . and now over 100 different locations on
my Scavenger Slideshow page as well!!!   

Scavenger Hunt Platinum Award

Xxx – K



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17 Responses to Modestly Measuring Sizes

  1. LOL! These are such fun.

  2. Bollards!
    Stunning as always.

  3. Wow, that’s brave stuff!

  4. You are amazing ! Every single week, your pics never fail to provide a giggle as well as me feeling total admiration of your bravery x

  5. Damn sexy, as always 😉

    Rebel xox

  6. Looks like a very fun walk!

  7. Oh my god, you two are an absolute scream! This series of photos is just bloody fantastic. Thank you yet again for making my day x x x

  8. I friggin love you guys and I love that you have so much fun taking your Scavenger Hunt images


  9. Shaun Edmonds

    Now if you had a condom and some lube that cone could have been a very interesting addition to the pics. You could have marked it and see if it ever turned up online again…like tagging salmon!

  10. Jan and Gary

    Hi Modesty:

    Love the cute flashing pics!
    You make our day so much nicer.


  11. Adore every single photo! That looks like the most fun walk and conversation that could be had! I always look forward to seeing what you’ve been up to next! Lol

  12. Such fun and thanks for taking us along on your stroll.

  13. Bee

    You always get me giggling with your scavenger hunt images! Brilliant!

  14. You are the queen of scavenger hunt narratives! I love this! A friend of mine is a fan of a bollard club on facebook, I imagine your photos would absolutely spice up that club!

  15. You made a new Scavenger Hunt level, and I learned a new word! Congrats!

  16. NPE

    Funny and quite a collection!

  17. Jan and Gary

    A wonderful fun walk, Modesty.
    Wish we could have been there with you.

    Jan&Gary ❤️

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