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The Modesty Diaries

The Balcony

As a special treat, and just for the next week, new purchases of either “The Balcony” or “Arrivals and Departures” from my Smashwords account will get the second book FREE.

Simply email me (address found at the foot of my E-Books page) to tell me which book you’ve purchased and I’ll reply (within 24 hours . . . I need some socialising-time LOL!!!) with details of your Free Coupon code.

Purchase of EITHER book qualifies for the OTHER book FREE . . . up until, and including Sunday, October 21st.

The Modesty Ablaze Diaries - Pt 2 Arrivals & Departures

Arrivals & Departures

You can link to both books from my Smashwords Authors page here.

I look forward to sharing with you!!!

With best wishes – Modesty

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FREE Excerpt to Celebrate !!!

The THIRD of my “The Modesty Diaries” is due to be published shortly . . . and to celebrate, I hope you will enjoy the following excerpt from one of my previous books “The Balcony” (the second book in my Diaries series . . . and YES I do know it’s confusingly titled “Pt 3” but that is because Part One is, for the moment, exclusively published elsewhere).


The Modesty Diaries Pt 3 The Balcony

” . . . at least everything is new and easy to operate in his kitchen. I set-up the oven and then laid out the table . . . it actually wasn’t very long before he arrived, looking surprised . . . and pleased as we embraced. His hands quickly slid under the hem of the robe at the back and he cupped my bottom cheeks as we kissed again. He asked if he had time for a shower and I followed him into the bathroom and helped him undress between more kissing and fondling. I stood and watched as he showered and talked about his meeting and the reason it had over-ran.

He always seems completely unconcerned about being naked and we walked along the corridor back to the kitchen with him still drying himself and talking on. He did actually wrap the towel around his waist before accepting the glass I handed him, and then walked out onto the balcony as I checked the progress of the meal.

“Won’t be long, about 15 minutes” I told him, feeling quite happy with myself that I was organising things so well. I joined him at the railings, looking down at the river. Even as high up as we were, there was very little breeze, it was still warm and, of course, being early evening, still completely light.

We chatted on, pausing as he stepped back to the kitchen to top-up our glasses whilst I continued to admire the view.
“I love it looking down on everything from here. You are so lucky” I told him as he returned. He handed me my glass and cuddled in behind me, kissing my neck and ear.

“I know I’m very, very lucky” he said as he continued to kiss, and then nibble at my ear.

As he slid his arms around me further, I realised he didn’t have his glass . . . and . . . didn’t have his towel either!

“You can’t stand out here without anything on!” I laughed. I could feel his erection pressing against my hip through the robe . . . and then as he adjusted his position and lifted the robe slightly, I felt it bare against my skin.

I shook and twisted “Vince, you’re naked. Someone will see!!!” His erection was rubbing over my bottom cheeks and then stopped, resting erect between my cheeks as he pressed me gently against the railing and I stopped my squirming.

“No one can see, they’d have to have telescopes from across the river” he answered.

To the left of us, his sun-seat with a canvas back and canopy, did obscure the rest of the building, and the design of the apartments to the right of us meant there was only a wall. But as I looked over I could clearly see the balcony below and to the left of us. They were both empty, but if we could see down someone would be able to see up if they did come out.
He’d opened my robe at the front now though, and as he continued kissing my neck, and telling me that nobody else was home, his hands were squeezing at my breasts. I turned my head back to accept his request to “kiss”, and knew I was moaning as his tongue slipped over mine and the palm of his hands were scraping over my nipples. They were already hard and tingling, but as he pinched at them gently and then slid one hand down over my tummy, I felt them getting harder and my skin stretching and tingling.

“Vince !!!,” I was trying to protest and twist my hips again . . . but as I twisted he adjusted too, pulling back from me slightly and then pushing forward and I felt his cock sliding between my legs and rubbing against the lips of my pussy. I’d completely lost my resistance now, the fingers of one of his hands was rubbing over my clit whilst I clamped my own hand over the fingers of his other hand which was sliding across my chest and squeezing from one breast to the other. I lifted up on my toes and pushed my hips back and felt him guiding his cock into my, now soaking wet, pussy.

My robe was now completely open at the front and I could feel the handrail of the balcony against my chest with my boobs resting over it as he pushed and rocked me from behind. I had to let go of his hand and grip the handrail with my free hand whilst I struggled to hold onto my glass with the other. He stopped his rocking and reached over to take the glass from me and leant down to put it on the floor next to us. He pushed forward against me again and his cock slid straight back into my pussy without me having to adjust myself at all.

I was just completely gone now. Groaning and pushing back against him and gripping the handrail with both hands. I was loving the feeling, the excitement, knowing my nipples were pressing against nothing but fresh-air, but wanting to push and feel it more. He was still rubbing the fingers of one hand over and over my lips and button and gripping me around my tummy with his other arm. I was completely carried away with what we were doing, opening my eyes for a moment to look out in front of us and down at the river below. I could “feel” the open-air against my skin, but I wanted to see it too. I closed my eyes again, squeezing them tightly tight, wanting so much to come like this, in this position, in this place. I could feel him grunting faster too. He lifted his arm up from tummy to my nipple.

“Oh, squeeze my tits” I gasped at him. He lifted his other hand away from my pussy, but I pushed it back down again. His thrusts were now becoming pumps, hard and grunting in time with each push forwards.

“Not inside” I gasped at him. I heard him grunting louder for several more hard, pushing strokes and then felt him pull suddenly out and thrust his cock forward against me again. I was still gripping the handrail and could feel him rubbing himself feverishly over me, sliding his erection up and down between my bum cheeks.  He had curled both his arms round over my tummy pulling himself against me. I heard him coming, his gasps sounding almost like sobs as he dropped his head onto my shoulder. I felt the wetness splashing up over my back and then over my cheeks as I swivelled my bottom from side to side.

For a moment I thought I’d lost my own momentum, but as he pulled me back into him, his hand slid down between my legs again, the pressure of his wrist rubbing over me like an electric shock. I groaned with the rush of it all . . . grasping the handrail again with both hands, my head hanging over the edge and my legs spread wide apart. He was still holding me around the tummy with both hands now, resting his forehead on my back between my shoulder blades . . . but his fingers were twirling around my clit and over my lips. I groaned again . . .


You can read the beginning and the end of “The Balcony” . . . and my other book in this series, “Arrivals & Departures”, from my Smashwords Authors page at: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/modestyablaze

My books are autobiographical . . . not fictional. They are excerpts from what were initially “private” diaries shared only with my Husband . . . even the cover pictures are my own . . . so everything is 100% me.

AND for the next 7 days only both books are being offered at Smashwords for 25% OFF the normal list price with the following Discount Codes.

“The Modesty Diaries Pt 2 Arrivals & Departures” Discount code is: JC66N

“The Modesty Diaries Pt 3 The Balcony” Discount code is: KX63M

Both books are also available at Amazon (US) and (UK) from my Authors page: Katie Ellison at Author Central

And, now from All Romance Ebooks at: The Modesty Ablaze Diaries at AllRomance



AND as a SPECIAL THANK YOU for every new purchase, from any of the above sites, I will send you a Private Password for my “Balcony Members” only page where you can view some much-more-”private” photos . . . and possibly some personal videos as well.

I hope you will enjoy!!!

With best wishes – Modesty



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And two days later . . . Lover No.5

Whip with No.5

Lover No.14’s favourite whip!

