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A Friday Quickie with Dee … from “Modesty Unmasked” – Part Seven of The Modesty Ablaze Diaires

Modesty Ablaze Unmasked Ebook

The audio clip below, was recorded whilst sat on the balcony of my holiday apartment, enjoying a glass of wine (or two) … so you will have to excuse the occasional sipping-pauses … and was originally just meant for my Pour Me A Glass Members page.

One of my longest-standing members there had requested one particular chapter, “A Quickie Evening with D” from myModesty Unmasked – Part 7 of The Modesty Ablaze Diaries” ebook.  But I thought I would now add it here … for general release so-to-speak … as I have received lots of emails recently asking for more “Modcasts”.

So click on the arrow below to listen … and do let me know if you would like to hear more in the future!!!

Xxx – K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine

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A Modest “Cougar Moment” #wickedwednesday

This week’s prompt at Wicked Wednesday asks: “A cougar is a big, beautiful cat out in nature, but of course, this prompt is not about that kind of cougar (unless of course you want to write about it). No, this post is about those older women with younger lovers, the women informally called cougars. Do you know a cougar, or maybe you are a cougar?”

Well how could I possibly resist ???

Modesty Ablaze My Cougar Moment

Because . . . I have written about one of my own Cougar Moments before, in my “Modesty Ablaze Diaries – Part 5” which I first published as a short-story Ebook at my Gumroads pages back in 2013.

An extract from that Cougar Moment of mine is below:

Normally when Hubby and I have a night out at our Swingers Club we will spend the first hour or so sitting at the bar chatting to staff or to other couples, or singles, that we have met previously.

The atmosphere is always very friendly and relaxed and it is really just very nice to unwind in a different, and far more exciting environment, than we would on a normal evening out with normal friends.

And, of course, I love being able to wear something sexy and naughty. And Hubby enjoys me dressing like that and watching me take an occasional stroll away from the bar to investigate what may be happening in the play areas, or viewing rooms . . . and then walking slowly back . . . “strutting my stuff” as he calls it.

There have been occasions when we’ve not met or played with anyone at all during the evening. Or perhaps we may have just chatted and exchanged numbers with a couple, or interesting single guy . . . but for one reason or another, we’d not indulged with further.

But on one of our recent visits, I did something I’d never, ever done before . . . and it turned into one of the most exciting evenings we’ve ever enjoyed there.

We’d arrived early and had been sitting at the bar on our own sipping our drinks chatting to one of the lovely barmaids. A simply gorgeous young man entered from reception and came up to the bar to order a drink. He wasn’t close enough for us to hear him ordering his drink, but our eyes met briefly as he glanced around the bar whilst he waited for his glass. As he walked off towards the main room I saw him glance briefly back in our direction, before he disappeared around the corner.

Our barmaid came back to roll her eyes and tell me “Wow. He’s hot!” I nodded my agreement and asked her where she thought he was from and if she’d seen him here before. She told me he was definitely a newbie . . . and possibly Spanish or Italian.

A few minutes later he returned to the main room and was standing by the wall on the opposite side of the bar to us. “God he is gorgeous isn’t he” I giggled to our barmaid. Hubby put his arm around my shoulder to pull me closer and whispered into my ear “why don’t you go and introduce yourself and offer to show him around.”

I giggled with nervous excitement at his suggestion and replied, “I can’t, I wouldn’t know what to say.”

Usually, couples or singles would approach us first and we’d chat (sometimes for quite awhile) before I would nod to Hubby that I was “interested.” And then it would be him that might make the suggestion to our new friends . . . if they hadn’t asked us first.
 But now not only was Hubby suggesting that I make the first move, he was suggesting that I do it on my own.

My heart was racing and I felt my excitement levels rising by the second. “Go on, you’ve got nothing to lose. Talk to him before someone else gets in first,” Hubby was urging in my ear.

I got down off my stool and started to walk slowly over towards him. I felt like I was shaking so much with nerves that it must look as though I was about to fall off my high-heels. He wasn’t even looking in my direction as I stopped beside him and managed to stammer out something like “Hi, are you new here?” (Yes, really original, I know!)

“Yes it is my first time in London,” he replied in a wonderful deep and rich accent. I can’t remember anything of exactly what I said next. Just that conversation seemed to flow quite easily and naturally for the next few minutes . . . and that he was becoming ever more gorgeous with every word!
 Just as I found myself struggling to think of what to say next, he asked if I was alone. “Oh, no. I’m with my husband. Please come and meet him,” I managed to reply with a huge sense of relief. And excitement!

I took him by his hand, not sure if I was trying to steady myself and keep my balance to counteract my excitement . . . or to parade him to the other ladies in the room!

