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Pour Me a Glass of Wine . . . April

Modesty Ablaze Pour Me a Glass of Wine April Newsletter

My “Pour Me A Glass of Wine” members page is being updated a few days early for next month as Wi-Fi access may not be possible for the next week or so
. . . and I shall probably be far too “busy” to attend to emails and updates . . . busy having fun of course!!!

So, for that reason, I thought rather than sending out my month-in-review emails as normal, I would add it here as a news post update instead. Less personal I know . . . but hopefully you will understand and forgive my naughtiness. And I’m hoping that my week’s endeavours should give me lots more fun to share with you for next month!

Anyway, back to some Marvellous March memories . . . just in case you may have missed some of them.

And, as is only appropriate for Pour Me A Glass Members, my Wine Tasting moments in the Wine Cave on March 9 brought back wonderful memories . . . because when I picked up a leaflet at our hotel advertising a “Wine Tasting Tour at a nearby Winery”, I just couldn’t resist !!! >>> Read more >>>

A Modest Hook-Up – I’m often asked when a new edition of my “Modesty Ablaze Diaries” will be published. Well, I am still working on compiling a follow-up to Modesty Unmasked, but my post on March 26 featured the start of one chapter from that next edition >>> Read more >>>

I always struggle with the photo prompts at Sinful Sunday. But reading Molly’s instructions over again for the March prompt, it suddenly struck me that my Double Domme Session with Mistress Luscious – March 2 – would be perfect! >>> Read more >>>

A new Wishlist !!! – I know that several of you have already been kind enough to gift me something from my new “Dress me as you wish-list” at BrightenMyDay which I absolutely adore. And I’ve also had lots of suggestions for more items that I should add. I will do this as soon as I can, but please be patient, as with all my clothes shopping, I like to browse and take my time!
But yes, I promise I will try to email you photos of my wearing them, just as soon as they are received!!! >>> Read more >>>

So I hope you will enjoy this month’s video clip and photo-gallery.

I realise it may not be to everyone’s tastes . . . but as I always say . . . as long as it’s fun and completely consensual, I will certainly consider your themes and suggestions.

Enjoy . . . and thank you so much once again for spoiling me here . . . and helping me keep my glass full !!!

Xxx – K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine

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