No.5 was one of the first acquaintance’s we’d made at The Club. I’d found him rather overbearing . . . and far too pushy and over-confident for me to feel comfortable with at first. But he was almost a permanent fixture at the bar each time we arrived, and over the weeks as we got to know him a little better I became more accepting of his compliments and teasing chatter. I’d seen him giving a head and shoulder massage to one of the other ladies at the bar on one occasion and told him I loved having my back and shoulders massaged as well. He was quick to oblige of course . . . and it was actually marvellous and very relaxing. But I still told Hubby that I found him “intriguing” rather than “interesting” and that I had no desire to play with him. And anyway, he was clearly popular with other ladies and couples, as he always disappeared off into one of the rooms as the evenings developed. But he’d given Hubby his number and would always greet us saying “You still haven’t called me! I’ll give you a proper full massage, you won’t be disappointed!”

As Hubby drove me to the station on Thursday morning, he reminded me that the kids would be returning home on the weekend and the luxury of having the house to ourselves would be over for the summer. He teasingly joked “why don’t we see if we can end the week with a special home massage”. I didn’t get exactly what, or who, he meant at first . . . but the tingles of excitement of the last few evenings went rippling through me as he explained exactly what he was suggesting.  “No, we couldn’t do that!” I gasped at him in genuine surprise that he’d even thought of it, “and anyway, I’m sure it would be much too short notice for him”. But I could tell by his wicked grin that he loved the idea and, despite my protestations, I found the thought of it quite exciting as well.

He texted me several times throughout the day asking “can I call him?” It was the first thing he said when he arrived home that evening and as we collapsed together onto the sofa I found myself surrendering beneath his kisses, excitedly blurting out “Oh go on then. But he won’t do it, I think he’s all talk”.
But I was to be proved very wrong . . .

Friday evening began as the previous Monday and Wednesday had . . . rushing home from work, showering and preparing the living-room table with drinks and nibbles. This was completely different in every other respect though. I was nervous and apprehensive, even a little angry as the doorbell rang and I hissed to Hubby “I can’t believe I’ve let myself be talked into this”.

He was just as he was at the Club, walking in larger than life and full of himself as he hugged and kissed me as though we were long-term lovers. He handed me a satchel he was carrying as Hubby passed him a glass of wine. “I’ve bought something for the massage” he grinned. I gasped, and then burst out laughing as I opened it up to see, curled between what I took to be two bottles of oil, a red and black handle of what could only be a whip! I handed him back the bag, laughing and shaking my head and telling him “I’m not into bondage!!!”

“No, no” he laughed in reply, “it’s not bondage, it’s just for play” and he handed the bag over to Hubby who I could tell was as genuinely surprised as I was.

Whether it was the wine, the cheek of his entrance, or the intrigue of wanting to know more, the next hour’s conversation just flew by. I was certainly a little tipsy by the time Hubby led us upstairs to the bedroom. Instead of the gradual kissing and caressing of our previous evenings during the week, I had to straight away just take my robe off myself, and then lie down completely naked on my tummy on to the bed.

His massage was even more wonderful than it had been at the Club. His hands worked across my shoulders and down to the small of my back and then up again . . . and his fingers ran up from my neck onto the back of my head and then gently around my scalp. “You’re messing my hair” I whimpered, but it was more of a relaxing whisper than a protest. As he worked his hands down onto shoulders again I could feel his kneading becoming stronger and the pushing and squeezing more pronounced.

“You’ll send her off to sleep if you make her too relaxed” I heard Hubby telling him. “She won’t fall asleep, don’t you worry” he replied . . . and then just brushed his hands down over my spine, so quickly with one hand after the other, in such a way that it made me jump with the sudden change in pressure and sensation. And as his hands worked over the cheeks of my bottom I felt those first warm tingles of arousal mingling with the relaxing release of my muscles.
His hands stroked all the way down to my ankles, and up to my bottom again . . . and again and again. And then down again to my ankles, this time pausing to lift my legs wider apart . . . before I felt the palms of his hands pushing up over my back again, up to my shoulder blades, pushing me into the bed with the pressure.

It was heavenly . . . physically the best massage I’ve ever had, mixed with the sensual wondering at the feelings of warmth and wetness between my legs, and the images of our situation running through my mind, and my nakedness and vulnerability lying, as I was, still face down on the bed.

Then suddenly it came, that first touch as his fingers brushed just for an instant between my inner thighs. Just a gentle, momentary brush . . . but it was like a sharp jolt . . . a tingle that I wanted more of. His hands gripped me by my hips and lifted me up off the bed, “bring your knees up, open them wider” he was telling me as he lifted me a little higher. He then ran his hands back down over my back and down to my shoulders again. It was a different feeling now, soothing still but stimulating and arousing as well, as I wondered just where his fingers and hands would be moving to next.

He ran his hands down and up my back again and then around under my armpits reaching round to brush each hand over my nipples. I moaned as I felt them moving up from my stomach again, this time pausing to squeeze my breasts with the cupped palms of his hands. Then up to my neck and down to my nipples again . . . pausing longer and squeezing harder as he repeated each movement. My moans turned to a louder gasp . . . much louder . . . as suddenly I felt the palm of one hand sliding between my legs from behind me rubbing up over my pussy lips. “You’re very wet” he told me as he slid his hand back again, sliding it slowly back and forth and with slightly more pressure with each wipe.

He paused again, and I sensed him stepping back from the bed for a moment. “Stay still” he told me, “you’ve got to hold your position”.

Suddenly I felt the weight of the whip handle being placed onto my back and the tingle of thin rubber strands being draped between the cheeks of my bottom. The sensation was like something I’d never felt before. I could feel what it was, but I couldn’t see it. I shuddered with the feeling and wanted to twist my bottom but he told me again to stay still. I felt the ends of the strands tickling my ankles as he moved closer behind me and gently parted my legs a little, his hand sliding up over my pussy again. His hand was rubbing back and forth again. “So wet” he said again. And then I felt his fingers sliding between my lips and pushing up inside me. I was moaning loudly again and twisting on my knees as his fingers stroked in and out. “Stay still” he said again. But it was impossible not to be moving with the ecstasy of his fingers fucking me.

I felt the whip handle being lifted off my back and the strands tickling over the soles of my feet. I knew I was coming just from his fingers and these completely new sensations rippling through me. Suddenly I felt the smack of the whip slapping down onto the bedcovers beside me. I heard the swish and felt the motion of his slapping next to my hips as he slapped it down onto the bed again, and then again. His fingers were still fucking me but I tensed myself on them as I sensed the next slap coming down onto the sheets again. It did and I gasped again, relaxing and tensing with the rhythm of the next slap I was expecting. But this time the swish slapped across my buttocks. I let out a loud cry . . . not with pain because it didn’t hurt . . . but with the surprise of suddenly feeling it on my skin. I knew he was going to whip me with it, but hadn’t even had the time to think of preparing myself for it. A second swish followed and then a third and fourth. It wasn’t hurting, just a flicking sensation tingling across my cheeks. I’d gasped with the surprise of it, almost giggling that it wasn’t how I’d expected it to feel.

I gasped much more loudly as he pulled his fingers out of me and spread my knees a little wider. I felt him leaning forward and licking his tongue down the crease between my bum cheeks . . . and lingering with it over my bum hole. His fingers slid in-between my legs from underneath me again and his tongue pushed and probed harder. Suddenly he pulled away and this time I heard the swish of the whip before I felt it hit me, slapping across the cheeks of my bum with more force this time. “Ooohh, fuck” I gasped out, not with pain but with loving all the sensations and feelings rippling through me. It slapped down across me again. Then with quicker and harder swishes and this time up over my back. I could tell by the sound, and sense by the force of the slaps, that he’d stepped back from the end of the bed a little.

