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Modest Me-Time #F4TFriday

Modesty Ablaze Red LingerieHad I been asked this week’s questions at Food For Thought Friday in my early-teens, I would probably have been too embarrassed to admit that actually LOVE the special sensations that “Me-Time” fun can bring.

But thankfully all the stigma, and guilt that was once associated with masturbation, has long gone. Nowadays I’m sure that we all agree that Me-Time fun is healthy, envigorating, exciting and completely normal.

So, of course, I am thrilled to share my answers to #F4TF below.

How often to you indulge yourself? How do you do it? Fingers? Toys? A combination?

Not as often as I used to LOL !!! But that is due to all the seemingly, never-ending distractions of every day life. Work, family etc. . . . all those issues that we all have to deal with. BUT sex is such a fun and necessary escape from all of those things, that I try to indulge in some-sort of play as often as I can.

How, and with what, depends on what’s going through my mind at the time. After all, one’s mind is the most powerful stimulant of all isn’t it . . . or at least it is for me! (I’m often told I have a constantly naughty-mind though).

I do have lots of toys . . . and, of course, I love my Doxy and my Satisfyer Pro2 . . . but actually, quite often finger-play can be just as satisfying, particularly first thing in the morning if I wake-up feeling aroused and horny.

Do you have any particular tricks or techniques that work best for you?

I don’t have any particular techniques. As I mentioned above, it all depends on what is going through my mind at the time, or what has “inspired” me to want to play at that particular moment.

Why do you do it? Are there any particular scenarios or circumstances that mean you are more likely to indulge yourself?

Lol !!! . . . I do it because I LOVE it !!!

As for a particular scenario or circumstance? . . . Well, I suppose that sometimes on a Friday evening, after a long and boring working week, I might walk in the door and say to Hubby, “I need a glass of wine . . . and I hope you’ve got your camera charged!” (See the next question!)

Is it a solitary experience or, if you have a partner, do you let them watch? If so, what do you like about being observed?

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that I have quite an exhibitionist streak, so being watched . . . or thinking that I might be being watched . . . hugely intensifies me-time-play for me. And having Hubby film many of those moments makes it even more exciting still !!!

And occasionally, I have shared some of those films on my MakeLoveNotPorn profile.

So yes, I do love the different and emotionally intense sensations that
“Me-Time Fun”
can bring . . . and I am positive I am not alone. After all . . . it’s only natural isn’t it!!!

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Xxx – K

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