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Shopping For Adult Toys Online

Shopping For Adult Toys Online

As we get older, the years ticking on in our marriages, and the need to keep things ‘spiced’ in the bedroom, we find new and exciting ways to be innovative. It may mean we step with one foot out of our comfort zone and try a new position, or just take the leap and completely immerse ourselves in the world we consider to be ‘dark’ and ‘erotic.’

Either way, you look at it, the ending is always the same, am I right? With a smile on our faces.

You may laugh at yourselves if things didn’t go to plan or you weren’t as flexible as you once were (speaking from experience here, hilarious), you can find out what you both do and don’t enjoy other than ‘vanilla’ as people like to call it, or lastly, you could find your true calling the one thing that sparked that hidden flame and desire in the bedroom.

The main objective is that you have fun, are comfortable with your partner and what you’re trying, and not being pressured into doing something you don’t want to do if all these boxes are ticked, I say go for it.

My husband and I do have a small collection of ‘trinkets’ and bits and bobs we like to bring out now and then, and when we do use a ‘toy’ there is always that little bit of extra sensation and sense of euphoria.

While I love it when we ‘play’ I have to be honest, I’m a good old plain vanilla ice-cream, and I don’t care. Read this interesting article here https://www.romper.com/p/13-reasons-not-to-be-embarrassed-about-liking-vanilla-sex-8348 and see I am not alone in this feeling, and you aren’t either.

You do what makes you feel your best version of yourself, and someone who truly loves you will take you as you are. Whether you’re a funfetti sprinkles cupcake or a plain Jane sponge, a cake is always a good idea.

Selection of Butt Plugs

There are so many options available on the market, varieties for every level of experience, and exciting new adventures to be taken when you take that leap of faith and try something new.

3 Advantages of introducing new toys.

It can be daunting if you are new to the game of sex toys and ‘fun-play,’ but if you take your time and see what appeals to you, a surprise may just be what you’re in for, dreams and ideas could soon turn into a reality. Check out this guide for a photo gallery experience, who doesn’t like putting an image to a name right?

·       Communication. This is not something we tend to think of when it comes to toys, but talking with your partner about when, what, how, or even ‘if’ you should begin to introduce play items can be an eye-opener. We need to listen and take on board their comforts, be considerate, and don’t pressure if it isn’t what you thought it would be.

·       Try new things. You have already stepped into a new world by agreeing and pursuing the experience of say vibrators or ‘essential oils,’ as you go through the motions you’ll see what works and what doesn’t and this can expand into trying more and being bold in more complex knickknacks as it were.

·       Orgasm. You may orgasm each time or sometimes, using a vibrator during intercourse is a great way to feel either a simultaneous orgasm with your partner or a solo one while he is inside of you. Both feelings are different and amazing, and the more you try the better you get.

To find a toy you like, maybe it’s the color (I had a purchase based solely on this at one point) or the size, perhaps the added features that attracted you, check out The Happy Wife for a look into new products available and a variety of shapes and sizes for the brave stallions of relationships. Being bold doesn’t mean you can’t add excitement too.

Sex Toys.

There are hundreds if not thousands of versions on shelves all over the world, you need to see what makes you happy, at the end of the day you want to be slumped on the bed, pretzelled between crumpled sheets, and covered in a sweaty sheen with a big smile plastered across your face.

If it ends in puffing and being exhausted, sign me up.

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How A Simple Webcam Can Satiate Your Desires

How a Webcam Can Help 1

It can be quite boring to be holed up in your home. Even though most of us dream of just being inside, there is this thing called “work” that is pushing us to go out. After all, money is something that we should be working hard for. Yes, there are certainly more options now to have an income online, but most people still need to go out.

As people, we do have some needs that may need to be satiated in a certain way. It is a part of our instinct to satisfy these needs as much as possible. This is why we end up looking for ways that may seem unorthodox to the general public.

For example, most adults like sex. No one can deny that, even if most people view this topic as something that you could not casually discuss. It is an understandable sentiment as there are a lot of young ones around that could hear it.

However, you do need some sort of pleasure as you get older. Contrary to popular opinion, it is not just the men who need to have this but also women according to this article. However, we cannot deny that it is usually the men who are actively looking for sexual satisfaction.

The Gateway of Your Choice
This is where the internet comes in. There are now a lot of ways for you to satiate yourself even if you do not have a partner. For example, you can turn to pornographic materials. As boys, you may have experienced hiding illicit magazines under your bed or searching the word “boobs” on your search engine. It may sound cringy, but it happened even to the best of us. The allure of sex is already there even if we were still too immature to understand all of it. However, now that you have the power of high-speed internet, you can now watch them in real-time.