Several more slaps followed in quick succession. Across my lower back and then across my bum cheeks again . . . and then the backs of my thighs. I was certainly feeling it more now! A stinging sensation rather than a pain I couldn’t take. I was twisting my bottom again, from one side to the other to meet each swipe as it came. “Stay still” he commanded again. “I fucking can’t” I groaned my response and then gasping out again as several harder swishes followed.

“Aarrgh” I cried out as suddenly he swiped upwards directly between my legs, the rubber strands slapping across my pussy, this time it did hurt. I felt him drop the whip down onto the pillow in front of me. I saw it there inches from my face as I opened my eyes, gasping at the sensation of feeling him pushing his fingers into me from behind again. I was lost completely in the moment now. I could feel a slight tingling in my bum cheeks and wonderful pushing, stroking motions up into my pussy. I could feel him shuffling closer behind me as he pulled his fingers away. My forehead was resting on the strands of the whip lying across the pillow. I opened my eyes to look down between my knees and saw him rolling a condom onto a quite thick looking cock. I knew I probably hadn’t supposed to be seeing his preparation, but the feeling as he just suddenly pushed it into me was still a surprise and a gasping out-aloud moment. I closed my eyes again and steadied myself as I felt him lifting himself up onto his haunches and pushing my head further down onto the pillow in front of me. I pushed the whip handle away and pulled the pillow into me as I felt him pumping quite forcibly into me now. I was starting to come again, but he slowed and stopped for a moment. I suddenly knew why as I groaned out aloud “Oh fucking hell, gently” as I felt a finger pushing into my bumhole. He started thrusting with his cock again now, I could feel it . . . and feel the pressure of his finger in my bottom pushing against it as well.

Hubby told me later that my gasps and groans were the most “guttural” that he’d ever heard me make, as I came with shuddering spasms and a loud “fffuuck” as I felt that release of his finger pulling out as I fell forward into the pillow. I wanted to be curling up into myself and enjoy the aftershocks of my come, but he rolled me over onto my back almost straightaway and knelt between my legs so that I couldn’t pull them up into me. He reached for the whip from above my head somewhere. “Oh no I couldn’t!!!” I gasped out, half giggling but half worried that now just wasn’t the time for more slapping. “Don’t worry. No more whipping” he laughed. Instead he held the whip up above my tummy, dangling the strands down so that they just touched my skin. He was moving it back and forth over me, the stands tickling over my stomach at first, but then up to my nipples. Suddenly I was moaning again, gasping with the feelings and sensations of seeing him crouching over me, his bagged erection wobbling as he ran the strands around and around over my nipples, up into the small of my neck and then right down over my tummy to my pussy. I had to lift my hips up just to meet the tips of the rubber and then twist my hips as he’d stopped twirling the strands.

“Come and tickle your wife” he turned to ask Hubby who had been sitting all this time in our corner chair. I moaned again as I felt the whip, now in new hands, dangling up over my nipples again. “They’re so hard” Hubby was telling me as he reached over with his free hand to pinch at first one, then the other. I groaned even louder as he asked if I was liking it. I had my eyes tightly closed again now as I managed to gasp out a “fucking hell” response . . . I could now feel No.5 rubbing his hardness over my clit as he spread my legs wider. Then he was inside me and thrusting forward, pushing my head back against the pillows with the force of his pumping. He lifted my legs up, holding them by my ankles tightly together in front of him. Hubby had dropped the whip and was now leaning over me sucking and squeezing at my nipples and then kissing my ears and whispering “what’s he doing to you sweetheart?” “Oh god, I’m coming, I’m coming” was all I could respond.

I came again with such a loud scream that it actually stopped them both for a moment. I opened my eyes suddenly sensing that they’d lifted away and then just dropped my head back onto the pillow gasping out “Oh, I fucking love it”. I wanted to roll over onto my side again but No.5 was still holding my legs up together and had started thrusting again. I looked up at him and could tell from the way his eyes were tightly closed, and the expression on his face that he was going to come as well. His explosion sent more little waves through me, just loving the feeling that I was making someone else come as well. He dropped my legs and leant forward into me holding my hips and thrusting with several more strokes. I opened my eyes again to look at him and then across at Hubby who was kneeling on the bed next to us and holding his own erection tightly in his hand. I was just about to reach across to stroke him when he suddenly let out a loud gasp of his own and I saw a jet of white spurt onto my neck. I felt the wetness and then several more splashes onto my chin and cheek. We were all gasping and laughing together, No.5 falling across my legs and rolling over onto the empty side of the bed whilst Hubby had collapsed next to me. I had to lift up and reach over him for the tissues as I could feel his cum dribbling down off my chin and neck.

The men recovered first, laying either side of me stroking my arms and legs and letting me doze off into an exhausted, but totally relaxing sleep from which I didn’t awake until I felt myself alone on the bed. I sat up with a start to see No.5 fully dressed and sitting in the chair putting his shoes on. “Oh, I’m so sorry” I said to him “I didn’t mean to fall asleep”. He laughed and said “it was great to see you come like that. Obviously, it totally relaxed you”. Hubby came back into the bedroom, completely naked, but with a large glass of water for No.5. “I’ve told him he’s welcome to say”, he said. “Oh, yes” I pleaded, “I loved that massage!!!”. Hubby looked across at me and said “I think you enjoyed more than just the massage”.

Despite our invitation, and my teasing that “I’ve had a sleep, I’m refreshed now. Don’t you want to show me more of your whip!” No.5 replied “There’s much more than just the whip to show you. But that will have to be for next time!”

After showing No.5 out, Hubby snuggled back into bed flicking at my nipples with his tongue, “They’re still so hard! Is that from thinking about next time?”

“Fucking hell yes. Can we make it soon please!” I swooned . . .

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And, just 2 days after No.4 . . . with Lover No.1

Modesty Ablaze blue

Gloves and tassles!!!

I’d already agreed to meet with No.1 on Wednesday evening, two weeks before our spur-of-the-moment decision to invite No.4 to our house two nights before. No.1 always has to plan his “evenings out” well in advance so that he doesn’t have to make any last minute excuses at home. We’d originally planned that he would book a hotel, but when Hubby and I learned that our kids would both be away at the same time for the whole week, I asked No.1 if he’d like to come to ours for another three-some instead. I could hear the excitement in his voice on the phone as he told me he’d “love a repeat performance”.

Hubby and I had been texting back and forth all day on the Tuesday telling each other how we couldn’t stop thinking about the events of Monday evening (and Tuesday morning!!) Our early night to get over our exhaustion, turned out to be almost as passionate as the night before . . . well, not quite (LOL!!!) . . . but I enjoyed Hubby telling me how much he’d loved watching me with No.4.
I shook my head and pretended to be shocked when he started suggesting that he wanted to video me with No.1 the following evening . . . but he could tell from my physical response to his kissing and touching and repeated whispers in my ear, that I was actually finding the thought of it all very, very arousing. In the aftermath of my come, I heard myself telling him “only for a bit, and only if he agrees to it”.

I’d forgotten about it the next evening of course as we showered and repeated the routine of preparing the table with drinks and nibbles as we had on Monday night. No.1 arrived exactly on time and we sat drinking our wine and chatting away just like the old friends we all actually are. I’d sat down on the sofa next to No.1 whilst Hubby sat directly across from us in his armchair. It just seemed perfectly natural when No.1 started stroking my leg as we talked . . . and soon we were placing our glasses down on the coffee table and kissing and caressing as though we were completely on our own.

My robe was quickly untied and I felt those familiar fingers stroking over my nipples and squeezing and caressing gently under my breasts. His hands slowly slid down to my hips as he kissed my neck and then flicked his tongue down over my nipples. My legs were already parted but he spread them further and then lifted my left foot up onto the arm of the sofa. I was already quite wet and his fingers slid into me easily as he continued kissing and flicking his tongue across my nipples. “Oh, suck my tits” I moaned into his ear. His fingers were deliciously stroking and turning inside me and then the wonderful sensation of his lips sucking hard from one nipple to the other, had me writhing and gasping and twisting my hips on the cushion of the sofa.