“This is J. He’s from Spain,” I gushed to Hubby. They shook hands and Hubby asked me “Shall we see if the Private Room is free?”

“Oh yes . . . LETS,” I nodded excitedly.

So . . . if you would like to discover what happened next . . . My Cougar Moment is still available as an Ebook PDF, (readable on Kindle and Ebook Tablet readers), for just $1 . . . or as part of my four-part Modesty Ablaze Diaries Unboxed set (“The Balcony”, “My Cougar Moment”, “A Naughty Surprise” and “Arrivals & Departures” combined) for just $5.

And to read about other peoples own “Cougar Moments” just stroke
the Wicked Wednesday button below.


Xxx- K

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The Modesty Ablaze Diaries Collection Non-Fiction #BookMatters

The Modesty Ablaze Diaries of a London Housewife

As I said in my Modesty Recommends post recently, I don’t get as much time for reading as I would like to. It’s really only when I’m away on holiday that I have the time to fully enjoy my passion for Erotica and the enthralling words and worlds of my favourite authors. I marvel at the imagination and artistry of their words . . . and the skill and excitement of their story-telling.

So I’m a reader . . . and definitely not a writer.

But as I’ve mentioned on many occasions here before, Modesty Ablaze actually began as a celebration of the open-lifestyle I have been so fortunate to enjoy over the past 38 wonderful years. And publishing extracts from the personal diaries I have always kept, formed the first few months of postings here on my blog pages at the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012.

And to my complete surprise, I soon began receiving emails suggesting that I should publish those diary extracts as actual booklets.

Now as I said, I am not a writer, but it seemed reasonably easy to “cut-and-paste” some of those diary entries that I had hastily typed into our computer a few days after the event, into one of those online templates.

And so . . . “The Modesty Ablaze Diaries – Pt. 1 The Journey” became my first Kindle Ebook. I thought it would be my first and my last.

But amazingly, I soon began receiving yet more flattering emails and lots and lots of requests for more.

So, over the past few years I have . . . rather slowly I must admit . . . added several more Modesty Ablaze Diaries to my Katie Ellison pages at Amazon and Gumroad.

Rather slowly, because although having years and years of diaries to “cut-and-paste” from, real-life . . . and fun-life . . . just continues to get in the way, despite all the requests that still continue to arrive in my in-box. And the rather lovely encouragement from the likes of La Bauge littéraire in his review several years ago at:

But as this week’s theme at May More’s Book Matters is for Non-Fiction books, it has reminded me that perhaps it is time for some more “cut-and-pasting” to add another edition to my The Modesty Ablaze Diaries collection.

You can find my current Kindle bookshelf at Amazon at:

Or as downloadable PDFs at my Gumroad pages at:

BOOK MATTERS – Runs 24th March to 20th April

Books are amazing. We can learn from them. Be entertained by them. Reading books sparks the brain synapses which in turn improves many other things. Including active vocabulary, thinking skills, and concentration. Many also believe books help us grow emotionally which has a knock on effect to how we treat people.

Let’s get reading by clicking May More’s Book Matters Logo below!

Xxx – K

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Modest Letters of Love #F4T

The Modesty Ablaze Diaries

The current theme at Food For Thought is “Love Letters” . . .

Now, I’ve always enjoyed receiving flattery and gifts or presents . . . and still do
. . . LOL !!! So I suppose it’s true to say that I am a “romantic” at heart.

And although I don’t think I’ve ever specifically composed a “Love Letter” to Hubby, he’s often referred to my sharing with him the scribbled notes in my personal diary, as being the best letters of love and lust that he could ever have wished to receive.

I’d begun noting coded entries in my diary when I began my earliest affair, just a few years into our marriage. Just short references to the when’s and where’s of my (at that point, guilty and clandestine) meetings with my “lover”. It was in truth, an office fling that I’d thought was a one-off, silly, spur-of-the-moment indiscretion. Something that the guilt and immorality of our liaison would, or should, never be repeated.

But, the thrill . . . the difference . . . the excitement . . . became an obsession. Something I couldn’t resist. A thirst I just had to quench.

Until of course, on the sobering journies home, the wrenching feelings of guilt and shame . . . and the lies and excuses I knew I would have to make . . became more and more unbearable as the “never again” flew into weeks . . . and then into months!

I’ve mentioned before (and on my The More I Have page) how the unforgettable release of the inevitable confrontation . . . and my confessions . . . changed our life, and turned our love into something even more wonderful than either of us could have imagined.

This was all long, long before we had home computers of course (and decades before Modesty Ablaze). But when Hubby asked about the “when’s and where’s”, and I showed him my diary notes, his excitement and arousal was so joyously obvious!!!

So, in our newfound freedom, my affair . . . and then shortly after that, my affair(s) . . . blossomed.