Cams are far different from your recorded porn. For one, you are viewing the object of your desire in a live format. It seems that they are there right in front of you. Some of the service providers will let their performers decide on the payment scheme.

The usual setup would be for the viewers to pay depending on what they want to see. This is rather practical for both the viewer and the performer since both can do and see what they want. It is a rather interesting relationship, and it has become usual in these circles. Learn more about this in websites such as https://www.adultcampolice.com/ and the like.

How A Webcam Can Help Your Desires 2

The Best Service
There are many websites that can let you have this service, and some of them are even totally free. You can meet a lot of strangers who are willing to show their bodies if you show yours. It has been this way ever since the dawn of online dating as well as meeting each other offline. However, it is different in webcams as it is an agreement that you might possibly not meet each other in life. It is a virtual and mutual way of relieving your desires. 

On the other hand, you might want to pay for viewing performers on a webcam. That is cool too, as there are also many options for you. It would depend on your personal preferences. For example, you might just be into the naked ladies dancing right on your screen. You might be into the kinkier stuff as well.

On the internet, there is no judgment about who you are and what you like. Unless your desires are illegal or non-conscientious, then you can enjoy anything you want. It might not be something that the general public would agree on, but it is your own choice.

There is just one thing, you need to be careful of fakes. There are many apps online that can imitate a real person. You might think that you are recording them, but it might be the opposite: they are recording you.

Catfishing and fraud are rather rampant, so we would suggest for you to register only to legitimate websites. You might want the free stuff, but it might be a danger to your device as well. Check out the review sites first or see it for yourself. Your choices now might not be the one you like in the end.

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5 Reasons Why Women Should Be Confident About Masturbating

When someone mentions masturbation, the majority of us instantly associate it as a man’s habit. People will either frown upon it, ignore it, or encourage it, as it is just something men do. However, when people talk about it in the context of women, it suddenly becomes very awkward, quiet and uncomfortable. Unfortunately, this can make many women feel ashamed about masturbation, which shouldn’t be the case. Masturbation is completely natural, healthy, and it is a way many of us express our sexuality. Today, we will be taking a look at five reasons why women should be confident about masturbating and why they shouldn’t be ashamed to discuss it.

5 Reasons Why Women Should Be Confident About Masturbating

It Effectively Relieves Stress
We all know how damaging sex can be on our mental and physical health. If you need to instantly relieve stress, then you should definitely consider masturbating. Masturbation has been proven to be one of the best methods of stress relief out there. The dopamine rush from masturbating can reduce stress and make you feel happier. It can also reduce pain from period cramps.

Helps You Understand Your Sexuality
Many females find it difficult to orgasm and are ashamed of this. Masturbating will help you understand what makes you tick, which can improve your orgasms and will help you reach that point during sex with a partner. Visiting a website such as omgkinky.com can really help you get the most out of masturbation. Reading other people’s experiences may help you gain a better understanding of your own sexual desires. They also offer great advice on sex toys and other sex essentials.

Linked to a Higher Self Esteem
Confidence comes with learning how to flaunt your body. When you feel physically good about yourself, then you will feel better mentally too. You may not have realized it, but masturbation can improve your mental health. There is no denying that an orgasm will make you feel good and sexy, so flaunt it and be proud of it. High self-esteem can be really attractive in a woman.

Makes You More Confident with a Partner
Everyone is different and it can be tricky to understand your own vagina, so imagine how a partner feels when neither of you fully understands how it works down there. In a relationship, women tend to have 30% fewer orgasms than their partners. The journal of sex states that only 18% of American women have orgasms through penetrative sex. Masturbating helps you understand what feels good, so it will make you more confident in telling your partner what you want from them.

Most People Have Done It
Although it is a taboo subject, the act of masturbation is something that many people do, so why not you? Just like you would with a partner, you must understand yourself before getting the most out of the bedroom. It may feel strange at first, but with time, patience, and persistence, you will enjoy it more than you think.

Whether you are male or female, there are many mental and physical benefits to masturbation that should not be pushed aside or ignored. We hope that you feel more confident about masturbating from now on and understand that although it is a personal act, you should not be ashamed about it.

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Couples that Play Together – Stay Together

Besides emotional intimacy and mental intimacy, physical intimacy is an extremely important pillar of any worthwhile and healthy relationship. The bond shared between two people as they offer their bodies to each other is completely unmatched. Most couples delight in being able to shed their calculated masks necessary for daily life and enjoy some raw, carnal pleasure in the bedroom (or anywhere else for that matter). One way couples can further increase their amount of sexual intimacy is by bringing sex toys into the fray and exploiting everything they have to offer.

If you aren’t aware of these benefits, don’t worry! I’ll go over some of the most pertinent ones right here, right now.

