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Modesty Entwined #wickedwednesday

“This week’s theme at Wicked Wednesday is “Cowboy – Biker – Rope”
and I’m at a complete loss for what to post!” I said to Hubby last night.

“Why don’t you mention No.44” he replied, “he’s always loved your rope pictures and he has a bike. And isn’t he from Nebraska?”.

“Ooohh yes, you’re right.” I giggled . . . with tingling memories of our fun,
and very very wet, evening together early last year!!!


So this post is dedicated especially to Lover No.44.

Oh . . . and can “squirting” be included in the prompt as well Marie???

See who else is getting excitedly tied-up in knots . . . by tapping the
Wicked Wednesday button below!!!


Xxx – K


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