He stood up in front of me and started quickly unbuttoning his shirt. I leant forward to unfasten his belt and pull his trousers down over his hips. His cock sprang up in front of me and I leant further forward to suck it hungrily into my mouth. He pulled away again though to step completely out of his clothes and pull off his shoes and socks. As I pulled off my own robe and re-adjusted myself on the sofa I could see Hubby standing up from his armchair across the room from us and undressing himself.

I quickly forgot about everything else though as No.1 knelt down in front of me and lifted both my legs up onto his shoulders. His tongue was sliding over my pussy lips whilst those fingers were again sliding and stroking into me. “Oh fuck, I love that” I was encouraging him as his fingers stroked and twirled inside me and his tongue and lips flicked and sucked at my button. “Ohh” I’d reached down with both hands to pull his head further into me as I pushed my hips further forward to meet him and ran my hands down over his back. I was loving the feeling of his shoulders rocking against my hands in perfect rhythm with the stroking and sliding of his fingers and tongue.

He lifted away again, standing forward and hooking his arms under my legs. I gasped out as he leant forward into me, his cock sliding straight inside and his pushing and lifting motion with his arms lifting my bottom up off the seat of the sofa . . . and then thumping me down, and up, again. I’d tried to reach out and wrap my arms around his back, but his stroking was getting faster and faster and I had to reach down to grasp the cushion of the sofa to keep my balance and my own thrusting back and forwards into him. “Oh fucking hell” I was gasping out as we pumped against each other, “I love fucking like this”.
I was getting closer and closer now . . . and arching my back into the sofa more and more with each stroke . . . until finally I cried out with the glorious rush of coming. I’d pulled myself up into him as I shuddered and shook, throwing my arms around his shoulders and pulling against him with such force that apparently my fingernails left raking scratches over his back.

I couldn’t release my grip at first, not for a minute or so, until I felt him trying to lift away from me and with a final loud groan I flopped backwards onto the cushions. “Incredible, amazing” I heard my Hubby telling No.1 and suddenly realised that he’d moved from across the room to the other end of the sofa beside us. I opened my eyes as his words had suddenly brought me back to my senses. No.1 was still standing up in front of the sofa, his cock still erect and glistening wonderfully with what I knew were my own juices. It wobbled majestically as he moved to sit down on the edge of the cushion next to me.

“You’ll have to sit up to make some room” Hubby was saying to me as he leant across to kiss my forehead, “he’ll need to sit down after that”.

“Well you’ll have to go back to your chair then”, I replied as I lifted myself up and sat back into the corner of the sofa again. No.1 sat down beside me as Hubby obliged by doing as I’d asked and moved back across the room. I stroked at No.1’s erection as he put his arm around my shoulder and kissed my cheek telling me how wonderful it had been. “I think you’ve scratched me though” he said and pulled away to turn round to show me his back. “Oh, my god”, I exclaimed “I’m really sorry, it is quite marked”. The sudden shock of realising that he was going to have to go home with scratch marks clearly showing on his back quickly brought me back down to earth. I suddenly felt guilty and quite worried. “You’ve never done that to me before” he said.

Hubby came back across the room to look and said he was sure they’d go down a bit in an hour or so. “You’ll just have to say you were scratching your back in the shower, if you get asked” he laughed. But I still felt terribly guilty and was looking at them again and trying to rub them gently in the forlorn hope that they would already start to disappear. But Hubby was lifting me up by my hand and saying “lets go upstairs, and you can give him a proper massage in bed”.

The comfort of stretching out onto the fresh sheets I’d changed that morning was certainly refreshing and somewhat calming as well. No.1 didn’t seem too upset or worried about his scratches as he was quickly kissing and licking at my breasts again. I immediately felt myself responding and opening my legs as his fingers traced a path over my tummy down to my lips again. “I should be doing something for you” I gasped with the delight of feeling myself being opened up again by those wonderful, probing, fingers. “Not yet” was  his response as he shifted on the bed and slid down between my legs. The sofa had been wonderfully passionate . . . and it had been so exciting to be taken so quickly like that . . . but I was now enjoying being able to stretch my legs out and lay my head back against the pillow.

I could sense movement, and a strange muted whirring noise, disturbing the lovely sensations of the lips and fingers between my legs. I opened my eyes to see Hubby standing right next to me, at the head of the bed, with his video camera in hand. I pulled a face of annoyance, but he said “It’s ok, I have asked!” I glanced down at No.1 who’d lifted his face up for a moment. His eyes were wide open and even though his tongue was still flicking wonderfully over me, I could tell he was smiling as he nodded his response. I closed my eyes again and straightened my head further back into the pillow. The thought of Hubby taking pictures and video suddenly washed over me in a complete surge of excitement and arousal of a completely different sort to the feelings I’d had on the sofa downstairs.

“Oh fuck” I gasped out., “that’s really, really nice”. I opened my eyes to look down the bed again. No.1 was kneeling up to one side stroking his fingers in and out of me with one hand whilst reaching up with the other pinching my nipples back and forth from one to the other. “Oh, I want it, I want it”, I was moaning as his fingers were stroking faster and faster. I was coming so quickly again and I couldn’t control it. “Oh, I’m coming, fucking coming”, I was crying out as his fingers pumped and I twisted my hips from side to side. I let out a loud final groan as he pulled his hand away and I rolled over onto my side, pulling my knees up to my chest.

I could feel him lying down behind me and cuddling into me, and then the weight of Hubby kneeling onto the bed as well. I opened my eyes. “Turn that fucking thing off now” I hissed at him, shuddering again as I felt No.1’s arm reaching over me and pulling my back into him.

We all lay together for quite some time. Talking and kissing and cuddling. “I feel really selfish and indulgent” I said as I was turning my head from left to right every so often, to return the kisses and compliments of both of them. It felt wonderful to be lying there squeezed between two warm and soft bodies . . . well not quite soft all over . . . both of them had hard and stiff erections.

I lifted myself up on one elbow and shuffled down the bed slightly to lean forward to suck my lips over No.1’s cock. I really do love the feeling of that warmth and hardness inside my mouth. I felt Hubby shuffling around behind me. I reached round with my free hand and wrapped my fingers around his erection. As I sucked my mouth up and down, and flicked my tongue around No.1’s head, I could feel Hubby kneeling up behind me . . . he was videoing again. This time I didn’t feel distracted, I was enjoying myself too much . . . and actually enjoying the thought of my naughtiness being captured on video for the first time.

No.1 was clearly enjoying my attentions and beginning to make quiet gasping moans of his own. He pulled away though and got up off the bed to stand in front of me, teasing me with his erection standing up gloriously. I shuffled on my tummy across to the edge of the bed to lean forward and take him into my mouth again, sucking him in deep and reaching both my hands around behind his bum to pull us closer together.

I suddenly felt Hubby’s fingers sliding between my legs and stroking under me and over my clit. I was moaning too now, lifting my bottom up and kneeling forward further. I felt Hubby kneeling onto the bed behind me, and then shuffling forward against me. His cock rubbed teasingly over my bum cheeks. I reached round behind me with one hand to hold and stroke him at first . . . but then to guide him between my lips and into me.