A Focus On Sexual Pleasure
According to sex therapist and sex blogger Angela Watson, who blogs over at doctorclimax.com, sex toys in many ways are actually better than traditional intercourse.

She wrote the following:
No matter how skilled any one person is at sex, there are definite limitations to what someone can do with their body. Compared to a vibrator, a penis is always relatively the same shape, can only go for so long before needing a rest, and of course can’t do things like rotate or vibrate in action. Similar attributes apply to the vagina, there’s just only so much possible due to our biology. When you bring in a worthwhile sex toy all of that goes out the window which allows both of you to instead focus on the sheer amount of pleasure possible. Sex toys are designed to exploit our biology in very imaginative ways, to the point where some toys even use things like sonic waves to increase bloodflow and sensation to the clitoris. By focusing on each of your subjective satisfaction levels, sex toys bring you both much closer together.

A Way To Stay Connected


Technology has always had a close relationship with sexuality. Everyone has heard the stories about how the porn industry championed VHS over Betamax as well as DVDs over laserdisc. That’s not quite what I’m getting at here, but it is somewhat related. New wireless technologies such as Bluetooth as well as smartphone integration has come to the world of sex toys in a big way. There are now many toys available that allow you to remotely control your partner’s sex toy anywhere in the world that has a reliable internet connection. Even on those long business trips or quick stops to visit family, having your partner involved in your sexual gratification is as easy as pushing a few buttons and getting to work. Loneliness, begone!

Keep Things Spicy In The Bedroom

Couples 2

It can be far too easy to fall into a predictable and ultimately boring routine sexually. Our brains aren’t always the most cooperative with what we really want deep down, we are novelty seeking creatures by design. When you decide to add sex toys into your bedroom routine, many more avenues open up an you both get to share in new sensations and experiences. Even underwhelming sex toys can help bring you together as you laugh and giggle at how poorly they managed to live up to expectations, but obviously the toys that change how both of you conceptualize sex are the real winners here. If you think your sex life is starting to get a little dull, I’d seriously suggest introducing a toy or two into the mix to shake things up a bit.

Help Accept Each Other’s Sexuality


We’re still somewhat weird about sex as a society, we all enjoy it to some degree and recognize ourselves as sexual beings, but we don’t always feel like we can share those intimate feelings. Between two people who care about each other, that can be a serious detriment in the long term. By choosing to introduce sex toys both of you are acknowleding each other’s sexuality and overall sexual needs. If your partner had an itch that needed to be scratched, you’d scratch it no problem, right? In my opinion, sexual itches should be treated in the exact same manner.

Sex Is A Team Sport

I’ve always been of the opinion that sex is a team sport. Two people are coming together to help achieve some shared goals and have as much fun as possible while doing it. Sometimes the challenges are entirely physical, while others are entirely mental. Sex toys are a fantastic way to help overcome these challenges so you can continue to grow together as human beings.

In short: couples that play together, stay together.

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Sex In Las Vegas … Does It Stay There

Sex in Las Vegas 1

Las Vegas is hands down among the most outrageous if not the most outrageous city within the United States. The infamous slogan ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ lends itself to that reputation. People travel from far and wide to go there and let go of all of their inhibitions without fear of judgment or retribution. Sex, drugs, alcohol, whatever your dream is yours when you’re in Vegas. What about the people who live and work there? Does this concept apply to them too?

Throughout many parts of Nevada, state laws have had sex work legalized except in Las Vegas. The state has developed a reputation for its porn, prostitution, and strippers. This market could not flourish if it were not for the willing women out there selling sex. The women in the industry make good money and seem content with their lives in Nevada. What is this life like selling sex in Las Vegas?

Life For Sex Workers In Las Vegas

Escort workers who sell sex in Las Vegas indicate some aspects of their work may not surprise many people, but then some parts may shock you.

  • Many women turn to prostitution in Las Vegas because it pays more than video work, webcam, or things of that nature. Some webcam sites will keep a majority of the proceeds from the work being done with the girls making very little at the end of the day. This leads the ladies to turn away from those mediums and go where the money is…prostitution.
  • There’s more to it than just sexing. There is a difference between being an escort and being a prostitute in Las Vegas. When you’re with a prostitute, you have sex, and they leave with no communication being exchanged. An escort has the responsibility to pose as a faux girlfriend or a friend. They refer to this as the ‘GFE’ or the ‘Girlfriend Experience’.

The escort interacts and socializes with the client. They will have drinks at the bar, perhaps go to dinner and see a show. She may act as a guide around town for the man, basically a companion. There are times that they never even have sex in the escort scenario.

The escort industry is extremely competitive in Las Vegas meaning women have to work harder in this type of role. They have the added benefit of advertising when they’re an escort because the men are paying for companionship as opposed to prostitution. Read here to learn the legalities of nudity in Las Vegas.

