Horny Holiday Yellow #sinfulsunday

Sinful Horny Holiday Yellow

A few days ago, for myDoxy Wand Reading Challengevideo upload at MakeLoveNotPorn, I mentioned that the Doxy was my go-to Me-Time toy.

However, as much as I simply love it’s unrivalled power and intensity, it is a little too large and weighty to pack in one’s holiday carry-on.

So, as yellow has always been my go-to holiday colour, my Satisfyer vibrating yellow banana is always the very first item in my bag!!!

For my Sinful Yellow this Sinful Sunday, click on the lovely lips below!!!

Sinful Sunday

P.s. If you’ve read my “Modestly Returning” post at the beginning of April 2024, you will know that most of my content here was lost, or corrupted, at the beginning of 2022. We are slowly working on re-instating that lost content, and repairing the broken links, so please bear with us. I hope this won’t dampen your enjoyment here.

Xxx – K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine


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3 Responses to Horny Holiday Yellow #sinfulsunday

  1. Oh, wow! Matching your nails with your toy is pretty impressive. Lovely photo as well.

  2. Knightsky

    Your one sexy woman modesty 👅🤩

  3. I love that your nails match your toy!


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