The aftermaths of my “evenings out” then quickly grew from just Hubby waiting-up on the sofa for me to return home, to the thrill (for both of us), of me scribbling out my blow-by-blow memories into diary form for him to read again and again, in the days and weeks after the event. Until the next one!!!

And many excerpts from those diaries . . . lovingly cherished and re-read from time-to-time . . . have subsequently been used as chapters in my The Modesty Ablaze Diaries E-books.

So, probably not “Love Letters” in the form in which they would normally be described, but certainly “letters of love” in every sense for us !!!

There are sure to be lots more on “Love Letters” and “Romance” at this week’s Food For Thought, by clicking upon the button below.

Food For Thought Friday

Xxx- K

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Modestly Public #KOTW

Over the past year or so I have been trying . . . trying unsuccessfully for the most part . . . to compile Part Eight of my Modesty Ablaze Diaries for publication.

Following on from Modesty Ablaze Unmasked, this new edition explores my initial interest, and then enjoyment of, the fetish and dominatrix lifestyle which I’ve come to love so much.

So the current theme of “Public, Kink Play” at Kink of the Week has inspired me to re-double my efforts to complete the editing of the pages and pages of my diary notes that make up “The Journey Beyond” . . .

Although we don’t attend as many events or club-nights as we used to, for several years our visits to Torture Garden, Club Rub, etc. etc. were a regular part of our social “stepping out” . . . and the following extract from “The Journey Beyond” is from one such evening.

The music in the main chamber as we entered was blaringly loud . . . too loud for easy conversation, but I knew from our previous visits to TG that most of the crowd came not to converse, not even to dance, more to just parade. Strutting their stuff, as Hubby called it. “Let’s find the bar” I shouted in his ear, “you can buy me a drink”.

The warehouse was huge, three floors of several large rooms on each, and then a number of smaller rooms and annexes all inter-connected with corridors and treacherous narrow steps . . . at least treacherous to me in my heels as we wandered and explored!

The downstairs bar had been far too crowded, and just as noisy as the main room, but we’d been told on entry of an upstairs bar and quieter space. But finding it was proving rather difficult, especially as there were so many “distractions” along the way!

As always with TG, the array of equipment and play-areas was amazing . . . and overwhelming! Stocks, and crosses, suspension frames and spanking benches at every turn. Hubby was clearly enjoying the sights and sounds as we wandered. But I was anxious for that first calming and relaxing glass of wine, just to settle my nerves and self-consciousness that I always feel in the first hour or so.

Eventually we’d managed to find our way to the top floor . . . and a much less crowded and noisy bar area. I’d been conscious of my age as we’d wandered around downstairs, worried that my best clubbing days have long-since passed, and that I was out of place amongst all the younger and more-outlandish outfits than my own. But in this bar there seemed a more balanced, or low-key, crowd and I began to relax a little more . . . especially once Hubby passed me that first glass.

It wasn’t just a bar area though . . . at one end of the room was a cubicle-type recess with a large bed covered in black sheeting and several couples engaged in a mini orgy of writhing and swooning bodies. I was beginning to feel more relaxed minute by minute. But theirs seemed to be a closed grouping, with neither the room nor the invitation for more participation . . . other than being part of the small crowd of onlookers gathered around.

Feeling enlivened and energised from my, by now, empty glass . . . and the activity on the bed in front of us . . . I pulled Hubby away, ordered him to “top me up” and told him we should continue our explorations of the floors below.

After some further, entertaining wanderings, we ended-up back in the largest room on the middle floor. A large space housing a large cage in the middle, with various benches, stools and tables around the outer walls. As we stood looking at the rope netting hanging from one side of the cage, a thin shape emerged from the shadows and bowed in front of me. “May I offer myself for a flogging Mistress” he said, pointing to my flogger I had draped over my shoulder as we’d been walking around. Hubby told me later that this young man had followed us down from the bar upstairs, though I hadn’t noticed him then.

Feeling much more at ease now, and actually more than-a-little excited and aroused by our surroundings, I nodded that he should position himself against the netting. I teased the black and red leather strands of my flogger gently across his shoulders, letting them twist and dangle down his back . . . and then brushing them in gentle swishes back and forth across the back of his legs.

Then, warming to my task, and feeling tingles rising within, I reached forward and yanked his black shorts over his cheeks, letting them fall to his ankles . . .

As I say, I hope to have more memories from this evening, and lots more of my Femdom and Kink adventures published in “The Journey Beyond” soon.

But, in the meantime, there are lots of other interesting experiences of “Public Play” right now at the current KOTW from smacking the lips below.

Kink of the Week

Xxx- K

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Modest Adventures #wickedwednesday

My postings here, over the last few years especially, have grown more and more to be visual accounts of my fun adventures . . . rather than as excerpts from my personal diaries which I first started my blog with at the end of 2011.