My moans were muffled by having my mouth full, but I knew they were getting louder as I felt them both pushing into me from different ends. No.1 stroking gently into my mouth, Hubby stroking not so gently into my cunt. Both of them were getting faster now and I could hear No.1’s moaning getting louder as well. He suddenly pulled away and said “can we roll her over onto her back”. I didn’t know whether to feel annoyed, or aroused, by suddenly hearing him talking to Hubby as though I didn’t even need to be asked what I wanted. The sudden sensation of Hubby pulling out of me and feeling No.1 taking my shoulders, and Hubby taking my ankles, and being turned over onto my back was completely overwhelming though. I was definitely aroused . . . not annoyed.

My head was now hanging over the bed. I looked up at No.1’s balls and then his hand pushing his cock down into my lips. I could feel Hubby shuffling forward, and then as I spread my legs wider for him, his cock rubbing over me and then sliding inside. He lifted my legs up onto his shoulders and his thrusting pushed my head further into No.1’s cock which he was now quite vigorously stroking in and out of my mouth. Hubby re-adjusted himself, lifting my ankles even higher . . . and No.1 had pulled away for a moment as well, leaning forward over me and reaching his hands down over my tummy, rubbing his fingers around and around over my clit as Hubby began stroking forward again. I was groaning quite loudly now, feeling more and more aroused at what they were doing to me. I opened my eyes for a moment and gasped as I looked up at No.1’s balls and bum above me. I reached up to stroke his cock, telling him “You’ve got such a lovely bum”.

Hubby was getting quite carried away himself now. Gasping out and pushing into me faster and faster. No.1 lifted back and guided his cock back into my mouth. I cupped his balls in one hand as I tried to steady myself by holding onto the bed sheets with the other as Hubby was pumping into me. I could tell from his grunts that he was on the point of coming . . . but it was No.1 who came first, suddenly crying out himself and thrusting himself downwards into my face. I felt his spurting into my mouth . . . and then sudden warm splashes against my cheek and chin as he pulled his cock out, squeezing himself in his hand as it continued to spurt all over me. I felt him stepping backwards a bit, and his come splashing onto my forehead and hair, but just as I started to open my eyes and lift myself up, Hubby let out a loud groan and sudden huge thrusts. I gasped myself as I felt him pulling out of me and then falling forward, spurting onto my tummy.

I couldn’t move from the weight of Hubby leaning across my tummy, but No.1’s come was now dribbling down into my eyes and nose, so I had to try and twist myself from underneath Hubby’s dead-weight and sit-up. I felt No.1 placing some tissue from the bedside table into my hand, and started to wipe my face clean. Hubby’s come was now also dribbling, but thankfully only across my tummy.

I opened my eyes to see Hubby sitting up next to me grinning like a Cheshire cat . . . and with the camera still in his hand. I couldn’t stop myself giggling with the excitement of being so naughty and with the feeling of being covered in both men’s come.

We all collapsed back onto the bed, each of us gasping and giggling and laughing at, and with, each other. “Incredible” Hubby was saying over and over . . . and No.1 was laughing in agreement saying “I don’t think I’ve ever had so much”. “I know!!!” I exclaimed, “you drenched me, both of you did. And it’s still in my nose!!!”

Unlike the evening two nights before, I knew I wasn’t going to have the luxury of my lover being able to “sleep over”. But I didn’t want to let him go. We lay cradled together for almost an hour. Dozing and talking and then dozing again. There’s just something so lovely and indulgent about lying cuddled between two men and feeling like I never wanted them to let me go. Both Hubby and I tried to delay him from getting up out of the bed . . . Hubby by telling him “I’m sure she’d love some more of that all over again” . . . and me by sliding my finger down to my still wet lips, and then up to his, pushing it gently into his mouth and giggling, and moaning, as he sucked it dry. But we knew he really did have to go.

His goodnight kiss was wonderful, wet and lingering. I sank back down onto the bed as Hubby got up to follow him downstairs and see him out. As he came back into the bedroom I said to him in mock anger, “You were naughty having that camera!”.

He laughed and slid his hands down between my legs, “and you were very, very naughty ON that camera!” I gasped with the sliding of his fingers . . . and the exciting, naughty, memory of the last two hours . . .

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I’m now on Smashwords . . .

The Modesty Ablaze Diaries - Pt 2 Arrivals & Departures

Arrivals & Departures

I’m so excited!!!! I’ve just had my first short-story “The Balcony” . . . and a NEW story “Arrivals & Departures” published on Smashwords.

Both stories are available in a variety of different E-Pub formats for reading on Apple I-Pads/I-Books, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, Adobe Digital-Editions . . . even PDF format for downloading onto your computer.

And, for the next 14 days, they are at a specially discounted price.

I’m new to all of this of course, but I’ve been receiving lots of emails suggesting that I should publish . . . so, I thought I would give it a try.

You can find out more, and download both books, from my Smashwords author page at: Modesty Ablaze at Smashwords.

And, as a SPECIAL THANK YOU for everyone who buys a copy, I will send you a Private Password for my “Balcony Members” only page where you can view some much-more-”private” photos . . . and possibly some personal videos.

I think the cost of the book is a very modest one, and I hope you will agree the “extra benefits” will make it even more worth your while.


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Evening at home with Lover No.4

Modesty Ablaze Nipple Tassles

Such an exhausting, but thrilling, week . . . a week of three different lovers in five days! And . . . three new experiences (inviting someone we’d met at The Club to our home for a “sleep-over”, letting Hubby video me in action, and . . . well, I’ll leave that last new experience until I post about the evening it actually happened on. So you’ll need to be patient with me!!)

We’d first met No.4 at our swinging club some months ago. It had been a “burlesque” theme night (hence the picture above). I’d dressed all in black with my black nipple tassles, gloves and stockings and suspenders. He was cheeky and chatty and we ended up playing briefly then, and then for longer interludes in the “lockable room” on several occasions since. We had actually exchanged mobile no’s on that first meeting and he had sent a text the very next day to say how much he’d enjoyed being with us. I’d sent a polite “thank you, me too” text back as a reply. A week later he messaged again to ask if we’d be visiting the club that weekend. I had to tell him that we weren’t able to make it on that occasion but would let him know the next time we planned to visit. Timing was good for us the following weekend and we let him know we would be going along . . . and sure enough he was already at the bar when we arrived. We played again that night, and then again several weeks later when we’d again told him we would be at the club.

Our times together in the room were a little longer on each subsequent occasion, but it was from our chats at the bar that made both Hubby and I agree that he was different from most of the other single guys we’d met at the club. And, in the aftermath,of one passionate after-club session with Hubby I found myself very, very aroused by his suggestion that it would be fun to entertain “No.4 at home for a sleep-over”. After I’d recovered from the explosion of the sensations brought on by that suggestion, I asked Hubby if he was really sure we could, or should, be doing that. He pointed out that we’d both said after each of our club-sessions with him how different, sensible and genuine he’d seemed.
So as we lay in bed, winding down that Sunday morning, I messaged him to ask if he was interested in joining us the following evening. His reply was almost immediate . . . “would love to”

I’d been quite apprehensive and nervous at work all day and even talking in the car with Hubby on the way home from the office I told him I still had misgivings about actually inviting someone back to our home. I fussed about in the dining room setting out nibbles and glasses whilst Hubby showered . . . it wasn’t until I was under the shower myself that I began to tell myself it was “too late to turn back now”. Hubby set off to pick up No.4 from the station whilst I re-did my make-up and chose my favourite silk robe . . . there was no point in dressing up in one of my club-outfits, he’d already seen me naked. Much better to feel comfortable, after-all we all of us knew why we’d invited him!