Sex in Las Vegas 2
  • Typically, if you’re working out of a brothel, that’s also where you live. The brothel has a structured regimen that you’re to follow when you live there. There is time for the gym, having their hair done and outfit selection, and then the day starts. The system used for booking appointments as well as negotiating/collecting payments is very sophisticated, complete with a computer program and a hostess ensuring that everything went well, with the client having a good time.
  • Among those managing the brothels and the escorts, the most critical aspect for the men is discretion. None of the men want to be found out by their families or with their jobs as having received services from a sex worker. This is also the case with many of the sex workers who are also married with jobs of their own during the day. It is just as important for the ladies that things be kept quiet. It’s not unheard of for clients to be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Brothels offer safety and security that the girls wouldn’t have if they were out on their own. In a different situation as with a pimp, they wouldn’t get to pick who they sleep with and most often they are abused. Brothels mandate that the girls go through STD screenings and there are strict rules which protect and benefit the girls who work there. They maintain a weekly shift schedule while living there. The girls have a contractual obligation once they arrive at the brothel and are bound to that contract until the end date. Go to https://thenevadaindependent.com/article/the-indy-explains-how-legal-prostitution-works-in-nevada to read more about legalized prostitution within Nevada.
  • The escorts are busy providing companionship to a wide variety of different men which sounds like they’re being wined and dined consistently. But the fact is they indicate that this is actually among the loneliest of lives to be involved in. Prostitutes bond with each other because the industry has a stigma that brings them together.

A majority of men will not publicly date a prostitute if they find out what she does. Even developing true friendships within the industry becomes difficult based on the level of competition. Not being able to fully communicate the life that you live with those around you makes becoming close with people very difficult. That’s their reality.

Sometimes they see their lifestyle as a good thing, and then there are other times that they’re sorry they got involved. It can be extremely dangerous, but if you were to ask them, most would say it’s what they want. People are going to buy and sell sex, so really, we need to get rid of the stigma. It’s happening all around us and not necessarily just in Vegas. But what is happening in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

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More than just a Modest Discount at @LoveSecrexy

Just a quick . . . tingling . . . Sexy Saturday update post today to let you all know of a Super Sexy Discount being offered by one of my sponsors Secrexy.

Secrexy offer a huge . . . HUGE . . . range of vibrating, thrusting, tingling, tickling and sucking sexual products and lubricants.

AND at present they are offering a HUGE discount of 60% OFF all of
their products. So I urge you all to take advantage of this amazing discount by
simply entering the Code SE37 at checkout after clicking on the
Secrexy logo below!!!

As you may have gathered, this has been a sponsored post. But if you are a regular visitor here you will know just how much I LOVE testing new sex toys . . . so I’m sure to be visiting Secrexy regularly from now on! – Xxx – K

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Sex Toys Review: How Do I Know Which Sex Toy Is Right For Me?

Anastasia Sex Toys

Owning a sex toy can improve your sex life in so many different ways. Even for those people who are ashamed or shy to use them, they are definitely worth a try. Owning a sex toy is like having your own garage to park your car, it saves you the hassle of looking for on-street parking each and every time.

Sex toys are great, and everyone should have one. In today’s day and age, they have become a normal part of our daily lives and popular culture as a whole. Sex shops have sprung up in every corner with a variety of different ones to choose from, in all shapes and sizes and colours to match! The movie industry has taken the idea and made something of it too, enter ‘Fifty-Shades-of-Grey’, possibly the one movie that comes to mind and fits this topic (not to mention has its own sex toy collection).

If you are too embarrassed to go into a sex shop, there is always the option of purchasing one online and get it delivered to you, online shops like Anastasia Sex Toys makes this a no-brainer. It is that simple and accessible. The two-way advantage of having one is that not only does it improve your sex life, but it also helps you figure out a thing or two about your own body.

Advantages of getting a sex toy:

  • If things are getting boring in your relationship, it can add some pizazz to it.
  • Masturbation is said to lower prostate cancer in men.
  • It is also shown to reduce menstrual cramps in women.
  • It gives you a good night’s sleep.
  • You can turn it into a shopping-bonding adventure with your girlfriends.
  • Your partner may now know the exact spots that turn you on which makes it less stressful for him.
  • It accommodates both single people and people in relationships.
  • The chances of having more than one orgasm using a sex toy are higher.
  • Some people fantasize about it, now they make it a reality.

Find out more here.
The stigma behind sex toys is that women’s varieties are sensual and erotic, whereas men’s toys are horrible and gross. It shouldn’t be that way, and some specialist erotic stores strive to help customers see that there is no difference between sex toys for men and women and this stigma is all in our heads or influenced by what people tell you or what the media portrays.

