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Modest Sound Bites #F4TFriday

Modesty Ablaze Doxy recording studio

This week’s Food For Thought Friday is all to do with confronting one’s pet hates or fears.

We all have them don’t we, and mine is that . . . being very shy by nature . . .
I really, really don’t like hearing the sound of my own voice.

Now for anyone who has met me in person, or been visiting here at Modesty Ablaze for some time, that may be quite hard to believe.

Because apparently, I never stop talking . . . and people often tell me, that I am never ever lost for words!!!

But as I say, I am actually a very shy person . . . particularly when meeting someone for the first time.

And I think that my talking so much, is like a defence mechanism that I have built up over the years, to try to challenge and overcome that natural shyness.

So . . . my occasional episodes here of setting my “Modesty Ablaze”, and throwing myself into character, was initially just a fun extension of that defence mechanism. Short little audio . . . and then video . . . snippets of silly indulgent fun which I thought I would only attempt once or twice and then quietly fade away back to hiding behind my keyboard and shunning the microphone and video camera.

Until, quite surprisingly, I began receiving requests for more posts of my “posh english accent” (LOL . . . if they only knew!)

So, I suppose the moral of my story is that . . . sometimes with things about yourself that you hate or worry about . . . the best way of confronting those worries is just to jump in and do it anyway. And having an alter-ego such as Modesty Ablaze is the perfect medium to do that.

But . . . I still hate listening to, or watching them back, more than once !!!

For more challenging “pet hates and fears” just push
the F4TF play-button below!


P.s. – A big “thank you” to the lovely Sassy Cat for inspiring both my recording photo above, and my very first attempts at audio posting all those years ago.
Xxx- K

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