So as Modesty approaches her eighth anniversary . . . I thought it might be fun to publish a few pages of a chapter from my Further Adventures – Part 6 of The Modesty Ablaze Diaries, particularly as it has a slightly seasonal theme.

I am continually being asked for more of my Diaries and yes, I do have (years and years) more . . . but, when one is just so busy . . . !!!

So, in the meantime, I hope you will enjoy . . .

Seasonal Sunday with S . . .

Despite him asking on numerous occasions, S and I had been unable to arrange a convenient evening to meet in the last few weeks before Christmas. We’d had to make do with texting our Christmas “wishes” back and forth to each other from our respective family gatherings (he away at his wife’s family, and Hubby and the children and I away for Christmas day and evening).

Whilst entertaining parents on Saturday evening, I received a text from S to say he was returning to London by himself late on Sunday as he had to go back to work on Monday (today as I write this), and would I like to “pop-round” as he still had a present to give me. In between topping-up drinks, cleaning off the plates and loading-up the dishwasher, I whispered S’s invitation to Hubby and asked if he’d mind. (He was also starting back at work this morning, but I have the luxury of not having to return to the office until next Monday. The first time I can remember in ages having such a long break over the Christmas / New Year period). Hubby’s immediate response of a wicked grin and nodding his head, and then a passionate kiss, meant I had little tingles of excitement as I texted back to S to “I’d like that, let me know what time”.

It wasn’t until mid-morning on Sunday (after Hubby and I had enjoyed a passionate evening after the in-laws had left) that I had a further text from S to say he wouldn’t be home until after 8, but would text to let me know. Hubby and I spent the rest of the day cuddling and kissing, with him constantly making suggestions (mostly outrageous ones) as to what I should wear and what I should “do”.

Both the children had a friend round for our Sunday meal and each would be sleeping over, and, I knew, would be staying up late, so I was concerned about how I was going to explain about going out “without Dad” late on a Sunday evening. As I lay in the bath soaking though, I did begin feeling quite naughty and excited . . . here I was on a Sunday evening, preparing to meet with my lover (whom I hadn’t seen for over a month), not at a hotel, but at his own home, and just for an hour or so!

Hubby was constantly coming back and forth into the bathroom, and then following me into the bedroom, continuing his suggestions from the night before, about what I should wear and what I should say. I told him that he was “more excited than I was” and that I didn’t want to “plan” things and just to let me to get ready in peace. I sent him back downstairs to join the kids with their DVD movies and keep them occupied.

I ignored his suggestions of wearing just my “boots and stockings” under my coat, and instead chose a new-ish grey woollen dress that I’d treated myself to before Christmas. With earrings and a necklace (both of which S had given me as separate gifts before), and my black heels, I told Hubby (when I saw the slight look of disappointment on his face), that I wanted to feel “comfortable and casual” and not “tarty” this evening.

It was gone 9 before the text came through to say he was home. I replied that I would leave shortly and then called Hubby back to the bedroom, as I finished my make-up, to get him to make sure he kept all the children occupied whilst I left, but to try and get them to go up to their rooms as early as he could. He was nodding excitedly, saying he’d be reminding them that he had work early the next morning, whilst trying to cuddle and caress me. I told him he could only kiss my neck and shoulders so as to not “spoil my lipstick”. He was stroking my bottom and asking if I had any knickers on. “Of course not” I replied. I patted him on his crotch and told him “I expect you to be waiting up for me. Get those kids in bed !!”.

It is only a few minutes walk to his house, and he greeted me at the door with a glass of champagne and a welcoming kiss on the cheek. He hung my coat over the banister and led me into the kitchen for my “present”. I protested that he shouldn’t keep buying me presents but he replied “it’s a tradition”.
He was playing with my necklace, “I remember this night”, and telling me how “gorgeous” I looked, as I unwrapped the small parcel. It was another necklace, and I knew, another expensive one. I protested again, but kissed him my thanks as he reached around me to try to fix the clasp around my neck. Once he’d managed to fix it on, we began kissing again, just warmly at first, but then as though we were both releasing weeks and weeks of expectation, it became a gasping passionate squeezing of our lips and tongues.

We hardly ever kiss, not really like this, not the way I kiss Hubby for instance, but the moment just seemed to carry us away and we were both embracing and squeezing into one another in a way I can’t remember us ever having done before. He was rubbing his hands around my hips and bum, and I was sliding mine up and down his back. He reached around and having not even caressed my boobs yet as he normally would, he just suddenly pulled my dress downwards off my shoulders. My nipples were both suddenly exposed and as he leant down to suck at them, I struggled my arms out of each sleeve to cradle his head into them as he sucked and nibbled from one to the other.

