Modesty Ablaze “May Me-Time” #masturbationmay #realworldsex film @makelovenotporn

Re-published in May 2024, (from my original post in 2018), as part of #MasturbationMay and MakeLoveNotPorn’s #metime #realworldsex celebration videos.

As I’m sure most of you are already aware . . . the month of May has been “International Masturbation Month”. And the lovely people at are celebrating with a special “Me Time” edition.

Of course, I don’t really need an excuse to indulge in some Me-Time Fun of my own . . . after all, we all know how good it is for one’s health and well-being . . . but I just couldn’t resist joining in with all the other #realworldsex people at MakeLoveNotPorn . . . and sharing my latest one-to-one indulgence!!!

It is actually from a lovely weekend break away recently . . . after Hubby and I had returned to our hotel after a fun Scavenger Hunting photo-expedition . . . which always leaves me feeling excited and horny!

Plus, being away from home, in a nice hotel room with a chilled bottle of champagne was even more arousing.

And . . . I don’t know about you . . . but I usually find that a new environment, and with new things on my mind, make each “Me Time” occasion completely different and, sometimes, really surprising in it’s intensity!!!

So intense in fact that . . . on this occasion . . . I was shudderingly speechless in my climaxing conclusion!!!

You can view my introduction to “May Me-Time” by clicking the preview screen at the top of this post . . . or from >here< . . . BUT, as always, if you register (it’s FREE) and watch the intro video directly from my MakeLoveNotPorn profile page there are some short Free Peek clips from the actual video itself at the end of my introduction. AND, no it’s not like all those other video-sites! There are none of those horrid pop-up adverts and unwelcome invitations. is simply about other #realworld people just like you and me, celebrating-in, and sharing their sexuality, fun and love.

I urge you to view, and see for yourself, exactly what I mean.

There are lots more screen shots and Free Peek links to all of my #realworldsex videos, at my Make Love Not Porn page >here<.

“May Me-Time”  is my 51st video released on Make Love Not Porn with more (much more) to come soon, and you can rent it from my Modesty Ablaze Profile page at MakeLoveNotPorn >here<.

It’s completely FREE to register at MLNP and I’m sure you will enjoy not just my Fifty One #realworldsex videos, but lots of other fun and amazing contributions from the growing MLNP community as well!!!

Make Love Not Porn

P.s. If you’ve read my “Modestly Returning” post at the beginning of April 2024, you will know that most of my content here was lost, or corrupted, at the beginning of 2022. We are slowly working on re-instating that lost content, and repairing the broken links, so please bear with us. I hope this won’t dampen your enjoyment here.

Xxx – K

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  1. Knightsky

    Amazing to watch you doing that modesty ❤️‍🔥👅

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