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A Modest Year – 2018

Modesty Ablaze "She Lover Strap-On Fun" video intro

I know that 2018 has been a difficult and worrying year for many people . . . here in the UK and right across the globe . . . and I certainly wouldn’t want to be-little or ignore those concerns, or worries.

But the focus for my Modesty Ablaze postings here, has always been to try to offer some alternative giggles and distractions and not take things too seriously.

And as has been a tradition at the end of each of my six years of Modesty Ablaze . . . I like take a quick glance backwards and remember the fun ups and downs of the last 12 months.

Now if you are a regular visitor here I’m sure you will know how much I love the #realworldsex concept of MakeLoveNotPorn . . . and it’s always really lovely to receive messages from so many people saying how much they enjoy my videos there . . . so to have reached over 50 videos hosted on MLNP was one of the highlights of the year. Especially as two of my own particular favourites, “Strap On Fun with She Lover” and “A Gentle Squeeze Part Two” have been so popular with my subscribers.

Modesty Ablaze "A Gentle Squeeze Part Two" video intro

But of course I’ve had lots of other fun times during the past 12 months as well.

Such as improving my Nursing skills in January . . . and some Fine Tuning in February.

Joining in some Winter Olympics fun in March . . . and then back to earth with some DIY in April.

May was the month I turned 50 at Make Love Not Porn . . . and June was when I published “Unmasked” Part 7 of my “Modesty Ablaze Diaries”.

In July I got rather Sunburnt . . . but recovered enough to revisit some Building Sites in August.

In September I joined the FoodForThoughtFriday meme to answer some questions about Starting Out . . . and carried on with my thoughts on Inspiration in October.

And finally, in November I thought it would be nice to share an excerpt from The Journey Beyond” Part 8 of my Diaries which I hope to publish in the early part of 2019.

So, I really do hope that these . . . or even more of my posts here at Modesty Ablaze . . . have brought at least some giggles and warmth throughout the year. Wishing you all lots more fun and laughter for 2019 !!!

A Modest Year – 2018

Xxx – K


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