The weight of our embrace had pushed me backwards into the fridge and I could feel the cold of the door on my back as he pulled the rest of my dress down over my hips and then down to my ankles. He’d already slid down to his knees as I stepped each foot out of the dress at my feet, and as I felt him licking at me I was reaching out with each arm backwards against the fridge and cabinets trying to keep my balance. He is normally so calm and slow that his sudden reactions now had rather taken me by surprise . . . but at the same time had made me incredibly aroused. I was giggling and gasping as I heard some of their magnet-ornaments falling off the fridge door as I was trying to keep my balance whilst at the same time thrusting my hips forward into his mouth and tongue.

I was really wet and really excited and wanted to pull him up for more kisses, but he was resisting my attempts to lift him up, flicking his tongue around me more and then sucking hard at my lips and clit. I had to gasp out to him “I want to taste it, kiss my juices on me please!” before he lifted away and allowed me to pull him up to kiss me again. I sucked his tongue into me and could feel myself rubbing against him with my boobs and legs and pulling him against me. He pulled away for air and said “Lets go upstairs”. But I protested that “I’m the only one who’s naked. I’m not going anywhere until you undress!” I helped him unbutton his shirt and belt and then as he extracted himself from his shirt, I pulled his pants down and dropped down onto my knees as his erection slapped out of his pants against my face. I sucked him straight in, all the way in one motion, as I held him by his bum cheeks and pulled him into me. I slid my mouth back and forth on him as quickly as he’d been tonguing me, and squeezed his cheeks with my nails as hard as I could. He was gasping as much as I had been, and just let me stroke back and forth on him for a few moments more before I stopped and stood back up against him telling him “your tiles are cold”. He laughed and asked if he could take me upstairs now then. I squeezed him and nodded my approval, kissing him again as we had been a few minutes before. I don’t know why, possibly because I was so aroused, but I suddenly just wanted to kiss him and feel his tongue pushing into my mouth.

As we stepped over our clothes, he handed me my glass and then picked up his, and the huge bottle of champagne, and led me round to the stairs. As I followed him up to the bedroom I could see the scratch marks my nails had left on his bum cheeks . . . I could feel a tingly excitement, but also a slight “god what have I done” feeling as we walked. I wanted to tell him so that he could “hide” the scratches, but felt guilty and stupid at the same time. As he sat back on the bed and extended the bottle towards my glass I blurted out “I’ve scratched you”. He looked quizzically at me for a moment whilst I explained myself, but then just laughed pulling me down onto the bed telling me they “never see each other naked anyway”.

It only took a few minutes of kisses and caresses before I’d forgotten about my indiscretion and I became as worked-up and aroused as I had been in the kitchen. S was much more himself now, and was stroking and probing slowly with his fingers and tongue. He does do lovely things with his fingers . . . I just lay on my side with one leg lifted over his hip whilst he sucked and licked my nipples and slid his free hand slowly around my pussy.

Sometimes my nipples get too sensitive too quickly and I have to stop them being sucked after just a few minutes, but now I was really enjoying and encouraging him “harder” and loved hearing him say how erect they were. His fingers were already pushing into me at the same time and I just lay my head back and enjoyed being able to groan and tell him how lovely it was feeling without having to worry about being in a hotel room somewhere and not being able “to let myself go”. He was telling me how he loved to hear me “talking like that” and I started to groan louder as I felt myself becoming more and more aroused.

I pushed his head away from my chest and down to my pussy, turning over more onto my back and lifting my hips up so he could slide both hands down around me now. I looked down and my nipples were really hard and standing up, I reached around with each hand pinching at them myself and saying “look at me, I want to see you looking up at me from there”. I groaned as he gasped that he loved seeing me playing with myself. I slid one hand down in front of his tongue and tried to spread my lips wider with my fingers. I felt his tongue on my clit and fingers inside me. And then as he turned me slightly over to one side and opened my legs wider, I could hear myself gasping more and groaning as his tongue slid round to my bottom. I was rubbing my fingers quickly over my clit as I felt his tongue pushing at my bottom. “I fucking love that tongue there. Fuck me with it, push it, push . . . “ I came really loudly, I could hear myself and I knew I wanted to be loud as well, as though I was letting him know what he was doing to me, how much it meant to me, how wildly intoxicating and arousing it made me feel.

I rolled over onto my side, shaking and still gasping. I pulled him up “cuddle please”, wrapping myself around him, muzzling my face into his shoulder and kissing him there and asking him to “just squeeze”. We lay tightly together for some minutes before I could relax enough to let him go and roll over onto my back. He snuggled up beside me and we exchanged kisses. Normal ones now. The pecking, friendly kind, that we would normally do. Not the feverish passionate swallows of the kitchen earlier. As we lay together we began talking about our Christmas’s . . . giggling that we hadn’t even exchanged such pleasantries, when I’d arrived. We chatted about the family gatherings we’d both had. The gifts, the food, the waste . . . and the misbehaving by various members of each of our extended families.