He was very complimentary about my robe as he returned my kiss on the cheek by way of a greeting. But that first half an hour was still nervously awkward and difficult as the three of us sat chatting and sipping at our wine. The conversation did flow naturally of course into each of our adventures at the club and our reasons for visiting in the first place, and our fulfilment and enjoyment since. Eventually though it fell to Hubby to finally suggest we go upstairs.
Once in the bedroom though all our inhibitions seemed to instantly vanish . . . just as though we were in the familiar territory of the “lockable room” back at the club. The evening that followed though was anything but like the 30 minutes or so we’d previously experienced at the club.

No.4 and I lay back on the bed, me still in my robe him still in his shirt and trousers. Our slow kissing and fondling was so completely different, and seemingly more passionate, than what we had experienced at the club. It was as though we were discovering each other for the very first time. And amazingly it seemed even more passionate and exciting. Even Hubby (who was sitting watching in the corner) told me later it was so much more sensual and arousing than anything he’d seen me do before.

Our fondling slowly became more amorous and adventurous . . . I unbuttoned his shirt and ran my hands up over his chest, then lay back as he carefully untied my robe. I heard myself gasping loudly even before he bent his head forward to suck at my nipples. I was loving returning his deep tonguing kisses (he’d never kissed me like this at the club) whilst I undid his belt and then struggled to slide his trousers and pants down over his erection. I had remembered his lovely cock . . . I’d thought about it lots of times since that first encounter at the club . . . it wasn’t anything out of ordinary in size but just such a lovely shaped head and smooth shaft. Images of it were once again flashing through my mind as I stroked my hand down over it as I freed it from his pants.

I lost my grip though as he pulled away to slide his mouth away from my breasts and down over my tummy to my already tingling lips. I felt his tongue gliding over me and then a delicious sucking feeling pulling at my clit. His fingers followed quite quickly, too thick sliding into me to be his tongue . . . and too deep and too fast. And the pushing quickly got faster and faster, so fast and so delicious I had to open my eyes and look down. He was crouching over me and I could see, as well as feel, his hand slapping against me as his fingers were thrusting in and out of me. I knew I was already gasping quite loudly with each thrust, but had to throw my head backwards onto the bed and close my eyes again. Groaning out loudly “oh fucking hell, what are you doing to me”. I could almost hear the wetness, the slurping and slapping sound as his fingers pushed in and out of me.

The come was huge, I was conscious only of screaming out and having to reach down and push his hands away as I rolled over onto my side pulling my legs up into my chest. Only minutes ago we’d been cuddling and caressing and slowly undressing each other and now I was curling myself up into a ball, moaning and groaning with the exertion and release of the waves and ripples of a wonderful orgasm.

Instead of suddenly having to remind myself where I was and quickly, and self-consciously, having to get up and get dressed as we would have if we’d been at the club, the release of just rocking back and forth on my own bed, in my own home, was such a wonderful, luxurious, indulgent sensation. I had all those thoughts washing over me . . . and the soothing feeling of his hands gently stroking down over my arm and over my buttocks and calves . . . and all the way down to my ankles. It was glorious, and lovely . . . and selfish all rolled into one.

Hubby tells me the stroking only lasted a few minutes or so, but it felt like half an hour or more . . . until I was conscious of being straightened out on my back again and my legs being eased open. He was kneeling beside me now, one hand stroking over my breasts, the other sliding over my pussy again. Over my lips and already sliding around and around over my clit. I opened my eyes to see his erection poking up between his legs as he knelt there. I reached over to grasp at it, squeezing the palm of my hand around it as I felt myself unbelievably responding again, already, to his fingers rubbing over me. I turned my head across to the other side of the room. Hubby was still in his chair, but naked now too, and his own cock was standing straight up erect from his lap. I reached out motioning with my free hand, seconds later he was standing at the side of the bed next to us and I was wrapping my fingers around his cock as well.

I felt him stroking his hand down between my legs as well, now two hands sliding and rubbing and probing. I could feel fingers pushing in again now, but not Hubby’s. He’d lifted his fingers up towards my face exclaiming, “My God M, you’re so wet, the bedclothes are sopping wet”. I looked up at him for a moment, cursing inwardly that he’d interrupted my momentum . . . and then feeling No.4’s thrusting fingers again, I managed to gasp out “let me suck them then”. The taste of myself on his fingers was like another surge of the excitement and passion of the occasion. I pushed his hand downwards over my tummy again. I felt No.4 shifting . . . I opened my eyes to watch Hubby’s fingers replacing his as he knelt up and started sliding a condom over his erection. I still had my eyes open as he reached up with a hand on each of my knees and pushed himself forwards into me. Hubby stepped away and I felt myself straightening back on the bed and curling my legs around No.4’s back as he stroked into me. His pushing was slow and rhythmic at first and with Hubby leaning forward to start pinching and sucking at my nipples, I felt glorious as I arched my back to push my hips into him. The feeling of both sensations was wonderful. I tried to reach my arms out to grip at his shoulders, Hubby lifted away again to let my hands reach No.4’s arms. Then I was gasping loudly again as he lifted my legs upwards and over his shoulders and his stroking turned to pumping and then to quickening thrusts and deep, deep pounding. I was crying out and he was gasping and groaning and then shaking . . . I knew he was coming, I threw my head backwards into the pillow again gasping out “Oh that’s nice, fucking love it, fucking love it.”

His shuddering continued for several more thrusts, slowing with each push until he pulled away completely, rolling me onto my side again and then collapsing down beside me. I came as I was straightening my legs, shuddering and loudly gasping out my own come as I felt Hubby cuddling into my chest. I was squeezing his hand and pulling him further into me as I could hear, and feel on my back, No.4’s gasping breaths as well. We lay and rested in recovery mode, with Hubby the first to break the silence, telling me (or both No.4 and I) how “that was just the most incredible thing to see”.

We fucked several times more in the hours that followed with truly wonderful turns of fingering and massage and sucking and licking and followed again by more fucking and fingering. Eventually all three of us dozing off cuddled together in exhausted relaxation.

Hubby woke up first, whispering in my ear as No.4 lay gently snoring beside me, that he’d never seen me come so many times! And, he was ready for more! It was 6 a.m. and the morning light was already beginning to lighten the room behind the curtains. I whispered my protest that we’d have to be getting up to go to work in less than an hour . . . but my nipples were already erect under his fingers. As he began licking and sucking at them, my muffled moans and the gentle rocking of my body as he cuddled next to me, had obviously woken No.4. His hands were now stroking over me as well. It was he who sat up first, rolling me over onto my back again and sliding his hands down between my legs . . . and then those fingers, sliding and slipping and then pushing and thrusting . . .

I came twice more . . . Hubby says even more loudly than the night before . . . so loudly that he was sure the neighbours wouldn’t have needed their wake-up alarms! It was wondrous and as Hubby drove the three of us to the station for our journeys into work, we all agreed it had been more thrilling and exciting than any of us had thought it could be.
What a lovely start to the day . . . and what a lovely start to what was an amazing week!!!

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Three Lovers in Five Days !!!

Such an exhausting . . . but ABSOLUTELY wonderful week!!!

Three different lovers in the space of five days . . . well five evenings actually! . . . AND tried something new (for me) which was very, very exciting. So exciting, that I’d love to do it AGAIN !!

I will try and post a diary entry . . . or that should be, multiple entries . . . here as soon as I can.

And there may be some pictures for my “Private” page if I think any of them are suitable. (Haven’t had the chance to look through them all yet!).

With best wishes – Modesty


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Modesty on Amazon . . .

The Modesty Diaries "The Balcony"This is not meant to be an advert . . . I really do promise. Please just scroll down to my previous posts (or from the “Recent Posts” panel on the right to see my most recent posts here) if you find this distasteful.

But it is just that SO MANY people have been messaging me to ask about how I started out on our “lifestyle” and about how I met my semi-regular lovers, that . . .