What do people say about them? Let’s take a look at a few options that have been reviewed by popular sources:

  • Lovelife Rev Finger Vibrator: This handy vibrator is the first of its kind and was specially designed to make the toy easier to grab for anyone. It’s rechargeable, waterproof and has seven pre-set patterns.
  • Moxie Remote Control Panty Vibrator: This is a remote-controlled vibrator, with a magnetic attachment so you can wear it with any underwear. The rest is up to the push of a button.
  • Compact Point Vibrator: This is a brand-new sex toy from a company called Le Wand. It is one of the better-looking ones to date. It has a contour design that is meant to fit in the palm of your hand comfortably. And has a soft silicone tip with ridges designed on it for extra stimulation. It’s also rechargeable, has an LED Light and once charged you can use it for up to an hour.
  • Rippler Mini Silicone Dildo: The idea of the Dildo was one of the first ever designs of a sex toy. This idea has come a long way in harnessing compatibility, adding more options like a strap-on and waterproof versions which are all battery-operated and fit all shapes and sizes.
  • Mini Wand Massager: It’s cordless! It is one of the very powerful ones and has a mini head that can turn towards different angles, giving your wrists a break from doing all the work. This one is also waterproof and has up to 10 speeds and patterns. Sounds like the ideal toy for anyone’s expectations.
  • Bougie Bullet Vibrator: A more sleek looking design with a metallic look to it. This ‘bullet’ vibrator looks more like a lipstick (or bullet) than a sex toy. This design possibly has the most options of any vibrators out there, with 20 different settings to choose from. But you won’t lose where you stopped because it keeps it in memory. It is also waterproof and has an additional feature – a power boost option, for a little something extra.
  • Pineapple Delight Plug: Is a ‘gorgina’ butt plug that has an artistic look to it, looks like a pineapple (hence the name) It is adorned with jewels for aesthetic purposes. And the butt plug itself is textured.
  • Sona 2: Has a range of products to choose from and the latest one, the Sona 2, has been updated as one of the best sellers on the market. It works by a slight gentle sucking sensation. This vibe has a battery life of up to 1 hour.
  • Soraya 2: Is part of a series of vibrators called the ‘rabbit-vibes’. They are dual ended with front and back options. It is smooth and a bit more flexible than the first version to ensure clitoral stimulation to give you multiple orgasms.

There are tons more to choose from and other varieties of suction vibes to different vibration options and penis rings. Some toys have also been specifically reviewed as the best ones for couples: https://www.independent.co.uk/extras/indybest/valentines/best-sex-toys-for-couples-a6846301.html

If you are not sure on which one to buy check out all the online reviews, and if you are in the store don’t hesitate to talk to the salespeople who would possibly know a lot more about them than you do. Happy vibing!

As you may have gathered, this has been a sponsored post. But if you are a regular visitor here you will know just how much I LOVE testing new sex toys . . . So I will be sure to visiting Anastasia Sex Toys regularly from now on! – Xxx – K

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Machines You Can Have Sex With


The future is here, and it’s horny! Pop culture is full of references to sex robots of the future, but they are not in the future, they are in stores right now. While the range of vibrators and dildos has been increasing over the years, with silicon sleeves multiple vibration patterns and remote access (wired and with capabilities that span the world), other options have been pretty limited.
There has been a lot of media attention around dolls or even virtual reality masturbation sleeves, but good old-fashioned thrusting has been left as a predominantly manual affair.

Not anymore.

The Joys Of A Good Thrusting

Picture a woman on all fours, cock in mouth, being fucked so hard from behind with every thrust her whole body is send forward, swallowing that large cock whole.

While threesomes are amazingly good fun, they often come with all sorts of social complications after the fact. If you’re a couple, do you pay for a neutral third party, do you see if one of your friends wants to join in, do you pick up someone from a bar? What happens the day after? Or if you want a repeat performance, particularly if they’re not so keen, or vice versa.

Being able to create that fantasy, whenever you both want, without the annoying baggage that comes from bringing in a third person is one of the greatest reasons to look at investing in a thrusting fuck machine.

Like everything, there are a lot of different varieties depending on your needs, desires and budget. From completely standalone, fully programable and with multiple attachment options through to sleeves that work with your standard hardware model buzz saw. This is where you need to have a look at somewhere like Tempting Alice sex toys for reviews and ideas on what exactly is likely to work for you.

Riding The Bull Like A Pro

If you’re wanting to have a bit more control over your body, what goes in it, and when, then you might prefer to have a look at one of the many options for ride-on’s. These are generally machines where you sit on top of them and then either glide forwards and back, or rise up and down, with a dildo attachment that will vibrate or move in very interesting ways.