We must have talked for over an hour. Each occasionally sitting-up to top-up our glasses until the bottle was empty. I asked him how his scratches were, and he rolled over onto his tummy to let me “inspect the damage”. I kissed his cheeks and then the small of his back, rubbing my nipples over his bum and then turned him back over . . . to find he was now erect again, his willy standing up to meet me, almost begging me to . . . lean forward and slide him into my mouth. I do love that feeling. The warmth and hardness, and smoothness as I slide my mouth up and down. With Hubby I can enjoy scraping my teeth on him and biting at his head, but S doesn’t enjoy that, saying he is too tender, so I make do with sucking upwards until the suction makes a “pop” as I pull my mouth away, and then push forward, sucking it in again and sliding my face down to his tummy. I pull away and lick around him. S is really smooth at the base of his cock above his testicles, much more so than Hubby, and I love licking him there even though he says it doesn’t give him any increase of sensation. He doesn’t like me sucking on his balls, but I cup them with my fingers as I slide my mouth down on his willy again. I then lifted away and slide each nipple over his head before sliding further up his chest to kiss him again and start to lift myself onto him. He grasped me by my hips and wanted to turn me over, but I manage to stop him, telling him “I want to do this”, illustrating my point by rubbing my pussy over the head of his cock and then pushing down on him to slide him into me. I gasp with the feeling and lift forward looking down between both our chests so that I can see myself lifting up off him and pushing back down on him again, watching him disappear inside me.

I was really aroused again now, and continuing to slide up and down on him, I leant forward to kiss his neck and nibble and tongue his ear, telling him “I love feeling you inside me like this”. I can feel him returning my thrusts and we continue like this for several minutes as I sit up more on him and he reaches up to scrape the palms of his hands over my nipples. I can feel myself increasing my bouncing and my groans, leaning my head forwards again to kiss at his chest and shoulders . . .

Let me know if you would like me to post the rest of my “Seasonal Sunday with S” excerpt here as a future posting. Or, if you can’t wait, you can read the climax of this, and lots more of my “Further Adventures” in Kindle or PDF format from the links on my Ebooks Page.

For lots more thoughts and memories of other Advent-ures just tap on this week’s Wicked Wednesday button below.


Xxx- K

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A Modest Swinging Question? #F4T

I’ve been prompted on a number of occasions over the past few months that I need to update my Swingers Club pages as some of the Clubs mentioned appear to no longer exist.

However, things have been so hectic this year . . . particularly since we returned from our summer holidays . . . that I still haven’t managed to properly research or make those changes.

Partly because Hubby and I don’t actually indulge in our “clubbing nights out” as much as we used to.

There was a period, a few years ago, where every other weekend seemed to be spent at our favourite “local” club . . . or if not there . . . meeting privately with “friends” we’d met there previously.

And I do admit to revelling in the excitement of discovering those new friends and new situations, and that wonderful “freedom” of discovering those new
fun and thrills.

But, as with all things I suppose, the excitement and expectation of that uncertainty of possible new adventures, began to wane.

I knew what I liked, I’d met lots of new people whose company I enjoyed . . . so our visits gradually became less regular.

Besides which, I’d also discovered some new fun and, new-to-us, fetish clubs that we’d learnt about through my new femdom hobby. And whilst there can sometimes be a cross-over between “swinging” and “bdsm” clubbing,
the two were, from my point-of-view at least, different experiences and a different direction.

But although our visits to our “local” have become less frequent, we do still visit occasionally and I must admit that when we do visit, we still sometimes meet and make new friends.

Anyway, it has definitely been some time since I have checked the links on my Swingers Page here, so I will be doing that in the coming week or so.

Therefore my “Question” to you all is that if any of you would like me to add some recommendations of clubs you have visited and particularly enjoyed . . . no matter where in the world you are . . . please do let me know and I shall add them to my pages.

In the meantime, for more thoughts and experiences of Freedom, visit this week’s Food For Thought by clicking upon the button below.

Food For Thought Friday

Xxx- K

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Modestly Spreading a Little Love #F4TFriday

Modesty Ablaze reading The Big Penis Book

This week’s Food 4 Thought Friday is about highlighting five blogs within theSex Blogging Communitythat we particularly enjoy . . . and therefore by definition . . . that we find inspiring.

Pick five blogs that you follow at random and tell us what it is about them that you particularly enjoy. How did you find out about them?

Well, as you may have gathered from my occasional postings here, I am definitely more “visual” in the way I approach . . . well, life in general really . . . and that is usually reflected in not just my own posts here, but also in the blog sites I follow and most regularly visit.

