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A Modest Fantasy #wickedwednesday

Modesty Ablaze Tisbury One June 2019

We all have dreams . . . dreams and fantasies . . . and you probably won’t be surprised to hear that, for as long as I can remember, mine have usually been of the erotic, or sexual, variety.

And I’ve been very lucky over the past three decades, to have been able to indulge in, and live-out, many of those fantasies in real life.

They haven’t all been as wildly successful or fulfilling as in my dreams of course
. . . but many of them have!

And certainly one of my earliest fantasies from my early teens, after reading magazine articles and gazing at steamy photos of glamorous and sexy starlets of stage and screen . . . or perhaps of a wilful “model” exposed after some scandalous liaison or “ménage à trois” . . . was that I dreamt of having photos
of my own. Just like that.

Scandalous, erotic, naughty . . . and unashamedly . . . sexy !!!

Well, life has a way of offering opportunities to explore one’s fantasies doesn’t it! And, as my modesty slowly smouldered and, gradually, blazed and . . . eventually . . . exploded into my pages here, suddenly I found myself in a situation where I was able to indulge in my “photo-shoot” fantasy from all those years ago.

It was at Eroticon 2013 . . . my first visit . . . “Oh look”, I said to Hubby “there’s a session on ‘Erotic Photography’ by a John Tisbury. I know your Polaroids are fun, but . . .”

We’d not heard of John before, but from the moment his first photo appeared on the screen behind him, I was transfixed. I wanted to ask him more as his session ended . . . but lost my nerve.

But later in the day, during one of the mid-session breaks, I noticed John pouring himself a coffee . . . so dragging Hubby across the room with me, I strode over to introduce myself . . . and ask if he did private commissions.

Taking Hubby (and myself) totally by surprise, I said to John “I’d like to book a session please . . . Hubby will treat me for my birthday. It’s a special one . . . no, not my 30th.”

So, some weeks later, we spent an absolutely lovely afternoon in John’s wonderful studio, fulfilling yet another of my fantasies! And I enjoyed every minute of it, and every single photo from the session. He really is the loveliest man, and most wonderful photographer one could ever wish to meet.

I felt instantly at ease in his company and absolutely thrilled with the results . . . and if any of you have ever had similar fantasies of indulging in an erotic photo-shoot of your own, I would suggest you visit John’s website and book a session. Right now . . . and I’m sure you will never regret it.

Modesty Ablaze Tisbury Two June 2019

It should be obvious, of course, that the photos above . . . and my Slideshow are from John’s session that day!!!

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Xxx- K

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