There are a lot of games that can be played as a couple while one person is riding, but it is also a fun exercise when you are by yourself.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that these are vagina exclusive, as many have attachments that are perfectly designed to bring all your anal fantasies to life as well.

What To Look For In A Sex Machine

Whether you are looking for something to spice up a relationship, or to create your own pleasure will have a bearing on which machine is going to be best for you. So, let your imagine go wild for a bit and picture yourself being fucked by a machine (you’re not alone, see here ). How would you like it to happen? Are you just lying there or are you actively engaged in the act?

In your sexual fantasy do you see yourself in a bedroom, or is this something you are going to be taking on holiday with you? Will noise matter? What about size? (size matters). Some of the machines are actually lightweight and portable, others should be floor mounted in pride of place as the ultimate conversation starter.

It is ok to start small and see how it goes before changing models or adding something new, but if you start with something that really isn’t what you want then you are unlikely to use it, so be open and honest with yourself and your partner about your sexual fantasies and how buying a sex machine could really help those be fulfilled. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/d344vj/theres-no-wrong-way-to-use-a-vibrator-researchers-say

The more attachments they have usually the more you are looking at paying, but if you want a great machine with lots of variety suitable for different purposes then you may be stuck with that. If you are a hetero couple you might want to look at something that comes with both dildo and sleeve, or different options for speed and level of control.

You could also look at something that uses current sex toys but in different ways.

As you may have gathered, this has been a sponsored post. But if you are a regular visitor here you will know just how much I LOVE testing new sex toys . . . So I will be visiting Testing Alice Best Sex Machines quite often from now on!!! – Xxx – K

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Modesty Ablaze reviews the “Yummy Sunshine Vibes” @SatisfyerCOM

Modesty Ablaze Sunshine Satisfyer

In my view Modest view, Satisfyer are the most pro-active, innovative and . . . well yes, Satisfy-ing . . . adult product manufacturer, it has been my pleasure to have ever encountered.

And I do mean pleasure . . . because I have been tingling along to lots, and lots of their wonderful vibrating and air-pulsing stimulators for over two years now.

Because we are all of us different, with differing pleasure-points and stimulus, not all of the Satisfyer range works for me. But when they do . . . oh my goodness . . . and for that reason, I always look forward to “road-testing” a new Satisfyer product whenever they become available.

So I was delighted to receive three new vibrators just days before I left on my summer hols. And immediately casting aside Hubby’s protestations about yet “more things” eating into our baggage allowance, I insisted they each be packed neatly between our beach towels. And, as they all use the same sort of charging cable, that he was allowed to slide just one cable into his shaving kit.

Now as I’ve mentioned many times before when talking about my vibrating experiences, I almost always need 3 or 4 different occasions, and different situations, to really decide if I would like to keep on pushing those buttons again and again.

And of course, being away on holiday and away from all the normal distractions
. . . I had the perfect opportunity to give all three of my new toys my undivided attention. But for one of them, I knew immediately that I would be returning for more and more.

And that “special one” was the wonderfully yellow “Yummy Sunshine”.

Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine Vibrator 2

Now don’t be put off by the colour, or the name. I know some people don’t like their toys to be a brightly coloured (although I actually think this one is fun and perfectly themed for summer). But, of course, it’s always the performance that really matters. And in that respect this vibe certainly does it for me.

It has a long, wonderfully curved and firm shaft. Made from skin-friendly silicone which is silky smooth and tactile. And it does seem to warm to one’s body temperature quite quickly and feels perfectly natural and comfortable to the touch.

I just love stroking it actually . . . and even just wrapping my fingers around it and squeezing it’s firmness in the palm of my hand makes me quite horny . . . even before pushing the “on” button to begin it’s lovely rumbly vibrations. And those vibrations rumble away all the way down from the lovely, slightly flanged tip, to the subtly-ridged base where the shaft meets the retaining ring “handle” housing the control buttons.

Satisfyer Yummy Yellow Sunshine Vibrator 3

And I really do love that “handle-grip” as well. I’ve never had a vibrator before which I can slide my thumb or fingers into and more easily grip and guide the twists and turns . . . and ins and outs.

But as far as vibrators are concerned, I have always been more of a clit-person
. . . rather than going for too much of the ins-and-outs . . . and the powerful tingles this vibe gives, gets me going every time.

Satisfyer Yummy Yellow 2

There are 6 different levels of tingling intensity . . . and 6 different rhythms . . . which one can cycle through by pressing the easy to control buttons on that grip.

