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Happy – #realworldsex – Sixty Cindy @makelovenotporn

Modesty Ablaze and Cindy Gallop

One’s life should, of course, always be in one’s own hands.
But along the way there are events . . . people . . . who inspire, embolden, empower . . . reaffirm . . . our journey.

Cindy Gallop @makelovenotporn is one of those people.

And yes Cindy – #sayyourage – “The older we get, the better life gets” !!!
Happy 60th birthday – I shall be raising a glass, and I’m sure you will be too !!!

Make Over 50 Love Not Porn

Cindy’s inspirational presentation at the TED conference in 2009, had me hanging-on, AND agreeing with, every word. I know just how much difference embracing my sexuality, and sharing every desire, every feeling and every fantasy with my husband has changed, and enhanced, our lives together. And I also know how (even before I’d discovered Cindy’s words and ideas) that I’d often wished that others could share and enjoy the same sort of feelings of fun, and fulfilment, as Hubby and I.

I urge you to view Cindy’s presentation(s) above and visit her MakeLoveNotPorn community from the logo below!!!

Make Love Not Porn

Xxx – K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine

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