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Contagious enthusiasm, energy and passion for @mystery_vibe



Enthusiasm, energy and passion are contagious emotions aren’t they . . . at least they are for me! And whilst those pure emotions don’t necessarily translate into a successful new product or business start-up, after speaking with Soumyadip Rakshit, Mystery Vibe‘s charming CEO recently,  I have a feeling that in this case they most certainly will!!!

Even in the muted lighting of his Berlin hotel room, after a long day of conference sessioning, our 45-minute Skype video conversation was lit-up with Soumyadip’s enthusiasm and passion as he talked about his Crescendo vibrator “the world’s first truly personal adult toy”.

Now, for me, everything is ALWAYS in the eyes!!! Yes, the eyes are my personal barometer . . . I engage with someone, feel intrigued, interested by someone in how their eyes seem to interact with mine. Then I hear their voice, their words  and I feel their enthusiasm and energy . . . and their passion. And Soumyadip’s eyes intrigued and captured me in the same way that Cindy Gallop talking about @makelovenotporn did.

And so, I watched and listened as Soumyadip explained, with obvious passion and belief, his vision of a truly personal and individually adaptable vibrator.

And so much of what he was saying to me does . . . from my own (quite long LOL!!!) experience of sex toys of all different shapes and sizes . . . ring true. One size, one shape, doesn’t fit all. And in fact for me, quite often I find that it’s not just the shape or intensity of the toy that “does it” for me, it is also about the moment or the things running through my head at the time. And sometimes I want my toy to do something . . . some angle, or speed, or vibration . . .  that it can’t do, but is what I actually want at that specific moment. Something that I didn’t want or need, or hadn’t been dreaming about, on the last occasion I had been playing with that very same toy.

crescendo-introThe Crescendo has been designed to, apparently, change those sort of situations. It can be bent into any number of shapes and forms. So in theory, whether I am lying on my back, or perhaps curled up on my side, or possibly squatting on the floor . . . or even (oohhh) . . . moving through all of the above with my partner of the moment, I can twist and bend the Crescendo to touch and vibrate against parts of me (or us!!!) that I want . . . right here, right now!

And, even more exciting sounding, is that there are sex (sorry six! I’m getting too excited typing about it!) uumm, where am I . . . oh yes, six different motors spread at intervals along the length of the Crescendo. And all of them can be individually programmed with different patterns with the Mystery Vibe smartphone app.

MysteryAppNow, I do like gadgets, but sometimes in the heat of the moment reaching for ones phone may not be the most practical endeavour, so I was happy to be told that there are simple switch buttons on the side of the Crescendo for instant, manual control. But Soumyadip’s persuasive and descriptive enthusiasm of the Smartphone App certainly makes that sound exciting and wonderfully inventive as well.

He went on to explain that the Crescendo’s seamless design means that, as well as being waterproof, it comes with it’s own wireless charging pod so it doesn’t have to be plugged in to charge. The prototype has been completely designed and manufactured in the UK in conjunction with two of the world’s leading design and innovation specialists (Seymourpowell for the production aspect and Fueled for the design and development of the App). And Soumyadip has been travelling extensively worldwide over the past months presenting, talking and networking at various technology and innovation conferences receiving a huge amount of positive interest and press coverage for what truly does sound an intriguing and different approach to a personal vibrator.

And part of that different approach has been to engage with us, the end users so to speak, by embarking on a crowd-funding campaign at Born.com to seek support and feedback on the Mystery Vibe. And the fact that the Born campaign has already surpassed their funding goal is testament to Soumyadip and his teams vision.

I can’t wait to experience the Crescendo myself and I am confident from that enthusiasm, energy and passion that was so evident in my Skype conversation with Soumyadip, that I won’t be disappointed . . .

. . . and in the meantime I urge you to investigate and become a supporter of Mystery Vibe yourself . . . but hurry because if you do so before 2 p.m. UK time on Sunday June 21st you can pre-order the Crescendo for half of it’s final selling price!!!

You should view a recent short interview with Soumyadip >here< (scroll down the news article a little bit) for some information about the Crescendo in his own words!!!.

Or watch the videos below for inspiration and intrigue of your own.

Or . . .


Don’t miss the Mystery . . . become part of the Vibe now  . . . via Mystery Vibe or from @mystery_vibe

Xxx – K

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