I thought it might be interesting to publish excerpts from my own private diary, from the past ten years or so, as Ebook short stories. Most of them are reasonably short journal entries hastily typed into our computer a few days after the event. They were originally meant as fun recollections for Hubby and I to browse back through from time to time, but are in fact what led to me actually starting an on-line diary here.

The Ebook idea came about because I have been approached by a real Ebook publisher to submit several manuscripts for review. (Hence why this first book on Amazon is actually “Part 3”), but I thought I would also try doing it myself.

I realise it is quite short (some of my original diary entries are much longer), but as this is a first attempt . . . and a lovely memory that I STILL get turned-on about . . . I thought I would publish this one first.

There are many, many more accounts of meetings and fun with all of my lovers, but this one (called “The Balcony”) is from one of my evenings with a young man who will always have a special place in my memories.

You can download it from Amazon from the following link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008EDGJYG

Perhaps if it is popular I will publish some more memoirs from earlier meetings … and how Hubby and I started on our wonderful lifestyle.

Please do let me know what you think!!!

AND please don’t be cross if you think I shouldn’t be selling things like this on-line, it’s just that so many have asked!

With best wishes – Modesty

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Hubby gets his reward . . . 3-some with Lover No 1.

Throughout all the years of my affair with Lover No 1, Hubby had constantly asked if I would invite him along to “just watch, not even to join in”. And for years I’d told him that I’d be too nervous, and not able to really be myself, and that he’d just have to make do with me telling him all about things on my return home. I had talked with Lover No 1, about Hubby’s requests quite early on in our relationship and we’d both agreed that it would make things more difficult, and “unnatural”. But over the years, as we talked about it more, and as our own relationship grew and became more adventurous, it was clear that we’d begun to enjoy the fantasy aspect of it as well. And it started to become a topic of conversation during our meetings, with No 1 teasingly asking “are you going to bring him along next time?”.

Eventually he’d suggested it would make the perfect anniversary gift for Hubby and I . . . and so it happened. And, with Hubby sitting quietly in the corner as he’d promised, it was actually far easier than I’d imagined (this was several years before our first Swingers Club adventure).

But it was still almost a year before we agreed he could join us again. And on that occasion I did find myself getting so aroused and carried away that I called out for him to come over to the bed and join in. And it was amazing . . . just wonderful for all of us. Different, and wildly passionate total sexual abandonment.

I would still meet with No 1 more regularly just on my own of course, but we have had several more fun 3-some evenings since, and, as I had started to feel guilty about “locking Hubby out” several weeks ago, when Lover No 1 called to see if I was free, I asked if I could bring Hubby along again. He agreed without a moments hesitation.

Hubby booked a local Holiday Inn for our mid-week rendezvous. We met after work and drove straight to the hotel, (stopping off briefly to buy wine and snacks), so that we’d both have time to shower before No 1 arrived. We both lounged in our towels on the bed until he arrived, and then all sat chatting and sipping wine for 30 minutes or so until he made the first move by saying he would just take a quick shower. Hubby moved over onto the chair in the corner when No 1 returned to the bed. I’d already unwrapped my towel and just lifted up the bedclothes to welcome him in next to me. I felt his erection already rubbing against my thigh as he cuddled in next to me and began kissing me.

The next few minutes were a blur as I completely lost myself in his kisses and caresses. I could feel his firmness even harder against me now as he squeezed against me, his hands stroking down over my arms and then pulling at my nipples with his fingers . . . and then sucking them up between his lips. If Hubby was moving around I certainly couldn’t hear him. All I could hear was my moans of pleasure, and No 1’s lips popping away from each nipple before sucking them into his hot mouth again. I arched my neck backwards as his tongue licked further down my tummy and his hand traced a path before it, to slide in between my legs and pry them apart.

I gasped as I felt him lifting the bedclothes off us (or was it Hubby pulling them back?) and then felt his fingers sliding in between my pussy lips. I groaned louder as they pushed further, and harder, and faster. I reached down with my own hand to lift his fingers away from inside of me and lift them up to my mouth. “I want to taste my juices” I told him (and Hubby whom I assumed to still be sitting in the corner), before I pushed them down and into me again. Groaning loudly as I felt two, or three, pushing and curling up inside me. “Fffuucck” I was groaning out. “Fucking love it”.

I was already beginning to lose myself completely in the emotion of it all. Feeling those wonderful fingers stroking in and out . . . and knowing my legs were spread wide . . . wide enough for my husband to be having a grandstand view of what those fingers were doing to me. I had my eyes closed, and all I could hear was my own gasps and groans, but I knew Hubby would be gasping too.

Suddenly the fingers pulled away from me, sliding gloriously over my clit, and then forcing me back further onto the bed as I felt him kneeling up and moving over me. He lay forward to kiss me, his lips bouncing across my breasts and nipples as I felt his erection now sliding into me. I groaned and gasped with the pressure as I felt him pumping over me. “Oh God,” I cried out as I felt his full weight on my chest, and then him lifting away for an instant, before pounding down onto me again. I could feel his cock pumping in and out of me with a quickly increasing rhythm, and hear the mattress squeaking and creaking in time with my gasps and groans.

He paused for a moment to re-adjust, hooking his elbows in under each of my legs and then lifting them up over his shoulders. “Ohh fucking hell” I groaned out. “Deep enough?” he asked. I opened my eyes to see him grinning down at me as he began increasing his stroking again. “Yes, fucking deep!” I exclaimed, half giggling half gasping my answer. We continued our steady rocking back and forth against each other, I couldn’t tell for how long, until I felt him re-adjusting again, this time pulling back slightly and then bringing my legs tighter together and reaching forward with the palms of his hands squeezing down over my nipples again.

I came with loud screams (“so loud they must have heard in the corridor and next rooms” Hubby told me later). But I was oblivious to everything but the spasms and shudders of my orgasm. I felt him pulling out and rolling me over onto my side, my legs flopping down onto the bed. He slid in behind me pulling my back into his chest and cuddling his arms over my own, kissing my neck and shoulders as I continued to tingle and shudder.

We lay for several minutes before he pulled away from me and then rolled me over onto my other side to face him. He was kissing me passionately, more passionately than he normally would I was thinking! Then he rolled completely onto his back pulling me up on top of him, I felt my knees involuntarily sliding each side of his hips as he lifted me up into a sitting position. I started gasping again as he reached up squeezing at my nipples again. “Not yet” I was trying to tell him, trying to brush his hands away, but he was playing with me, reaching straight back with each hand just as quickly as I pushed them away . . . and bucking his hips up against me making me reach down to hold his chest to try to steady myself. I felt his still hard cock underneath me. I started to rub my pussy lips over his hot erection, whimpering again as I felt my own wetness there on his cock, and his fingers twisting and pulling at my nipples again.

“Sit on me” he told me. I wanted it now too. I lifted up and reached round behind my cheeks to guide him in, but he pulled my hand away and tugged gently at my arm “No, I want you to turn round and face my feet”. I laughed and tried again to reach round to find his cock and change his mind, but he persisted with his tugging and pulling at my arm. I lifted my right leg up and turned round to face his feet and lift my left leg back over him. I looked down between my legs now and grasped his shiny cock, glistening wet from my own juices, and guided him in . . . feeling that wonderful feeling as I sat back on him. He’d sat up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me back further onto him and thrusting up into me. I gasped and opened my eyes again, looking straight across the foot of the bed to see Hubby grinning wildly at me sitting completely naked in the chair pulled up close to the bed . . . his own cock standing up fully erect between the fingers of the hand he was gripping himself with, his other hand cupping his balls from underneath. I heard myself gasping again, closing my eyes, moaning quite loudly I knew, with the sensation of bouncing myself up and down on my lovers cock knowing Hubby was sitting just feet away, loving it almost as much as I was.