And I don’t know about you, but for me everyday life just seems to actually get busier and more and more hectic as every year passes. So that often makes it difficult to keep up with, and visit, everyone’s posts as regularly as I’d like to. And there are simply so many wonderfully exciting, entertaining and insightful blog pages within the “community” that it seems almost churlish in a way to single-out just five. But, I do like rules . . . usually making them, and often breaking them . . .

So . . . I always take enjoyment from the following wonderful websites:

Rebels Notes – Marie’s blog was one of the first “sex-blogging” sites I came across when I started wondering about, and joking with Hubby about, “publishing” my own experiences in the form of a blog page of my own. The honesty, sincerity and directness of Marie’s writings about her journey, and lifestyle, immediately struck a chord. And the more I read, the more in awe I became . . . and have remained ever since. And not just of her posts, but also of her regular photographic updates of her tattoos and piercings.

And it was through following Marie’s Rebels Notes that I soon discovered . . .

Sinful Sunday – Now as I said, I am a “visual” person so discovering Molly’s weekly home for “sinful” photo-erotica was an absolute joy. And it has since become one of our weekly highlights to browse through the collection of fun, clever, beautiful and artistic photos and pictures. And as well as the exciting tingles, and the fun giggles and gasps, it is the expression of positivity about our bodies and our sexuality that resonates so strongly with my own feelings that brings me so much joy at Sinful Sunday every week.

And on the subject of beautiful and clever photo-erotica . . . Sinful Sunday guided me directly to Exposing 40.

Don’t you find that sometimes you know immediately, on seeing that first photo, on hearing that first song, that you will just love everything that person does. Always. Well that is how I felt on my first viewing of Exposing 40 . . . and that is how it has remained. She just seems to have a natural eye for capturing her subjects so perfectly, every time. And yet it is not just her photos that inspire, or have me nodding in agreement, it is the insight and commonsense-ness of her posts that I so enjoy as well.

Another linking click-through from Sinful Sunday sometime ago, led me to If Sex Matters the home of the wonderfully cheeky and exciting May More.

At first it was her gorgeous, and fun, photos that drew me in. But soon, in much the same way as the connection I felt with Marie’s Notes, I felt an empathy and admiration for May’s writing and openness of her experiences and background. And, more recently, an almost voyeuristic attraction to her erotic stories . . . and I am sure that you will find the same!

And finally, but never ever last-ly !!! . . . you know how I keep saying I’m more “visual” and how much I love the erotic in photo-erotica and it is usually the photos that capture my eye before the words? Well that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy erotica in my reading time as well.

And there is one person, one website, that always inspires me to make special reading time . . . because “Everyone Needs a Bedtime Story” and Kay Jaybee is certainly the most erotic, and exciting, writer I have ever read.

I had randomly picked a book from the shelf on my first visit to Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium in Hoxton, and knew instantly as I read one, then two, then three paragraphs on the page I had flicked to, that I needed to take it home with me. “Buy me this, now!” I whispered hoarsely as I thrust ‘The Perfect Submissive’ into Hubby’s hand.

And I’ve had the same, tingly, reactions with every one of Kay’s books since. Always exciting, always imaginative . . . and always, always erotic . . .

Pick five posts/pages from your own blog that you are particularly proud of and include the links in your post.

As I always say, my pages here have grown from a joke and a dare to just indulge in a little bit of “anonymous exhibitionism” about my lifestyle and experiences, to suddenly feeling that we all have a right, a need . . . a duty even . . . to express our beliefs in one’s sexuality and freedom to choose.

So, although neither myself, nor Hubby, have the artistic skills for photography as displayed every week at Sinful Sunday, I am happy and ever hopeful that my occasional Scavenger Hunt adventures, and our memories of Polaroid Pasts, go someway to illustrate how important I feel it is to accept ourselves, for who and what we are. And, to have as much fun as we can as we naturally change and develop throughout lifes’ journey!!!

Similarly, I hope that by sharing my enthusiasm for the “Real World Sexual Values” of fun and adventure, at my Make Love Not Porn pages, will show how important I believe it is to embrace and be proud of our sexual desires and fantasies . . . and to communicate those feelings about what we like, or might like to try, to our partners-in-life.

And, although I can never, ever write erotica in the way that Kay or May can, I do hope that by sharing some of my own lifestyle experiences from the Diaries that I have kept for years and years (and years!), it may possibly help others accept that sexual feelings, attractions . . . and desires . . . are not only normal but one’s personal right to explore and enjoy . . . without guilt or shame !!!

But whichever pages, or posts, people visit here, or at any of the Five websites above . . . or indeed any sites in the “Sex Blogging Community” . . . I’m sure we all share one thing in common. The hope that all our visitors will be able to smile and feel better than when they arrived !!!