Now I’m actually not really one for wanting to change the rhythm during my playtime. I just prefer to find my favourite setting and just use the intensity button to increase, and teasingly decrease, the power as I work the vibrator up and down and over my sensitive bits. And as the vibrations run down the entire length of the shaft, and not just at the top tip, it does feel wonderful to slide its rumbling firmness up and down between my lips . . . pressing all of it against my, by now, completely tingling clit.

As I said, I’m not really too much of a fan of deeply inserting my vibrators, but for those who do enjoy internal vibrating stimulus, the Yummy has a slightly bulbous and ridged head, which may well give extra pleasure to those so inclined. There is a similar curved and extending “ridging” at the bottom of the shaft where it meets the “handle” too. And I do quite enjoy pressing and rubbing this against me as part of my playtime as the change from smooth to bumpy . . . and back to smooth again . . . adds to the intensity of my stroking. And I have, even since my return back home, given myself lots and lots of stroking.

But I’m happy to report that despite all my stroking, the Yummy does actually hold it’s charge remarkably well and seems to just last and last. And when it is, finally, time to re-power it’s internal re-chargeable batteries, this is done quickly and easily by the button shaped USB cable which attaches magnetically to the charging points on the handle, as you can see below.

Satisfyer Yummy Yellow Vibrator with easy charging point.

I will be reviewing both the “Power Flower” and “Petting Hippo” vibes, that were included in the same delivery as my “Yummy”, in the coming weeks. But this lovely, firm and fun banana-yellow vibrator is certainly my favourite of the three. More technical details are listed beneath the special-action photo below:

Modesty Ablaze and the Satisfyer Yummy Vibrator

The Satisfyer Vibes Yummy Sunshine
Modesty Rating: 10 out of 10
Pros: Firm, silky smooth and comfortable to hold. Easy to find and use, control buttons to select 6 different intensity and 6 different rhythm levels.
Cons: Absolutely none.
Material: Skin-friendly silky satin silicone and scratch-resistant ABS Plastic.
Measurements: 226mm in length, 57mm in depth and 42mm approx. diameter width.
Colour: Bright Yellow and White.
Power: Rechargeable with supplied USB Cable.
Waterproof: Yes.
Lubricant recommendation: Water based silicone friendly please.
Noise level: Surprisingly quiet for such powerful vibrations.
After-care: Should be cleaned with damp cloth, lukewarm water and mild soap, or one of the specialist sex-toy cleaners and dried with a soft, lint-free cloth.
Supplier Product Link: The Satisfyer Vibes Yummy Sunshine
Additional Supplier Links: www.satisfyer.com

Additional links: Satisfyer at Twitter

The Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine was sent to me, free-of-charge,  for an honest and un-biased review.

The Modesty Rider:
I realise, of course, that there are already thousands of long-established Sex Toy Reviewers and Review sites . . . most of whom will be far more adept at explaining all the technical details and specifications of things. But for me, sexy clothes and lingerie, sexy toys . . . and even sexy books . . . are all about adding a little fun and excitement to things. So that is how I tend to approach my reviews and videos!!! Just to explain “how it was for me” in a fun, and light-hearted, way without taking things too seriously! Chances are that if something makes me giggle and tingle and feel good, it will score higher on my Modesty Rating.

Visit some of my most recent Sex Product and Video Reviews at my Sex Toy Review page >here< or special buy links for specific products >here<.

Xxx- K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine

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Modesty Ablaze reviews the Classic Erection Stamina Penis Pump from @Bestvibe1

Modesty Ablaze Penis Pump 1

I always enjoy being asked to review what many people would normally regard as “men’s sex toys” because it gives me the fun opportunity to test them out during one of my sessions.

So I was particularly thrilled to receive the Classic Erection Stamina Penis Pump from Bestvibe as the majority (not all LOL!!!) of the submissives that arrive at my dungeon door, can usually do with some “enlargement”.

And I can immediately tell you that in every case, the Bestvibes Penis Pump, definitely did work . . . and was definitely fun to use.

Modesty Ablaze Penis Pump 2

It arrived in the post, neatly packed and wrapped in plain outer packaging . . . and I do like Bestvibes pledge regarding post and packaging, “With completely plain and boring packaging, you will receive your package discreetly. Our shipper name appears as “Mr X” on the return address. Neither Bestvibe nor our logo will appear on the outside of the package and there will be no mention of the nature of the contents. We also will state it contains Novelty and Gift on Customs Declaration form to avoid custom charges”.

And once unwrapped, even the internal product box itself is quite plain and tastefully branded with just the “Fondlove” logo. But as you will see from the accompanying photos here, the enlarger is certainly not a small item that can be discretely packed away in one’s bedside cabinet drawer. But then you wouldn’t expect it to be would you.

Modesty Ablaze Penis Pump 3

There are four main, detachable, parts to the Pump and these are quite easily and quickly connected and pushed into place in order to have it ready for action.