I was gasping and grunting again with the thoughts running through my head, and the exertion of the thrusting against me. No. 1 had fallen back on his back again and pulled me back with him. We’d come apart and I rolled off him and turned round to face him again. He sat up to meet me and rolled me over onto my back again sliding his mouth across my nipples again. They really were sensitive now though and I pushed his head down over my tummy. He knew where I really needed his lips and tongue. I gasped out quite loudly, calling Hubby’s name and lifting my arms up . . . I had my eyes closed but I could hear him standing up from his chair and then felt his weight as he knelt onto the bed beside us. I was gasping at the feel of No. 1’s lips sucking at my clit and what must have been his finger pushing into me . . . it was too long and hard to have been his tongue. I could sense someone leaning forward over me and opened my eyes to see Hubby’s grinning face leaning into mine. His tongue was hot and wet as we kissed into one another, I wrapped my arms around his back as we kissed. I was swooning from the feelings between my lips at both ends!

Hubby pulled away and knelt closer towards the pillow . . . I opened my eyes again to see his hard cock wobbling in front of me. I reached over to pull it to my lips and moments after I did so I felt a pulling away from below, and then hands on my hips turning me over and lifting me up onto my knees. We all adjusted our positions, No. 1 kneeling between my legs from behind, Hubby shuffling further into the bed in front. I felt his cock begin pushing in and out of my mouth . . . and, almost instantaneously, No. 1’s cock pushing into me from behind. The thrusting seemed completely synchronised, my pussy being rocked forward pushing my mouth onto my husbands hard cock which, in turn, pushed me backwards onto the hardness of No. 1. I could hear them both grunting now, my own groans were muffled of course . . . until Hubby pulled away for a moment to ask me “what’s he doing to you?” I giggled as I looked up at him, “fucking my cunt!” before gasping again as another thrust pushed me forward and my lips opened to accept Hubby’s cock fucking into my mouth again. I felt No. 1 pulling out, yet holding me steady by my hips, and asking Hubby if he’d like to change ends. I giggled again “don’t I get a say?” as I stayed in position on my knees and elbows. Hubby kissed my bottom cheeks and replied “of course sweetheart, do you want to stop?”. I didn’t answer, I was already greedily sucking onto No. 1’s lovely cock and wrapping my arms around his lovely bum to pull him harder into me. I felt Hubby’s knob pushing and thrusting into me with even harder strokes than No. 1 had been pumping at me before. Neither were going to give me the chance to change my mind.

I had lost my concentration momentarily, but I love the feeling of No. 1’s cock in my mouth, not that it’s very much different from Hubby’s . . . perhaps just a little thicker . . . but just knowing it’s different, knowing I’m giving someone else pleasure and knowing that Hubby was right there stroking into me at the same time. Suddenly I began to feel fingers all over me as well as the thrusting of both cocks pushing into me. No. 1 was gently squeezing at my breasts again, his palms just squeezing, then releasing, then scraping across my nipples . . . and Hubby’s fingers were swirling over my clit, round and round in time with his pumping. I had to pull my mouth away from No. 1’s cock, the sensations were overwhelming me again. I exploded with a long groan and then muffled gasps as I fell forward onto No. 1’s knee and then buried my face into the bedclothes as Hubby pumped and pounded behind me. I collapsed down onto my stomach, writhing and shaking and then pulling my knees up to my tummy as I rolled onto my side. I could feel them both moving around on the bed beside me and exchanging compliments about how “amazing she is” . . . but their voices became more muffled and distant as I squeezed my eyes more tightly closed and drifted away into that zone where nothing, or no-one, can touch or speak.

Apparently I dozed for half an hour or so, before stirring and becoming conscious once again of voices and their conversation across my shoulder. They were cuddled up against me, one either side, and talking in half whispers . . . I lifted up my head “what are you saying, are you talking about me”. No. 1 laughed and said he’d been saying how lucky we were all, to share such incredible times. I rolled over onto my back and sat up to accept his offering of my wine glass. We all sat up, our backs against the pillows pulled up against the headboard of the bed, continuing the conversation about previous meetings (all of us together, and No. 1 and I on our own).

We’d been talking for some time when No. 1 said he’d have to be making a move soon. “You can’t let him go home like that sweetheart!” Hubby teased me as he pointed over at No. 1’s still semi-erect cock lying so wonderfully up against his tummy. “Oh, yes I see what you mean” I said as I reached over to stroke it and it almost immediately stood-upwards. I leant down and sucked him into my mouth again. I’d twisted down and rolled over slightly and could feel Hubby now rubbing himself against my lower back. I reached round behind me to grasp him, he felt quite erect now as well. But I was more intent on No. 1’s lovely cock now, sucking it slowly up and down and pulling off a little to roll my tongue around it’s head and then down the shaft to his balls, pulling my hand away from Hubby and instead reaching round to squeeze No. 1 with both hands now, one cupping and playing under his balls, the other sliding up and down over his length as I flicked my tongue round and round his head now. He suddenly started gasping quite quickly and lifted away, “can I come, I need to come”. I rolled onto my back and slid down the bed a little, “come on then, you can come on my face” I told him. I was only looking up at him, but heard Hubby gasping out from next to me “Oh, God, oh God, do it, do it on her”. I reached back with my free hand to grasp Hubby’s cock, he was straining on my other side now, gasping loudly in unison with No. 1 who was playing with his own cock with both hands now. I reached round to slide my hand over his hip and bum cheek as I watched him stroking himself back and forth.

No. 1 came first, spurting a sudden burst of white as he gasped out loudly. I felt it splash across my chin and onto my neck with a second spurt. I was still stroking Hubby hard with my right hand and heard him gasping out loudly. I turned towards him just in time to see his first jet shooting out over me. It felt almost like I was seeing him shooting another jet towards me before I felt the first, but in seconds I could feel the warmth and wetness hitting against my cheek and nose, then more across my lips . . . and as I gasped and giggled out, more across my forehead and then into my mouth as I swallowed for air. I felt splashing across me again, from both directions it had to be, there was so much of it. I had to sit up and wipe the stickiness away from my eyes and nose, I seemed to be breathing it in as well as swallowing it!! “God, you boys!!” I giggled out “there’s loads of the stuff”. Hubby had rolled over onto his back, No. 1 was still kneeling next to my shoulder. He eventually got up off the bed and returned with a towel from the bathroom. I was still giggling and cursing at them as I wiped my face and neck . . . and my hair!!!

Hubby was still prone next to me as I lay back and then cuddled up into No. 1 as he joined us back on the bed. We lay together, the three of us squeezing into one another until eventually No. 1 got up to shower before his journey home. He returned from the bathroom and pulled his clothes on whilst telling us how envious he was that we were able to spend the night. Hubby kept saying “Well you know you can stay as well. Wouldn’t it be great to start the morning with a really special wake-up call!!” We knew he really had to go of course . . . but I did detect a hint of temptation in his parting kiss.

And so it was Hubby who benefited from that “early morning special wake-up call”!!!!

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My Jubilee Weekend Fun . . . picture gift!!!

I hope you’ve had as much fun this Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend as I have!!!

We celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with a wonderful threesome evening . . . more details soon!!!

But in the meantime, as I entered into the spirit of the weekend by painting ALL my nails Red, White and Blue, I thought I would share a few photos of my Jubilee Fingernails here.

You’ll find one on my “Gallery” page . . . and just for subscribers to my diary, there are several others (showing a little “more” of me) on my “Feeling Daring” and “Unmasked” picture pages.

Hope you enjoy . . . and yes, I will post some details of our fantastic threesome evening just as soon as I can!!!

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