For more “Spread The Love” answers just tap the
Food For Thought button below.


Xxx- K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine


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Pour Me a Glass of Wine . . . April

Modesty Ablaze Pour Me a Glass of Wine April Newsletter

My “Pour Me A Glass of Wine” members page is being updated a few days early for next month as Wi-Fi access may not be possible for the next week or so
. . . and I shall probably be far too “busy” to attend to emails and updates . . . busy having fun of course!!!

So, for that reason, I thought rather than sending out my month-in-review emails as normal, I would add it here as a news post update instead. Less personal I know . . . but hopefully you will understand and forgive my naughtiness. And I’m hoping that my week’s endeavours should give me lots more fun to share with you for next month!

Anyway, back to some Marvellous March memories . . . just in case you may have missed some of them.

And, as is only appropriate for Pour Me A Glass Members, my Wine Tasting moments in the Wine Cave on March 9 brought back wonderful memories . . . because when I picked up a leaflet at our hotel advertising a “Wine Tasting Tour at a nearby Winery”, I just couldn’t resist !!! >>> Read more >>>

A Modest Hook-Up – I’m often asked when a new edition of my “Modesty Ablaze Diaries” will be published. Well, I am still working on compiling a follow-up to Modesty Unmasked, but my post on March 26 featured the start of one chapter from that next edition >>> Read more >>>

I always struggle with the photo prompts at Sinful Sunday. But reading Molly’s instructions over again for the March prompt, it suddenly struck me that my Double Domme Session with Mistress Luscious – March 2 – would be perfect! >>> Read more >>>

A new Wishlist !!! – I know that several of you have already been kind enough to gift me something from my new “Dress me as you wish-list” at BrightenMyDay which I absolutely adore. And I’ve also had lots of suggestions for more items that I should add. I will do this as soon as I can, but please be patient, as with all my clothes shopping, I like to browse and take my time!
But yes, I promise I will try to email you photos of my wearing them, just as soon as they are received!!! >>> Read more >>>

So I hope you will enjoy this month’s video clip and photo-gallery.

I realise it may not be to everyone’s tastes . . . but as I always say . . . as long as it’s fun and completely consensual, I will certainly consider your themes and suggestions.

Enjoy . . . and thank you so much once again for spoiling me here . . . and helping me keep my glass full !!!

Xxx – K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine

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A Modest Hook-Up

Modesty Ablaze on the phone

I know I’ve admitted before that I can be a greedy girl when the moment takes me . . . and I’m incredibly lucky to have a husband who helps me indulge in those moments from time-to-time.

We hadn’t played for sometime but . . . of course . . . I always like to keep my profiles updated on our fun “friend finder” sites and so regularly receive messages and “invites”.

Often those messages don’t inspire me, but one “invite”, from what we’d found to be our best hook up site, included an unusually well composed response to my profile status and several photos that certainly piqued my interest!!!

And that interest grew as our fun exchange of teasing messages continued over the course of the next few days.

Often the young men from whom I receive those initial invites are quickly put-off once they realise that my “Mature lady seeking energetic young play-partners for occasional cuckolding fun” actually means always having Hubby present and involved (if not physically . . . or at least, not always physically! LOL!!!).

So, once I’d made that perfectly clear, it would be the last I would hear from many of them. But this young man was different.

His responses were just as teasing as mine, and the nature of his banter intrigued me more and more. Especially as he assured me that Hubby’s presence would be exciting rather than off-putting!

And then there were those photos !!!

Of course, meeting someone “in-the-flesh” is completely different to chatting with them on-line. So we now have a fixed routine of agreeing to meet any potential play-partners for a “first-off chat just to see how we get on”, at a
quiet-ish downtown bar that we . . . by now . . . know very well.

Unbeknown to them, we will have already booked a hotel just around the corner, in the event (hope), that I will be happy for our “chat” to progress further. There have been times when I’ve decided that I actually didn’t feel comfortable enough to progress, and I have politely had to say “it’s been lovely to meet you. Hubby and I will talk about things and let you know how we feel about perhaps meeting again in the next few days”.

Pre-booking is never wasted of course, as it’s always lovely fun . . . in a different, indulgently-decadent way . . . to frolic ourselves on those crisp, freshly pressed, white hotel sheets.

But, on this occasion . . .

We arrived early, as always, in order to get one of our favourite tables with a view of the entrance in from the street. But, shortly before our agreed time, my young man texted to say he was running late! “Not a good start !!!” I texted back.

So, by the time we did see him arriving, I was already on my second glass of wine. But within minutes of his welcoming hug . . . and confident looking handshake with Hubby . . . I knew we would definitely be sharing our pre-booked room!!!

Xxx – K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine

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