The main cylinder itself is made from a firm, clear ABS plastic, 2.5 inches in diameter and 11 inches in length from the base to the curved top with the impressive looking pressure gauge.

The 9 inch hose connecting the cylinder to the operating handle is made from quite a strong black plastic, and I must say that all of the components feel strong, well made and would appear to be quite durable. I have used the pump on quite a number of occasions now without any problems at all . . . and as I mentioned earlier, with complete success every time.

The assembly is completed by a flexible, thin black rubber cap that fits tightly over the bottom of the cylinder. It has an insertion hole in it’s middle, through which the subject pushes his member. The application of a little lube abound the hole, and over the penis, will help ease it through the hole whilst keeping it airtight to allow the vacuum suction to begin.

Now . . . this is the bit I particularly enjoyed . . . squeezing the handle!!!

Modesty Ablaze Penis Pump 4

The pumping, or squeezing action of the trigger-like handle, is actually quite easy and one can immediately see the effect of the suction beginning to work it’s magic as the penis inside starts to grow with each squeeze.

The pressure gauge dial shows the pressure increasing . . . and is quite addictive to keep checking actually, as I strive to better my previous readings! LOL !!!

But it is actually fun to see the penis swelling and enlarging inside the cylinder, as well.

One does have to be conscious of not squeezing too much too quickly though. I tend to squeeze and pause . . . squeeze and pause . . . and check with my “subject” that he is not feeling any discomfort. If he does, or if he feels he has reached his enlargeable limit, there is a “quick release, safety valve” located at the base of the handle which quickly deflates the pressure . . . but hopefully not the erection!

Modesty Ablaze Penis Pump 5

During my initial “testing” I was pulling the pump, with it’s rubber-sealed base, too quickly off the subject’s penis once he told me he had reached his limit.

But I soon found it easier, and more effective in maintaining the erection, to lift the edges of the black rubber seal away from around the base of the cylinder itself, thus leaving the seal impaled on his dick, where it can be more easily, and tenderly, slid off with some gentle massaging actions.

As I say, I found that doing it this way, especially when combined with some more lube in the palm of one’s hand, tended to help maintain his excitement at seeing his unusually enlarged erection.

So, in summary, the Classic Erection Stamina Penis Pump certainly works . . . though of course, putting it to good use is, as always, down to those involved.

And although I said myself at the beginning of this review that it is probably considered a “for him” toy, I really do feel that this device is much more fun for two, rather than just for playing “solo”. It certainly has been for me anyway!!

More “technical descriptions” and all the important information, and browsing links, are as below:

Classic Erection Stamina Penis Pump:
Modesty Rating:
10 out of 10
Pros: Strong, sturdy and very easy to hold and operate.
Cons: I haven’t found any at all so far.
Packaging: Tastefully packaged in a strong, black cardboard box in three detachable main items, plus the black rubber seal and a small printed instructions leaflet!
Material: Firm and strong Plastic.
Measurements: Overall length, from the bottom of the cylinder to the tip of the pressure gauge dial = 11 inches. Cylinder diameter = 2.5 inches. Handle = 6 inches. Connecting hose (including the release valve) = 9 inches.
Operation: Manual squeezing of trigger-type handle.
Use Time: Dependent on the participants.
Colour: Clear plastic with black attachments.
Waterproof: Would be difficult to operate underwater, though would probably work in the shower.
Lubricants: Use with water-based lubricants (not oil).
Cleaning: Clean immediately after use with warm soapy water, a damp cloth or a water-soluble cleaning agent.
Noise level: Nice air-suction sounds, and accompanying gasps of pleasure from the recipient.
Country of Manufacture: China.
Supplier Product Link: Classic Erection Stamina Penis Pump
Supplier Website: bestvibe.com
The Modesty Video Review:
You can view this fun Penis Pump in action from my Clips store >here<.

Modesty Ablaze Penis Pump 6

The Fondlove Classic Erection Stamina Penis Pump was sent to me, free-of-charge by Bestvibe.com,  for an honest and un-biased review.

The Modesty Rider:
I realise, of course, that there are already thousands of long-established Sex Toy Reviewers and Review sites . . . most of whom will be far more adept at explaining all the technical details and specifications of things. But for me, sexy clothes and lingerie, sexy toys . . . and even sexy books . . . are all about adding a little fun and excitement to things. So that is how I tend to approach my reviews and videos!!! Just to explain “how it was for me” in a fun, and light-hearted, way without taking things too seriously! Chances are that if something makes me giggle and tingle and feel good, it will score higher on my Modesty Rating.

Visit some of my previous Sex Product and Video Reviews at my Sex Toy Review page >here< or special buy links for specific products >here<.


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