In a Shallow Field #sinfulsunday

Mistress Modesty to Submissive Assistant: “This week’s Sinful Sunday prompt is ‘Shallow Depth of Field’. Find me a photo you can touch-up to get that effect on!!!”

Submissive Assistant to Mistress Modesty: “You know I’m useless at touching-up!”

Mistress Modesty: “I’ve never had any complaints!”

Submissive Assistant: “I mean at touching-up photos!!!”

Mistress Modesty: “Well you’ll just have to learn quickly won’t you!
Sort-it out!!! . . . I wouldn’t want to get disqualified!!! . . . You’ve got until
the morning!!!”

Next morning:
Submissive Assistant:
“I’ve been up all night!”

Mistress Modesty: “I know . . . I could feel it rubbing on my back”.

Submissive Assistant: “Look then . . . it’s in a field . . . and it’s out of focus . . . will this do???”


Mistress Modesty: “Well . . . we’ll just have to wait and see won’t we . . . you’d just better hope it’s not disqualified!”

And . . . just in-case I am . . . I’m sure there will be lots and lots of official
‘Shallow Depth of Field’
entries to be found at Sinful Sunday by focussing on the lips below!

Sinful SundayXxxx – K


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19 Responses to In a Shallow Field #sinfulsunday

  1. Brilliant! Always an inspiration for us! ~C

  2. this image looks like a dream!!!

  3. Beautiful picture,
    but we never get anything less

  4. A lovely image 🙂

    Rebel xox

  5. I don’t think you’ll get disqualified!

  6. The submissive assistant did quite a good job! A field on a sunny day with you in the picture they couldn’t go far wrong 😉

    Velvet x

  7. This made me laugh out loud…the story, not the photo – the photo is cool and hot! Bravo! xx

  8. eye

    A witty take on the prompt. I really enjoyed the writing and the image.

  9. Great writing to go with a gorgeous photo 🙂

  10. You always look so amazing.

  11. This is so damn cool. And – and! – I think I might recognise the location! It, um, wouldn’t be the same country I live in by any chance, would it? 🙂 Jane xxx

  12. This was utterly delightful. I laughed out loud at “..up all night” 🙂 The photo is another wonderful celebration of you in the outdoors! I love it.

  13. L

    Looks like you had a sunny and warm day!

  14. That’s the sort of thing I’d love to see while out on a country ramble! Also, very funny/sexy story…I have a feeling you’re a demanding mistress in just the right way.

  15. I love this take on the prompt!

  16. This is whole post made me laugh… you are a tough task Mistress indeed and I love the image


  17. Curvaceous Dee

    I remember getting that shot!

    Love the edit you’ve done with it 🙂

    xx Dee

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